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Warframe Meme


First of all: I can't believe there is not one of these for Warframe out there.

Second: Guess who is still alive?

And third: Guess what my newest addiction is?

Is kind of a tradition at this point for me to come back to life with one of these once a year.

Anyway, for those enjoying such a great game, seriously how can all this fun be free? FREE!!

It definitely shows how wrong and rotten the big companies are now days (I am looking at you EA).

And exactly because of that, I am making this meme, this game is not that known, despite all the goodness it has (great comunity, great developers, great game, great lore, and have I mention it before? IS FREAKING FREE!! [not to mention it runs in either PS4, XBoxOne and PC])

As for the meme itself, fill it as you see fit, I don't care how just fill it and share it, more people needs to know how awesome this game is, so spread the word people!

Warframe is © of Digital Extremes, no monetary profit intended from it, just to promote their product.

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How did no one ever came up with this?! You truly are a blessing for all mankind... or, Tennokind.
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Someone had to, so I choose to be that someone.

Good luck Teno.