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May 10, 2010
Labeled Theme for iPhone by ~v-Xemnes I love it when I see new ideas and this is one of them. It's been really well executed and it's a must have theme for iPhone users
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Labeled Theme for iPhone

My first theme for iPhone! :D

I would like to say thank you to everyone who gave me great feedback from the iphone critique section on! kudos.

to find more icons, go here: [link]

This package includes:
- almost all default iPhone/iTouch icons (including some alts) except compass and voice memos.
- extra beejive and cydia icon.
- a template.
- added a wallpaper, dock, status bar and badge to match

be sure to visit and subscribe to my youtube channel: [link] , will be uploading a template tutorial at some point

[update] there are loose files like a backgrounder bade in the zip that i cleaned up plus modified the plist due to request
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Androidleo's avatar
Nice Android look
ltxg13's avatar
I just bought Iphone 5,and does it work on a not jailbroke one?
v-Xemnes's avatar
no, you must jailbreak to install any kind of theme on an iphone. once ios 6.1 comes out, there should be a jailbreak for it
ltxg13's avatar
I see,really thanks ur reply,btw,6.0.1 seemes havent jailbroke,so I have to wait:D
hope use ur theme A.S.A.P.:P
v-Xemnes's avatar
i am also waiting for an iphone 5 jailbreak, it has already been jailbroken but it will not be released until 6.1 is released, this is because if they released the jailbreak now, apple would patch the jailbreak in 6.1 meaning we would have to wait even longer for another jailbreak
ltxg13's avatar
haha,cut off our hope untill the lastest version come out:P
synergeticink's avatar
I checked out the link to the thread were you were uploaded the new icons for this theme, but the thread has been locked since Jan. Have you, or do you plan to create a new icon pack with the latest icons or have a new thread with new icons? Love to get more of them. Thanks
v-Xemnes's avatar
no, sorry but i have discontinued the theme quite a while ago as i am busy with other stuff. but the pack does contain a PSD for people to create their own.
TimoBRL's avatar
I, too, would love to see an HD version of this theme. I might try something myself, but I'm not that good with photoshop.
deshi001's avatar
I so want this for android.
yboris's avatar
Clever idea and it's executed very well :D
jmaskelluk's avatar
you really should do a hd version :)
v-Xemnes's avatar
Sorry i discontinued it, theres a psd inside it, im sure others can use to make a hd version
iGaret's avatar
Posted your theme on my forum: [link]

:D If you'd like please post your themes there in the future!
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MorningCon's avatar
v-Xemnes's avatar
i do not speak chinese =/
Jenson-zw's avatar
he said ,he dont't have iPhone~
i'm a Chinese,my English is not very good..
v-Xemnes's avatar
okidoci's avatar
HD version please?^^
v-Xemnes's avatar
nope sorry i am discontinuing this theme, the psd contains vector information, perhaps some other is able to
branzeiradu's avatar
are those created in adobe illustrator?
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