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This work is sort of a comeback as I haven't made any space/sci-fi illustrations in few years.
Anyway I was watching some interesting documentary about dark matter one day and got inspired by it to try if I can still make these.

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So beautiful 😮
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Just an awesome work of art! Instant fave! More, please...! :eager:

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Cool to see you back, and in strong form! A Very serene and beautiful scene. I also came back from several years of hiatus and posted some space scenery the other week. It's a strange but satisfying feeling uploading work again, no?

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Wow, man. This is, if you'll allow a comparison, on par with JoeyJazz's best work. The mysterious wisps of white, the piercing rays of light, all of it combines to create the feeling that this planet is a subject in someone's other-dimensional laboratory. Really cool atmosphere, huge props!

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Thank you for your thoughts and time to analyze the core of this work! I think I'll be getting back to making more of these.

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Epic feel to this space scene.

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My pleasure friend.

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