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Night Fury Dragon Resting - Ver.2

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Better textured, higher res, lighter, and slightly edited pose vs ver.1 [link]
Based off of Toothless from Dreamworks - How to train your Dragon.
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Can I get a .ma or .obj of this model? Ive been looking for a good Night Fury model to animate a short, but all the ones compatible with Maya either cost money or don't look anything like a night fury. 
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F2U: Black Neko Blob Icon NEW EDGY FIDGEY WIDGEY F2U!!!!1!! night fury!
can I have the model? I'd love to work on it in zbrush, plssss
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hey bro greetings, Well one friend and I just get a 3D printer, we were looking to print nigth fury on it, and your model is kind of awesome!!!!! we wondered if you could share with us your model , we know is a lot of handwork but we also thought that we can print a model to you , and shipping to you for free, what do you think . We will wait for your answer
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Can i have this? For my birthday? 
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can i get the link

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I saw your video, when you made a flight test, pretty cool but I think that your membranes are too rigid, same for the wings, all of the other things are well done, the texture is good too. Anyway,
faithful representation of the original character!
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Could you do a Hiccup night fury transformation comic
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cool model! will you release it???
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that. is. awesome. beautiful job ;D i could never do something like that ;-;
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Is this 3-D modeled by computer? It looks awsome ^^
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I absolutely love this model, Ive been following it on Youtube for a while now :) Question, if I may ask, ignore if this seems rude ^^; I was wondering if you planned to rig the tailfins to fold?
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Oh ok XD Sorry haha
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This is awesome !! Very nice work
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oh my goooooosh!!! this is sooo awesome!!!!!! look at the faaaaace, waaaaa!! :faint:
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Just remove the left tail and you have a purr-fect Toothless! *fave*
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I really cant wait until its completed XD Where have you been? You disappeared for a while :/
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kasj kljkl DJAS JAWESOME!! OMG!
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Aww.. soo awesome!!XD
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