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Mature content
DaveJade - 1940's smut :iconuzumakiaya:UzumakiAya 3 4
Sketch prize for cyblix by UzumakiAya Sketch prize for cyblix :iconuzumakiaya:UzumakiAya 0 2 -for NitroGoblin by UzumakiAya -for NitroGoblin :iconuzumakiaya:UzumakiAya 2 6
Homestuck: the Beta Kids rap
TG: alright harley you ready?
GG: yes!! :D
TG: egbert?
EB: i'll try my best!! :B
GG: rose, are you singing too??
TT: I suppose I could try. Why not?
GG: great!!
TG: wow really? alright here we go
GG: ((Jade rap headcanon: She mostly talks with a little rhythm, not neccessarily singing.))
hey there everybody!!
my name's jade harely!
i've finally started rapping!
this is totally gnarly!
[you know, gnarly!]
like crazy awesome good!
i'm doing way better than i thought i would!!
i'm getting schooled in rap
by my friend dave strider!
oh!! but it's not just me!
john can't rap either~
EB: hey!!
GG: heehee~
sorry john!! i didn't mean it badly!
and um...
i can't think up anymore rhymes now, sadly :(

TG: that was pretty good
GG: heehee!! you think so??
TG: yeah
GG: thanks!! :D
TG: egbert you wanna give it a try?
EB: um, not yet! why don't you go next dave?
TG: alright check this out
((Dave rap head canon: he gets a strong slang to his voice when he raps.))
what up boys and girls
:iconuzumakiaya:UzumakiAya 5 6
Homestuck - DOES HE... by UzumakiAya Homestuck - DOES HE... :iconuzumakiaya:UzumakiAya 30 8 -for Karen- by UzumakiAya -for Karen- :iconuzumakiaya:UzumakiAya 2 3 -for Alex- by UzumakiAya -for Alex- :iconuzumakiaya:UzumakiAya 2 4 -for Kyumara- by UzumakiAya -for Kyumara- :iconuzumakiaya:UzumakiAya 4 2

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The 100 Themes Challenge
The 100 Themes Challenge
We know there a few clubs out there now supporting this challenge.
However, many of those clubs are inactive or having troubles. So, we decided to create an 100 themes challenge club that supports the original list AND 4 other variations meaning we should have something for everybody.
For those who don't know, allow me to explain.
The 100 Themes Challenge is a project where you are given a list of 100 words/themes to create pieces on up untill you complete the whole list. And there is no time limit! Its a good job because this can take ages to complete. Not a very good challenge for the impatient I must admit. And you can complete this challenge in whatever medium you want. That includes poetry and prose. You don't have to stick to one medium throughout. You use whatever you like and you don't have to do the list in order either!
And, if you had fun completing it the first time, you can go try another variation and try another list all over again!
Once y
:icon100themeschallenge:100ThemesChallenge 561 146
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The Problem with Being Death
The problem with being Death, Death thought to himself, was that it had a lot to do with boundaries. After all, death itself was really nothing more than a particular sort of boundary, that being, specifically, the one between life and whatever the other thing was. Death wasn’t supposed to talk about that part, but he didn’t mind, because he really only had a very vague idea of what it was to begin with.
The problem Death had with boundaries was the part about finding out where they were. Being Death, he knew a little about both sides of the equation, just enough to hover right between the two, but he never really understood where the line was. It couldn’t have been too fine, of course, if he could be on both sides at once, but when he tried to make his own theories about just where life became afterlife, he ended up dividing things further and further until he eventually realized that the only logical explanation was that the line just didn’t exist.
But he was fair
:icontweedledoom:tweedledoom 49 103
Night by sakura02 Night :iconsakura02:sakura02 89 25 Dai color by XDboys Dai color :iconxdboys:XDboys 6 4 Kairen color by XDboys Kairen color :iconxdboys:XDboys 7 5



Things are pretty chill here! And I'm finally starting to settle into the routine. c: Everything's good again, I'm happy, if not a little stressed, but there are ways around it of course. I've started to draw a lot again and I'm happy!! I was afraid I was never going to draw again, at least for an insanely long time. So I'm happy things are going smoother than I anticipated, in all aspects! :3

Having said that, I'm fully open to take art trades, requests, collabs, and commissions again!! It might take a few days as I am an incredibly lazy person XD;; But I will do it!! I love you guys so much c: So happy to be back!! <3

Requests: As long as I have nothing else on my plate, I am willing to take requests!
Art Trades/Collabs: Send me a note or leave me a message on my profile telling me what you'd like to trade/collab! I love giving and getting gifts, so this is a mutual gain for the both of us! c:
Commissions: Commissions are as follows, but prices can always be bargained/negotiated! Don't be afraid to ask me to lower prices, or offer up other things in exchange!
Sketch $3
Inked Sketch $5
Colored Sketch $7
Fully Inked and Shaded $10
Full Color $13

I hope those are reasonable enough for everyone!! I love you!! <333


United States
Current Residence: Colorado
Favourite genre of music: Practically anything.
Favourite style of art: I like most forms of art.. c:
Operating System: Myself
MP3 player of choice: iPod
Wallpaper of choice: My OTP :/I
Skin of choice: My own, thanks! |D
Favourite cartoon character: Tough decision... I love cartoons though!! 8D



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Hello my name is fay and i am writing a story of human three caballeros x reader because i realy love the three caballeros!  Are you intersting to play a RP with me so i'll take good ideas to make the next chapters and more?
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I really love your art!
I also do a lot of Anime/Manga drawings, it would be amazing if you'd watch me back. <3
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