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Edward Kitten

By Uzucake
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Not really around anymore, sorry guys. Im tired of drawing the same stuff over and over again. As soon as Im able to draw a new Naruto picture Ill upload it in a flash! Please wait and thanks for sticking around..
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aha fur mewtal alcatmist :3
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omgomgomgomgomgomgomgomgomg!!!!! its ed as a kitten!!!!!!!! i wuv dis sssssssoooooooooooo muchnose bleed 
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Omg, dat sass.
yokosprincess's avatar
OMG! He's so adorable! :iconsocuteplz:
DianeTheKillerPony's avatar
-pets his ears softly- he is sooo cute!! >U<
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This is super adorable! Thank you for putting a smile on my face. :)
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Oh god how is this so adorable?! I want my own Ed Kitty 0w0 I would never let him go he'd hate me so much xD
xxyuniexx's avatar
draw anything you want, it's all good
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Kawaii~ excellent job, he is lovely and sooo cute
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*whispers* He's so cute and tiny!
It's been a while Uzu glad to see you've uploaded because I've missed you so much!Squish Hug 
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I know Im sorry. Its nice to hear from you again!
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Oh Uzu I think you should know that it's fine if you try different things. You should expand what you draw. (no matter what you draw I'm sure I'll love it  just because it's you who drew it) So don't worry about whether we'll like it or not. Art is something where you can express yourself so you shouldn't have to worry if you're making us happy. The things is you do worry and as awful as this may sound that's what I adore about you the way you worry about us makes you seem so much more like a real person than some others I watch on here. I'm completely contradicting myself. What I want to say is do what you want, your art is about you so draw what you want, I'll support what you do no matter what it is you do, all a person ever really needs is one person who will stand by them through everything
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omg its my neko ed!
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i will wait patiently for for your return :'D XD
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You can draw whatever you want to! If you're tired of the same stuff, brain-splurge or something! We'd love to see it, I'm sure!

As for this, the colors and blending, as usual, are wonderful. I'm trying to learn how to draw in photoshop, so your skill with colors is even more appreciated in my view.
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Thank you do much for the sweet comment! The reason why I dont really sumbit anymore IS because Im drawing different things. Im not sure if my followers would want to see them so I dont submit them.. I dont want to make my Naruto watches upset or bored and unwatch me. Not that I should care about what other people think or how much watchers I have..I ya know? :/
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I wouldn't worry about it! Submit whatever you'd like!
Most of us, I'm sure, love your art because it's beautiful and wonderful– the subject is just a bonus! Personally, I think that whatever makes you happy is important. Artists draw and sing and paint because they like to– not necessarily for anyone else. It's nice to do things for people, but the whole point of creating art is to express yourself, to share your passions and talents and joys.
So post what you'd like! If it's not fan art, whatever! If it's not perfect, so what? It's your art. You're drawing for yourself and because you enjoy it. Without even account on here, you'd feel no obligation– you're sharing with us, and we should be pleased that you are doing so.
If you are "unwatched", too bad for them. I think, if you do what pleases you most, you'll feel a lot better about what you're doing, and the support of those of us still watching you will be a lot sweeter.
I watch you because you are talented. You're subject matter caught my interest, of course, but I decided to watch you because you are very, honestly good at expressing yourself and your content through art.
So try something new! Post the things you want to post! Show people what you're passionate about! The watchers who are there to observe your talents won't mind, and may even applaud you for it.
You don't need to please us, either. You're the one that matters. Be happy. Draw. Express. That is what is most beautiful.
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It..cant be that great, but thank you! Panda Emoji-05 (Drooling) [V1] 
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