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+Alharia Reid+

By UzumakiAya
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Full Name: Alharia Reid
Electronic Personified: Nintendo DS Lite
Projected Age: 21
Hair Color: Rose
Eye Color: Bright green (normal), bright orange (tired), bright red (exhausted)
Height: 5'4"
Birthday: September 3rd
Likes: Taking care of everyone, cooking, baking, cleaning, sewing, reading, writing, tea.
Dislikes: Feeling like she can't help the people she cares for.

Alharia was born into a family that did not appreciate her. They ignored her, which taught her to learn how to take care of herself quickly. And when her parents saw her taking care of herself, they forced her to begin doing everything: the cooking, cleaning, washing, mending, etc.
Her father was killed as a result of a gamble, and the courts ruled Alharia was to be taken out of her home and placed in an orphanage until another suitable home was found for her. This was at age 13. Little quiet Alharia never once kicked up a fuss or complained, so the courts easily forgot about her, leaving her at the orphanage.
It was here that the caregivers finally taught Alharia to read and write. Like a sponge, she absorbed all this knowledge hungrily, and soon was reading everything she could get her hands on, and writing short stories and poems non-stop. She was never adopted, and so at the legal adulthood age of 18, she was given a small amount of money and set up with an apartment by the orphanage. She went off on her own, using her new abilities to become a successful freelance writer. But Alharia was now so scared of relationships and interaction, that she had absolutely no one to talk to or care for until Isa and Zaphik returned Ishtar, her cousin, to her at age 20.
Alharia gladly took care of Ishtar and the other three (Isa, Zaphik, and Rulie) until the people persuing them found out she was helping them flee the authorities (she was unaware of the situation) and raided her apartment. In the confusion, Zaphik told her to flee with them, lest she be prosecuted as an accomplice and she was thrown in prison (or perhaps killed, as they were also being persued by those outside the law). Alharia, with no where else to go and no one else to be with, agreed.


Alharia is my favorite EP thusfar, next to Rhalis. She is currently in a relationship with Chi Ling, who belongs to :iconnithak:, and it is quite new and different for her. So whenever Chi is remotely kind or loving to her, she tends to burst into tears, this being the complete opposite of how she was ever treated by another person before. Because of her lack of social experience, she is very awkward and clumbsy, but she does have a big heart, and compassion and patience that knows no bounds. She had a hard time dealing with her emotions, since she's never had a chance to practice them, but the furthest thing from her mind is causing harm to others. Alharia was also my very first EP design.

Alharia belongs to :iconuzumakiaya:
Chi, again, belongs to :iconnithak:
Electronic Persona group is owned by :iconakuaoioni:
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Herpaderp~ |D <333


PFFT. I HOPE HE DOES TOO. FFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFF. |T (took a bite from a dragon for her tho ;3;!)
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I...I love Alharia...;__; She's the most kind and sweetest thing ever. ;__;
And the thing with her eyes is SO cool <3333 I love her! >w<
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D'aaaaaaaaw Alharia loves you too..! <333

Alharia: *nods and huggles you* ^_^ <3

Thanks! =D
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D'AWWWW, SHE'S PRECIOUS, I LOVE HER! :love: I love the character design, I love her backstory, and I love her personality! The fact that her eyes change color depending on her energy level is really ingenius regarding that she's the personification of a DS! :XD:
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Alharia loves you too~ |D <3333

Thank you very much! =D She's definately my favorite OC I've made for this group. <3

Thanks again, Karen. XD Ily~ <333
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