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A beautiful day, too hot for spandex. This is a birthday present for my friend Catties, who says he doesn't celebrate birthdays. Awful, isn't it? Just imagine what Pinkie would say.

Yes, my friend's love for Spitfire extends beyond the platonic...
Original version (am I going to hell?) [link]
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no u aint going to hell XD,a lovely birthday present if i do say so XD
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(Are you?) Probably, but at least you'll have Spitfire there.
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and this is one of the reason why I don't wear spandex.
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always wonder what it would be liek to fly naked.. but then.. i would like to know how it feels to fly at all xD
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Well that's definitely ONE way to get undressed...
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Hot like fire
because she is spitfire!
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*souren nosebleeds*
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She looks absolutely gorgeous! I'm especially loving that ponytail.
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You're very welcome. ^^
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She so pretty! ^^
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Highly interesting face design (your style is intruiging here).
Fav'd it just for that.
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nice stuff, the little hairband is a nice touch
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Oh I'm glad you like it :3
Ponytail is super cute.
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Looks Hot :omg:

Power of the Solar Suns! :sun: :sun: :sun:
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Oh ho ho Spitfire's looking saucy. Letting her mane grow, I like how it looks. Great work.
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You're welcome. Have a nice day.
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