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Luna Thy Hoof

"But sister, we have already bathed!"
"Luna look, thine hooves. Thou hast stepped in our cake, and better thy hoof cleanest, lest we get cream all over the blanket."

Thank you for looking at my image!
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Twighlight23's avatar
oh this is so cute! and i love the old english!
Luna-Soresodthe's avatar
A kind of feeling of warmth and joy :D (Big Grin) ,

but it is beautiful. Heart 
MLPSketchCreepyPasta's avatar
Sometimes I wish the show was actually like this design :)
MoppyPuppy's avatar
Requires follow up of Woona getting a "no mercy" bath.
lordseth100's avatar
Aww this i just too cute.
LilacMouse's avatar
They look wonderful!
MiAmoraCadenza's avatar
awww Luna is so cute!
monicaponilover2's avatar
how do you do the eyes?
Sarahostervig's avatar
excuse me someone i don't know if they had permission recoolored to filly here [link]
Psychosityc's avatar
celestia looks just like a mother to me
ClockworkDawn's avatar
Luna: Sister, why art thou holding me?

Celestia: Im sorry, but your just so gosh darned cute!
1stunit's avatar
aww so cute my heart cant take it.
SirJames314's avatar
Oh, how I crave a flashback episode with the two best princess sisters! :love: Fantastic work.
v-invidia's avatar
Cromerlock's avatar
Those expressions alone deserve a fav... Not to say wings...
I also like that smooth purple-to-light-pink transfer on Luna's mane/tail - very lovely!
v-invidia's avatar
Thank you for the compliment <3
HeartlessSpartan's avatar
I always find it interesting when people work with the relationship between Luna and Celestia as two loving sisters. Past and present in the canon. It elaborates further on their past what the show didn't, your art tells just a little more stroy and much more to how much they both lost over time.
GalaxyGoddess's avatar
this is so very precious
Alex00Ander's avatar
This is too adorable. Just . . . too much feel.
Brandiphaba's avatar
Awwww that's adorable :)
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