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ID-Nothing Interesting by V-Starr ID-Nothing Interesting :iconv-starr:V-Starr 4 0
Dark Heart's Revenge
Who was she? The blue dark elf always seen with The Fish during the battle; no one knows her name, where she came from, or if she is a spy for the vampires. However the girl has vanished in the heat of the fight and he has not been the same since.
Cordell watched silently as Franco stomped into the room, muttering the same things he has been for the last three days. Where is she? Is she okay? Can we save her in time? She knew the lieutenant was getting restless. It might have only been a few days but it has been affecting his fighting. He was getting restless and hadn’t slept since The Girl vanished.
“Forget it Franco, she is gone. The vampires would have killed her by now,” the female dark elf muttered.
“She’s still alive! I just know it!” he snapped, “Ver- she is still alive!”
“Go get a potion. It might clear your head,” she said, pushing him to out the door. Once The Fish left the room, she shut the door and started rummagi
:iconv-starr:V-Starr 0 0
My Russian Lector: Cupcakes
The young cannibal sat silently in the dark room, munching on his special cookies. Too little flesh, maybe two more pinches would be sufficient to his taste. He looked around the room with a smile on his face; his American girlfriend was sleeping softly in his canopy bed, the cat she shares with her best friend was in a wicker basket playing with a squeaky mouse toy, and his gothic furniture casted shadows thanks to the light from his laptop screen and the small window reviling a snowy winter night in the middle of the isolated Russian village he calls home.
His phone vibrated rather loudly forcing him to quickly grab it and quickly took a glance at the bed. His girlfriend just rolled over, still in sleep. The cannibal turned his attention to the phone noticing a text from his twin brother, the devil himself.
“I know you like ponies. Search ‘my little pony cupcakes’ and click on the link to the Google Document. – L”
The cannibal quickly typed the words on
:iconv-starr:V-Starr 2 0
Angel Dead - Line Art by V-Starr Angel Dead - Line Art :iconv-starr:V-Starr 4 14 Afanasi Koshmar by V-Starr Afanasi Koshmar :iconv-starr:V-Starr 8 110
Feelings For You
It's all my fault
You wanted to stat loyal to her
But I made you stray
I feel horrible
I feel awful
Your confession 
I'll never forget it
It made me trust you more
It made me fall in love with you
I feel weightless
I'm unsure myself
Who do I like
What do I like
I should like one but
I feel unsure
I have your picture
Saved on my iTouch
Saved in my heart
Please don't leave me
I feel alone
Everyday I log on
Everyday I wait for you
I want to hear the you're okay
Are you or are you not?
I feel worried
You know who you are
You know that this is about you
Two years is a long time 
But I hope we will meet soon
I love you
:iconv-starr:V-Starr 6 400
All I Need is Ecstasy and Oxygen Ch-2
"So… why did you leave home and when?" I asked, trying to make small talk after we ate and walked around the restaurant.
"My family's full of assholes, especially my twin brother. He's more loved than me, had a better job, better future, took all of my girlfriends, emotionally pushed me. I was so fucken sick of it, I just left home at age 16. Spent the rest of my life living with friends, girlfriends, jail, and the streets." He sighed, scooting next to me in the booth. "What's wrong with your life other than being sexually frustrated? I'd said I'd trade childhoods with ya, but you don't deserve to be in that hell hole."
"I guess you can say I suffered like you. My little brother is special needs and basically I'm sometimes ignored because my parents are paying more attention to him than me." I sighed, stirring my smoothie with my straw. "To me, all he was ever good for was babysitting and he gets a pass at Disney World to basically cut to the front of the line on every ride."
:iconv-starr:V-Starr 3 6
Dead and Alive... Sneak Peak
      I smiled as I walked towards the backstage area.
      "Sorry Miss." The guard thundered, placing a hand on my shoulder making me freeze with fear. "But that area is for the bands only. No fans."
      "But I'm friends with the singer." I said softly.
      "Lire! You don't know Morbid at all!" He roared.
      "Hey!" A familiar voice yelled at him. "Yet her pass, I know her."
      The guard let go of my shoulder and I ran towards Pelle.
      "Hey Evelina." He smiled. "I noticed you stayed until the end."
      "That's because I'm worthy of seeing you perform. You must have cut this club from three-hundred people to only fifty left!"
      Pelle let out a smiled as he took my hand and lead me to the back door.
:iconv-starr:V-Starr 4 20
I :Heart: Transylvania by V-Starr I :Heart: Transylvania :iconv-starr:V-Starr 11 40 Another me by V-Starr Another me :iconv-starr:V-Starr 5 40
Mature content
All I Need is Exogin Ch 1. :iconv-starr:V-Starr 2 0
Mature content
The Devil Knows Our Names Ch-1 :iconv-starr:V-Starr 3 0
New Hair... Same Me by V-Starr New Hair... Same Me :iconv-starr:V-Starr 5 355
Happy Birthday, Gerard Way
Hey, Gerard!
Another one of your special days has passed
Party all night
Poison not included
Yet you share the moment with all
But before
I end this message
Right now make a wish
That'll someday come true
Hope the rest of the tour's a blast
Don't forget about the ones you'll meet
And one more thing...
Yep, this is another birthday message from Vicki Lowe
:iconv-starr:V-Starr 1 6
Dear dA Part 2
Dear dA,
Again, what the fucken hell are you thinking?!
First version seven came and messed everything up. Next, the 1000 limit that was a horrible mistake.  Now with version 8 we will lose our voices more because a vital function to the community isn't "pretty" enough to move on. When someone edits something and sends it back out, don't you want the revised version to be seen? I know I do, and about 85% of the community does too. If appearance matters more, then why don't you go work in the fashion industry and not on dA.
I'm not kissing asses.
I'm not going to stay silent.
But I can't do this alone. And I doubt just faving the news articles about it will get us heard. If this is put into effect then you may never find that one person who does wonderful jewelry or the storyteller that'll make you always stop to read. The anime fan who loves the same books and shows as you. The pro PhotoShopper and drawer who can draw so well that you had to double take just to make sure that
:iconv-starr:V-Starr 2 2
LefHand-Ov-Behemoth Icon by V-Starr LefHand-Ov-Behemoth Icon :iconv-starr:V-Starr 8 799


Papa's Wand by JAYBILANT Papa's Wand :iconjaybilant:JAYBILANT 13 3 Spit by Vivern-of-Nosgoth
Mature content
Spit :iconvivern-of-nosgoth:Vivern-of-Nosgoth 13 1
Poliwhirl by JoshuaDunlop Poliwhirl :iconjoshuadunlop:JoshuaDunlop 498 59 Lapras by dekunobou-kizakura Lapras :icondekunobou-kizakura:dekunobou-kizakura 1,548 45 DADDY'S HOME by JaimeQuianoJr DADDY'S HOME :iconjaimequianojr:JaimeQuianoJr 302 18 SWIMMING LESSONS by JaimeQuianoJr SWIMMING LESSONS :iconjaimequianojr:JaimeQuianoJr 1,061 57 Hail Mary by KendraJK Hail Mary :iconkendrajk:KendraJK 109 7 Mary Goore by KendraJK Mary Goore :iconkendrajk:KendraJK 66 5 Iron Sailor Moon Man by Spader7 Iron Sailor Moon Man :iconspader7:Spader7 1,304 238 Sith Stitch by FallingMist Sith Stitch :iconfallingmist:FallingMist 87 7 Disney University - Stitch by Hyung86 Disney University - Stitch :iconhyung86:Hyung86 3,924 254 Disney University - Lilo by Hyung86 Disney University - Lilo :iconhyung86:Hyung86 4,558 176 Super Happy Gyarados by CSINorman Super Happy Gyarados :iconcsinorman:CSINorman 12 10 Let me show you my pokemans by Coelasquid Let me show you my pokemans :iconcoelasquid:Coelasquid 2,054 355 060 - Poliwag by TsaoShin 060 - Poliwag :icontsaoshin:TsaoShin 1,705 92 061 - Poliwhirl by TsaoShin 061 - Poliwhirl :icontsaoshin:TsaoShin 1,744 115


  • Listening to: the TV
  • Reading: My fan fictions
  • Watching: the words show up on my computer
  • Playing: Tiles on GaiaOnline
Well... I'm still here if that's what everyone is wondering but to be honest. It's kinda heard to stay motivated to check in on dA every day like I used to now that everyone has basically vanished without a trace. The good news with me is that I'm still doing arts but I haven't been posting. Why not? Well with a lot of my photo manipulations I have to find all of the stock images I've used for crediting my pieces and I sadly lost the photoshop files for my proudest works (I do have the JPEGs but no way to track down the stock images used). As for my writing, I thought it would be rather rude if I just start posting stories only to abandon them due to my inspiration running out until I feel the spark again so I'm waiting until I finish the story and post the chapters daily, maybe all in one day as well. XD I have made some cool stuff for school so I might start posting that but I have a lot of "to dos" I want to get through first which I am hoping to get through by the end of the week, ideally by the 18th which is my birthday and I'm so excited! I get to see Black Sabbath on the 19th!

So what's going on with me? Well, I graduated from my community college and have moved on to a university to finish my degree which I am hoping to finish it next spring which means I'll have to take a math class and one of the four required graphic design classes. It's rather difficult and a bit of a culture shock since while the university I'm going to is about half an hour away, it's so fast paced compared to the small town/city I live in and the other small town/city I went for community college that I have almost no time to myself until Thursday night when my weekend starts once I get home. I've recently hit a surge of nostalgia so I'm revisiting, rewriting, and hoping to finish some of the first fan fictions I worked on which mostly involve My Chemical Romance. I'm trying to make a habit of writing often so I could finish this suckers but with school it's rather hard. Maybe once Camp NaNoWriMo starts up in April I'll be able to find the motivation to finish a story, maybe manage to pump out a chapter or two a day and finish a story within a month which would be really nice. I have way too many fan fictions to write and finish and I kid you not; I have at least 100 stories started ever since I started seriously started writing fan fiction about 8 or 9 years ago. It's really bad. :XD:

So if you wanna contact me; the best ways are through FacebookGaiaOnline, and email which I'm sure some of you guys might still have when I had my SOPA freak out a few years ago. If not just send me a note and I'll give it to ya. Just let me know who you are (especially on Facebook and email) and we can start chatting. 

See ya



Vicki Lowe
Artist | Hobbyist | Varied
United States
I Support Metal Member Badge by Matzeline
5% Grunge
20% Punk
99.99999999999666% Metal
999% Evil
100% Oddball

My name is Vicki Lowe. I'm 18 (an you know what I mean) and well... welcome to here. I hope you like my epic tongue.... and arts!

Music is my life. I really like Green Day, My Chemical Romance, Nirvana, Metallica, Pencey Prep, LeATHERMOUTH, Drive By, Billy Talent, The Misfits, Korn, Disturbed, BeForU, Alice In Chains, The Used, Slipknot, the Murderdolls, any band Wednesday 13 is/was in, Queen, Davie Bowie, Marilyn Manson, Ghost Trains, Megadeth, Weird Al, Slayer, Judas Priest, Iron Maiden, Anthrax and my newest obbessions; Cradle Of Filth, Behemoth, Dimmu Borgir, King Diamond, and Mayhem (Dead Era).

I like drawing anime even though I think I suck at it.
I like typing stories in my free time, play games on, play Webkinz and I'm a gamer.


I'm always looking for hiden gems for the groups I'm in since I don't post as much as I should but it feels good to help contribute by finding these peices of art.

PS... if you heard someone calling Corey Taylor "Core-Whore", I started it.... SO NO SAYING THAT YOU STARTED IT BECAUSE I DID!!!!!!!!!

Also responcible for Joesday 13

Founder of dA's ONLY Behemoth group LeftHand-ov-Behemoth!

When life give you lemons... demand for MORE COWBELL!!!!!! :iconmorecowbellplz:

Current Residence: I'm standing right behind you
Favourite genre of music: Punk, Metal, Hard Rock, Grunge, Techno, J-pop, Glam, Goth Rock
Favourite photographer: Shawn "Clown" Crahan... really sick pics
Favourite style of art: anime, photograph, plushies, Gothic
MP3 player of choice: iPod
Shell of choice: Squirtle!
Wallpaper of choice: anything cool or dealing with the fave bands
Skin of choice: pale
Favourite cartoon character: Mickey Mouse and Stitch ^_^
Personal Quote: I like The Misfits because I am one.


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