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Night Fury v11

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Night Fury Head Test Render.

Model made, Rigged, and Rendered in Blender.
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ponyguy456's avatar
no download link tho :< 
SaracustheSarai's avatar
Not bad at all. It looks close to the model used for the animated show.
Casirethedragon11's avatar
how do you make these model's?
MangoMilo's avatar
Cool! It actually looks like him, great job!!
Are you going to release the .blend or .obj file? These images are SO awesome!
ThatOneSpazz's avatar

I love the look on his face. :XD:
Kenshinlover94's avatar
Good work! Love it! :D I'm trying to modelling a Night Fury my self, but it's not so great as yours! ^^
AwesomeFangz's avatar
whats this program? i want it to create toothless too :D
WhisperOfFate's avatar
Really awesome ^^
SilverandZuko's avatar
no fucking way! I love you how did you do this!
Contraltissimo's avatar
Looking fantastic, dude. :D
legarsraide's avatar
"O RLY" face. Excellent work :clap:
jasmineHackney's avatar
is this an awsome model? or am i dreaming?:D whats the name of the sofwear i pleas know?
V3DT's avatar
Yes, The software is Blender. :)
I also updated the description.
HaX0r332's avatar
You´re not randomly working at Dreamworks Studios or? :D

This 3D Model is freaking amazin! Just like the original one and imo better :D
Rekalnus's avatar
Well done, really like the colors and expression.
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