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Warhol Che Guevara 1962

This Photoshop Action will help you to turn a picture on Andy Warhol's work. (Che Guevara on 1962)

You should make some tests because you can parameters this script fully. Sure enough all pictures are different so all the filters and the adjustments have to be adjusted.

Feel free using this script. I hope you'll like it.

A "colorize only" version is available for advanced users !


- fixed some possible bugs.

- added a CS3 version using Smart Filters.
- added a "colorize only" version for advanced users.
- added French version.

- added a tutorial.
- added the original Andy Warhol work for reference.
© 2008 - 2021 v4r4n
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nothing happens, does this link still work 
Hi, do you have a version that will work with Photoshop CS5? Thanks
how do i install the plugin 
hi, how do it download the actiom
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loved it! thank you
Does this action work ok with CS4
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just dunno...
Does this action work with Photoshop CS4
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thx for your support on these works !
Any way someone could tell me what I need to do in order to get the second action to work properly? The tutorial ends with the 3 layers (I'm fine up to that point), I have made 3 solid colour layers but everytime I run the second action it never includes my actual picture. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks.
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Select All > Add Layer Mask
on each Layers
Hope it helps
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This is great! Much thanks!
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thank you so much for your wonderful work!
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Amazing action (: :heart:
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:bulletred: ~ i used it her [link]

thanx alOot :iconrose-plz:
After a long time...

Hello v4r4n, how are u? 1. sorry for my english, I don't know speak very well and I hope that u understand me ! =P

So... I was trying use your action, but in 2nd party, I got confused!

I have same image that u sad in your PDF, 3 layers:
1 - my photo with white background + mask black and white
2 - fond1 layer with red and white
3 - my default photo

I made 3 solid colors layers, bg, white and black (with any colors). But when I restart the action in 2. party (when u ask about this 3 layers), my photoshop (CS5) creates a new file with a lot of layers WITHOUT my photo, and when the actions ends, I have only 01 layer with 01 color (Flatten Image). I don't have any idea why my photo is wrong. =(

So, can you help me to resolve this, pls? *-*

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Well u got to study how "Actions" work to identify where the problem is...

In fact if you've built your three layers : "bg" "white" & "black" you've made nearly the whole job ! Because you have just to multiply and arrange your layers in order to reproduce this Warhol work.

My actions are just here to prove how much this type of creations are easy to build with PS and not to be used blindly... ;)

Just take a look on Melissa Clifton website for an other approach.
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Awesome Action! Thank you soo much!
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Hi I downloaded your action. However I didn't really use it but I sort of credited you anyways [link]
Thanks very much.
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Thank you sami. Much appreciated
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