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The Division: Biographies #3 Full Comic

A full character biography issue detailing everything from 'The Division' world so far :) (Smile).  This issue also continues some bios from issue #2 (as denoted with 'con't' on the text) which you can find here:…

Credit goes to Tabico for the CORE biographies *and* for half a dozen or so that I simply could not write *and* for editing! :p (Lick)

As always 100% free, and download link on the right :) (Smile).

Thanks for reading!
© 2016 - 2021 uzobono
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I love this comic and also to my own Controller Ruby 87001R
thanks . nice comic
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Love Dr. Rei's backstory, it helps explain her demeanor and motivation. Wouldn't mind seeing a short story of that tale.
The Ito twins are a hoot! I'm really hoping there are special plans for them in the story. Can't wait to see the confrontation between them and Haven. 

Mel, Tammy, and Nicole are still just hot al the way around, as are Haven and Ruby. 
So many great characters. Nice to know you can drone many of these and still create new characters. Kind of a sexy Walking Dead series. 

Shouldn't Plastique and the gals have been included? Still want to see more of that group. 

The writing for this was absolutely top-notch! Kudos to you both. Either you both read an incredible amount or have excellent educations. Very enjoyable. 
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Thanks so much!

The 'Night Moves' characters arcs are finished (as of now anyways) so the bios *really* wouldn't have changed much.
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The shots of the dolls and Melanie melt steel panties!
This is beyond awesome, Uzobono.
Thank you loads!
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That was really awesome as usual and it was very good to have some kind of summary, as in the end it became in some parts a bit difficult to have an overview, as I am no native English speaker.
Anyway: Thank youuu!
Awesome! Loved new Uzo cameo soooo much
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Uno, i am downloading it now, and it will be perfect and awessssome for me without seeing that.
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Now i understood the final scene of the Controller Ruby with the grey drones around her, it was for sends subliminal messages to her girlfriend. Good Point, Uzobono
Love it.
Each one of the main characters can have their own series, when you think of it.
Art is even better then before, and I didn't think that was possible. Fantastic!

Can't wait to see the next Core and Aria and others?
Thank you.
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Just wondering - why do the CORE and one of the others (the doc) have their text start with (cont') ? I thought this means "continued" but I don't know where those continue from. Might just be me being really tired though :)

These are really cool and useful for revision before reading new comics or re-reading older ones.
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The ones with (con't) are direct continuations (text-wise) from the second issue of 'Biographies'. It's also why they're a touch shorter as they don't reiterate the character's whole history :).

Also, I should totally add that in the description >.>.
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Ohhh I see. Maybe you should do the full-on Stan Lee comic thing and instead of "(cont')" just have an asterisk at the start or end of the para, then a classic comic yellow text box in the bottom right says "see Biographies Issue #2, true believers!" :D

Or something like that.

Also interested in the lucky cat statues...possibly a Tabico hint at Nicole having nine lives, so there is still hope? :)
DreampaintLoon's avatar
1. Seconding the idea of little yellow editor balloons.

2. or maybe the cat figurines could foreshadow Nicole the rubber encased kittybot? (what? I can have completely unrealistic and self-serving ideas too, yuhknow? ;)  )

anyway, love it as always, Uzo
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