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Edward Elric

By Uzucake
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I'm really hoping I can bring back some Naruto art and start uploading again, I just haven't been in the mood for Naruto.. And I dont want to force anything. I'm currently seeing a therapist for my issues, so hopefully I will be feeling better soon.
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I've seen half of the show and i love it.
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Nice art work you did.
PrinceOfFire's avatar
Looking very cool. Love all the poses.
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i love me some awkward character spreads
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Take your time and always remember to listen to yourself. :hug:
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Hey Yasuli, thanks! I'll definitely try pay more attention to myself, haha.
Yasuli's avatar
That's good! :meow: We people often tend to live for others and forget ourselves.
JirachiAtSundown's avatar
Woah there, that is some really good art O.o
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Hope you feel better.
Nice work as always though. I really like your style! :)
cremareo's avatar
oh my gosh you're back 

and I hope things get better for you!!
Uzucake's avatar
Thanks, I hope so too!
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hehe, boo- wait this isn't porn. what the hell am I doing here?
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His smile, it's so mischievous and adorable XD 
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Glad to see more art based on my favorite snarky alchemist. XD I hope seeing a therapist is helping you. 
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Whoo! Go Edward ;)! Good luck with the therapist! I heard from an artist on youtube, but remember to draw for yourself ;).
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 He's so adorable! He's the only character I've seen who also has height issues and I hope you feel better soon!
Hiro hug.It's never fun feeling down
NeoNimbus526's avatar
That looks pretty amazing. Great job with this drawing. ^u^
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Your artwork is lovely, no matter which character, so don't worry (btw, I love FMA a lot.) :D
Hope you'll overcome everything and feel better soon, dear! :heart:
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Hey, thanks so much Animaid! Hoping to to submit some more artwork soon!
Animaid101's avatar
You're very welcome, dear! :heart:
I'm happily looking forward to whatever you'll come up with, Uzu-chan. :D
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im always so happy to see you post, seeing that you're still making it through hard times ❤ also this art is the best thing, i love my angry ball of sunshine 
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