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Naruto: Adult Neji

By v2-6
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This is for :iconlow-pony-tail:
Pencil Sketch can be found in this [link]

would like to point out that the symbol in his forehead
is his curse seal... which i guess most naruto fans know...
not any other symbol... :) just to be safe not to offend anyone... :)

Image referenced from a fitness magazine..
pencil drawn, scanned, then colored...

AdobePhotoshop CS3 + Tablet
6-7 hours

Neji Hyuuga from the anime series Naruto© by Masashi Kishimoto
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don't know who he is, but this is awesome works! Love Heart it! and he is sexy! :D (Big Grin) 
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Purple Guy Blush Icon I think I've fainted. Blush Shocked Blush Jawdrop  *nose-bleeds, falls back on chair fainted*
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holy shit!! this is HOT!! 
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so hot !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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I honestly thought this was a cosplayer the first time I saw this picture. I tried to find out who it was (because HES FKN SEXYY) and I was shocked when I found out it was someones art. I think this is beautiful, sexy, and just amazing!!
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Amazing!! At first, I thought it was a cosplay, and then I had a closer look. Neji, you're lookin' smexy!!! :iconsakura1plz::iconfangasmplz:
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Chris Evans is that you? ;)
Lookin hot!
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Huh, he does look like Chris Evans.
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I think i'm in love.... La la la la  Love 
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what program did you use? this is off the hook!
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very nice,ya make my fav character look so awesome:)
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BEAUTIFUL!!! So smexy!! ^_^
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What a very handsome piece of work :D
Really great job :)
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Imma just say...
A friend show me this picture
& I don't even watch Naruto yet
I just searched for your DA and stalk this picture to tell you that God bless your talent <3
This made me and loads of other girls more drool for a long while XDD <3
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omg I just read the discription and I thought about how people would react if they didnt know that its a curse seal.. xD
my little brother watches the Naruto Shippuden Anime and when he looked over my shoulder while I was reading Naruto he was like "WTF what the hell is on Nejis forehead?!" I nearly laughed my ass off :D
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I don't see a lick of asian in him. XD
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e lookslike a hot American, me like :)
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oh me gawd... me wants.......
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... - jumps in the shower with Neji - Helllllllllo sexy ;)
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how the hell is this not real???? cant believe its a drawing
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