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CORE Questionnaire #5
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Comments (31)
bluemax2's avatar
I'm a long longtime fan of your work and Tabico's stories.  I have commented on your stories for years now but not submitted full comments but will now in light of the upcoming Core episode.  
1)  fave scenes: 
Marguerite video call with Core director.  Wow.  (would like to see more of the droned Marguerite in upcoming episodes...?)  What the video s/w does vs what is actually going on at Marguerite's office.

Dr. York gets wormed, sequence.  Incredible introduction of the mind take over by the worm parasites.

Dr. York and Tammy convert one of the blue clones who's name I forget, in the lab while the two worm drones are 69ing.  Very premeditated and reminiscent of many invasion/takeover films of old (without the 69ing of course).

Last section with Mel hijacking the prisoners and delivering them to the hive.  Nice!

2)  Favorite MC types:  Love em all.  Especially when mind is taken over and host doesn't even really know it.  Like Mel.   

3 and 4) I wanted to see more of what was going to happen to Mel.  I can't wait to see her get completely grey droned to a Mark 3 controller like Phoebe and Brody in the Aria series.  
I'd like to see more dronings, especially the stealth type.  And as I mentioned more of Marguerite.  
By the way what happened to the evil doctor Rae?  And the little bunny girls, especially the evil one?  

5)  Dialogue and visuals:  Marguerite's video call.  Last section with prisoners getting hijacked by hive.

6)  Satisfactory episode, very much so.  I'd love to see the worms show up again in a future episode in some guests.  Perhaps as a way for the hive to bring more unsuspecting candidates in for full conversion?

7)  Would like to see where Dr. Rae is?  Will she return?  Also are the bunny girls coming back?
Most critically when is Mel going all the way...?  Will we see Phoebe drone some more?  And where is the engine YCE629 and what is she up to?  What about the droned school director Delia?  Loved how she was droned in the closet...

8)  I love the longer episodes (100-150 pages) especially with lots of plot twists but I do realize we have to wait months for them.  It is hard to wait for these followups but the end products are incredible and second to none online (free or paid!).  

Uzo and Tabico, Please keep up the incredible work.  As you can see you have many fans and followers.  And rightly so!  I do wish it would be easier to make actual animation versions of these stories, but I can't imagine the years of work that would take.
Here's to the two of you and hoping to see #13 very very soon.
thank you both.
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gulp2's avatar
Hey, I just finished re-reading the previous issues in anticipation for the upcomming core 13 and thought I might just as well leave my 10 cents on the last chapter. Better late than never, right? ;-)

Regarding 1: My Favourite Scene was the one between Tammy and the Doc where the Doc suprises Tammy with the hidden trigger from Dr. Exis. I am a sucker for rather classic mind control and hypnosis methods, so that was really great. On that note I am really looking forward to more classic hypnosis scenes as teased in teaser 3 (at least if i interpreted that one right). Another great scene is the conversation between Rebecca and Mel, albeit beeing a short one. Really like Rebeccas render.

On 2: My Favourite would possibly be 2 and C respectively. I think from a storytelling point of view it is beneficial if developed characters retain certain aspects of their personality and character when possessed because it keeps them a bit more divers. Regarding integration I am relatively indifferent but A and B generally feel a bit too "in the face" to me if that makes any sense. Although I really liked how Nicole ended up and she would correspond with being a 1 B if i understood correctly - apart from it beeing rather technological than biological in her case... go figure.

3: As I stated above I am looking forward for more psychological mind control/hypnosis. I was kind of on the fence regarding the Bio/Zombie theme prevalent in the last two issues - didn't hate it but didn't really love it either. I don't know how well that kind of mind manipulation would fit into the high tech environment of Kairo City but Exxis trigger started to explore the theme a bit more and i am looking forward to how you develope it - if at all. Another aspect I liked and hope to see more of is the foreshadowed and in the case of Tammy apparent hidden suprises from Exis. Interested in seeing what else she has in stock. And a final note: I don't know how far you can take her still but i really loved all the manipulation and transformations Nicole went through, both because of the themes and because of her render. Can't get enugh of her, maybe something in the vein of Doctor Robos Chrome Virus.

4: Remaining Questions: Katkas loyalties, why were the captured gang members of such importance to the hive and Yorks endgame.

5: Chuckled a bit at the puns in the conversations with Sami.

6: As stated above I am a bit on the fence regarding the more biological mindcontrol/ zombiefication so I would not mind if the worms don't play too central a role in the upcomming chapters.

7: Think i wrote a lot in the previous points that would fit here. The more Nicole is in trouble the better. And mybe get York involved more :)

8: Issue 12 was quite long. I think something between 50-100 pages leaves enugh room for the exploration of new story arcs and i don't necessarily think these arcs have to be contained in one chapter. 
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CBeaubien's avatar
This questionnaire really slipped my mind.

I loved how the Hive slaves pretended to be normal for their screen chat with Melcthion. The touch of layering office attire over their nude bodies is a wonderful touch.

Any scene with Mel under the influence is gold. That image on page 50 where Mel stares blankly ahead sitting next to Rebekka (who retains her cognition to read) as they wait is sweet. The last scene where Mel gets off on watching Vix get mind-wiped and then thoroughly entranced is great. It especially stings having spent much of the story with Mel taking charge, outsmarting the mind-controling parasites and saving her friends.

Doctor York's seductive domination of Tammy is pretty good and I anticipate more mind control foreplay is in order between these two.

I'm personally not into the parasite mind control, albeit it is well done. I'm glad you and Tabico had a ball scratching this itch that was foreshadowed all the way back in the second issue. 

Although it's too late to give recommendations for the next issue, I would love to see an old-school hypnosis scene or two that goes on for at least ten pages or more. The prospect of a swinging watch or pendulum entrancing one of the players (particularly Mel) would be very hot in contrast to the elaborate high tech that usually does job. Something so simple that even Mel scoffs at the prospect of something so rudimentary taking over her mind until she realizes too late that it can.

That and something like the music box that makes short work of the players in Tabico's story "Compromise".

Another possibility could be the Core's finest going undercover as prostitutes to infiltrate a brothel. However, the Core hypnotizes them into believing they are hookers with new identities so they can go in without fear of compromising their mission.

I would also like to see a herd sensibility at play, preferably with slaves being brainwashed into believing they were lactating cows. For instance, the milk-bloating submission of Tanya in The Synthetic Evolution is an all-timer for me.

Keep up the great work! The next issue can't come soon enough.
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and2d88's avatar
1) my favorite scene was Dr York and Tammy. I like the way doc showed a domme side dispite being controlled by the worm. I'd like to see more of the two.

2) everyone of them was great.

3) none

4) I'd like to see more hive actity jus to receive a tip of what their planning

5) english is not my frist language but I like the jokes in the middle of the story, like the '"miss-name" one.

6) No. I'm good. the story was satisfactory. I hope to see more of the lick-worms and their interest to the hive.

7) i a fan of melanie... i always expecte to see her falling into hive's control more each comic but i wish to see her resist the urge to betray her friends and break free for control and see her being a heroine. I'm a fan of the "good endings".

8) 30-50 would do the work, i think.

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SoftSubmission's avatar
Went through the story again and found a scene I should have mentioned the first time. When York is telling and describing the various methods of mind control in detail to Tammy while she herself was being controlled and knew she was. That. Was. HOT.
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w4wy4w's avatar
1) Quando Vix descobre que caiu numa emboscada do Hive.

2) O controle hipnótico da doutora York sobre Tammy. A sedução e a consequente preparação para integrar Tammy ao controle dos "Licky-Worms".

3) As gêmeas investigando o Hive.

4) Qual o verdeiro propósito do Hive? O que pretende integrando essas garotas ao exército de drones? Que conexões Vix e as outras duas mulheres tem de tão especial para serem tão importantes ao ponto do Hive criar uma situação envolvendo CORES só para capturá-las?

5) Tammy chegando de mansinho e sussurra aos ouvidos da doutora York aceitando as desculpas mas querendo estreitar o relacionamente de ambas.

6) Acredito que foi uma proposta interessante ver outyras formas de controle da mente. Em Core #12 foram controle causados pela intereção química de um parasita. Mas, eu ainda prefiro o controle dos raios hipnóticos e chocantes, a ondas sonoras moduladoras de ondas cerebrais do "guidance", o tentáculos das câmaras de transformação e formatação mental, o controle hipnótico dos drones sobre os outros, a seduação química que o leite das Dolls é capaz de produzir. Mas apesar de ter poucas meções disso tudo, foi muito interessante e eu gostei de Core #12.

7) Mas, cenas envolveno os interiores do Hive. Pessoas trabalhando para o Hive sem sequer se dar conta. Indo ao trabalho tyodoso os dias esevolvendo atividades que colocaram todos os seus entes queridos e amigos como alvos do Hive.

8) 120.
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w4wy4w's avatar
OOps! I forget to traslate.

In english now:

1) When Vix discovers that he has been ambushed by Hive.

2) York's hypnotic control over Tammy. The seduction and consequent preparation to integrate Tammy into the control of the "Licky-Worms".

3) The twins investigating the Hive.

4) What is the purpose of Hive? What do you want by integrating these girls into the drone army? What Vix connections and the other two women have so special to be so important to the point of Hive creating a situation involving COLORS just to capture them?

5) Tammy comes softly and whispers in the ears of Dr. York accepting the excuses but wanting to narrow the relationship of both.

6) I believe it was an interesting proposition to see other forms of mind control. In Core # 12 were control caused by the chemical interaction of a parasite. But I still prefer the control of the hypnotic and shocking rays, the brain-wave modulators of the guidance, the tentacles of the transformation chambers and mental formatting, the hypnotic control of the drones over the others, the chemical seduction that milk of the Dolls is capable of producing. But despite having few metrics of it all, it was very interesting and I liked Core # 12.

7) But, scenes involve the interiors of Hive. People working for Hive without even realizing it. Going to work tyodoso the days engaging activities that put all your loved ones and friends as Hive targets.

8) 120.
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cleguin's avatar
Thank you so much for this story.  It is now my favorite, Uzobono!  Reminds me of great Tabico mind worms stories and Redpig's work on ehentai with the serial recruitment via parasites.

1. Any scene where the parasite is passed from one person to another.  Serial recruitment via parasites is wonderful!
2. Parasites are great. Love the biological aspect of it. Scene in the shower was great because of the missed opportunity at first, but followed by a sneaky conversion away from prying eyes.
3. I'd have liked to see more Melchthion controlled and using her influence the corrupt the rest of the city.  Showing her actual infection and trying to fight it would be hot, especially since she is such a good fighter and strong willed.
4.How widespread are the parasites now?
5. I like the throat bulges when the parasite is passed. Nice, refreshing touch showing the invasion of the host rather than the usual light-based mind control.
6. I loved it!  It was a nice refreshing story. Please more parasites spreading!
7. I'd like to see Melchthion infected again.  I love Tabico stories where a doctor or head of operations is controlled first and then uses her position to direct the spread of parasites to the rest of the team and city, like it was implied she was going to do before Melanie stepped in to save the day.  Also she's such a tough nut to crack/tease, it was great seeing her corrupted for once.  Also, it was great seeing almost the entire team taken down because they are usually so resistant and fortunate to escape.
8. Longer is fine since the stories are always worth the wait.  I wonder if releasing sections earlier in smaller batches would benfine though?  Like a 100+ story total, but released in chunks of 25 or something?
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draphy's avatar
1. Easily the pair of scenes where Doctor York takes advantage of Tammy's Harem Slut programming to have sex and then infect her with a worm. The second scene where Tammy asks her to do it again was a fabulous payoff. I also liked the scene with the two Hatelaces mating in front of York and everyone ganging up to take the Director. Lastly, the scene where Rossi hands over the Hatelaces to the Hive for conversion.

2. 3D likely, thinking of Mind Worms where hosts continue to serve their masters even after the worms are removed. 3A possibly with the copying of the original host a la Pea. (Hmm, these all seem to be Tabico stories.)

3. Exis definitely, she's out there somewhere. Also, where was Lilith during this issue?

4. What countermeasures will the Director come up with? Will they detect that Rossi is no longer on their side? Is there a way to hack Nicole or give her the abillity to modify herself that will be explored? What other secrets are the bunny girls hiding?

5. I loved the tongue out lick after someone became a host. The obvious growth of the worms as they developed was also a good touch. Verbally, Sami's "bar-easter" and surname gags were amusing.

6. I liked the departure. It didn't really advance the overall plot but was satisfying in its own right.

7. Some noted in question #4, what is Exis' next moves and what will the Hive do next (specifically their plans for Core)?

8. This was a monster issue, I think the 100-120 pages is the sweet spot for updates.
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unicron9999's avatar
1. When the doctor used Tammy's fetishes to disarm her before infecting her with the parasite.
2. I like two a ton, where the original personality is barely recognizable but corrupted through a lens of control. And 'C' where the Parasite grows into the host, especially if there are visible effects. (Tabico's "Pierced" comes to mind.)
3. I wished that the parasites had survived in some capacity outside of being bred by the HIVE (though genetic editing by the HIVE or selective breeding could be a cool direction to take that.)
4. Just how comfortable is Tammy with taking this submission thing? Is it gonna come back to bite her? What are HIVE's plans for core?
5. The effects and appearances of the parasite were top notch
6. I like the idea of biological third parties interfering with this shadow war. They often have different strategies than CORE or HIVE and it's interesting to see how they mesh (and hot of course)
7. the HIVE's entrenchment in the school, what other R&D are they working on, other types of drones, how kinky CORE is going to get as time goes on.
8. 75-100 pages sounds about good.
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Breast-Implants's avatar
1. I like the scene on page 85 because I love Mind Control.
2. I like all types of mind control, specifically when vary the physical form as Bimbottization or Robotization, Hive.
3. I would like to see Melanie ”super core implants” with hive transformation.
4. Who moves the threads of the hive.
5. I especially like the attention to characters and settings, not rech to enjoy at the bottom of the dialogs for my problems in translating: the figures strike the very first of the dialogues. You may not of course translate it in all languages of the world.
6. When characters gain becomes a bit more difficult to follow the story. Sometimes it is necessary to go to review the previous chapters in order to fully understand the story.
7. I would like to see more transformations, and more mind control. To see a character as strong as Tammy's submissive pleasure.
8. I like when there are 150+ pages, but each time I can't wait to read it.

Excuse me if I answer so late, and for the simplicity of my answers but it takes me time to translate everything. Good work! Bye!
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cryofpaine's avatar
1) Harem Slut. The idea from the original programming scene is one of my favorite, and I like the callback. Definitely want to see more of this. I'm hoping that the teaser at the end was legitimate, and not a twist "Oh, I want you to do that again so I can come up with some way of countering it," type of thing.

2) 4b or 4C. Mel is probably the best example. If you extend the metaphor to programming rather than a living organism, she would be a 4C - fully herself, but with her motivations altered. And her programming is integrated into her existing memories, altering and replacing them to reinforce her enslavement.

3) The one with the pink mohawk was hot, I would like to see more of her. :)

4) What is the connection between Hive and the worms? What are their plans for them in the future?

5) I always like the hard nipples.

6) It worked as a standalone, but I would like to see them come back, especially to answer the questions in #4.

7) I'd like to see Hive start being more active, and actually start using Mel. Have her start eroding CORE from the inside, specifically by corrupting her friends. I would imagine she could find the same files on Tammy that York did.

8) Too short, and you have too many releases that are just exposition or setup. Too long, and my inner Veruca Salt kicks in. :P I think 100-120 is a good number. 5, 7, and 9 are my favorites, and they're all right around 100. Enough time to build the story, and throw in a few extra hot scenes.
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HalfShim's avatar
HalfShim|Hobbyist Writer
1) Hands down, the hive testing scene around page 66, and the hive scenes from page 189 to the end. Something about robotic drones maintaining a harem of pregnant women really hit the spot. :)

The serial recruitment was great, but it was narratively sabotaged from the get go. It would have had more impact if it hadn't been let loose that Hive considered that this to be a temporary experiment (page 39). Realistically, not all of CORE was going to be captured by the Leashworms forever, but the impact of the enslavement was quite reduced since we knew up front that even if the worms succeeded, they would be terminated anyway.


1 (Erasal) - Not so much fun for me, because then there's no struggle. Certainly not for the main character. Might be hot as an end point, but this has an air of finality to it.
2 (Suppression/Elimination/Blending) - This one can be fun if it's handled delicately. Not a lot left of the original person here, though.
3 (Personality Alteration) - This one is fun. The slave knows that it's been altered, but it can't help itself but to obey.
4 (Supplantation) - I do quite enjoy this as well.

A (Physical Replacement [New Body & Brain]) - This one is not so bad, as presumably the original body is still kicking around somewhere, hopefully having a fun time. Not so fun if the original body no longer exists.
B (Major Replacement [Brain]) - I'm not a huge fan, as now you've replaced the personality of the character with an unknown creature. This could be milked for awhile, I suppose, but in the end that person no longer really exists.
C (Bio-Integration) - Yes please! Symbiosis/Parasitism is really quite fun.
D (Habitation) - This is quite fun, too, but has a lesser impact for me, as it seems inevitably the worm/creature is removed without any trouble. There's no insidiousness to the control, it just... stops.

In summary, 2-4, and C-D are my favorites.

3) I hate to say it, but I really want to see more Hive. But I know that's tricky, as using them to enslave major parts of CORE makes it impossible to continue the standard story line. I'm hard pressed on this one. I assume we'll see some yummy treachery in the future using Leashworms, and I do look forward to that.

4) When are those Leashworms going to be used in an actual operation by Hive? What is task ZHH6.0? What are Hive's plans? Who will be enslaved by Hive next? Will CORE find out they've already been infiltrated by Hive? Will that person be turned into a Hive drone?

5) Nothing in particular stood out, the writing was excellent as usual. I would say that I did quite enjoy the explanation of different mind control types on page 75.

6) Yes, it was very satisfactory as a standalone issue. I do really still want to see what Hive is doing, though! I certainly wouldn't mind seeing the Leashworms used in an interesting way in the future. :)

7) More Hive! More Hive! More Hive! You know my preference. :)

8) I do really enjoy the longer issues, and I suppose some of the length should be dictated by the stories you both wish to tell. I'd hate to contrain you to a particular size, as I am perfectly happy waiting as long as necessary for the next issue. You're not losing an audience member here!
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infielders3's avatar
1. many to choose from. Loved the worm corruption scenes, enjoyed the before/after as people were getting infected not excluding the girl bound and forced into receiving a worm. I loved the scene where it was made clear that hive was using the people as guinea pigs for their own purposes and research.

2. 4c. I love the conversion of an innocent into a sleeper agent who can sabatoge from behind the scenes.

3. I would have liked to have seen Mel do a little more in subverting things or corrupting someone from behind the scenes. I also would have prefered watching a "soft" corruption. Someone seemingly normal sit at a computer maybe something along the implied corruption from "guide tour."

4. I wouldn't mind seeing a little more about what hive's ultimate plans are. What they are waiting for and why they are taking the roundabout approach.

5. Nice work with the eyes after someone was converted by the worms. There was a clear "giving in" moment that was a great touch.

6. I'm totally fine with tangential story-lines. It was an unexpected reminder there are more things to be worried about than just battling Hive. So while I say "I wouldn't have minded more progression to the main arcs" I also am totally fine with taking detours.

7. I would love to see more innocent folk slowly succumb to subtle programming. Maybe a sleeper in a church corrupting a women's group where an influential leader happens to partake of during her spare time. Maybe it's not even a sleeper sneaking in but someone in the group checking a website they know better than to check... and it reveals to hive a hidden asset there. That would be a hot tangent.

8. 10-15 is probably too much of a tease but somewhwere in the 25-75 range would be a fine change if it meant more frequent updates. It would encourage "re-reading" of past releases.

Keep up the great work!
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userrandy's avatar

Well I put a lot more into this than I expected but, here's my delayed thoughts.

1) Favorite scenes of #12....that's tough. Let me go chronologically to answer that. The first scene with York getting infected got me shivering with excitement for the chapter, great way to start off (although it did mean we were not really going to get any glimpse into who she is as a character since she was being controlled for almost entire chapter but that can be addressed in future chapters).

Next I would of course have to bring Mel and Rebekka's scene though it was disappointingly too short, but I understand this wasn't going to be the focus of the chapter so I wasn't too hung up on that.

York and Tammy's scene is probably tied for hottest scene of this chapter. And how you've given Tammy more weak points undoes much of how much she seemed like a mary sue after  Ch. 8. Which is good, this makes her a lot more enjoyable character and while I don't expect her to overtake Mel when it comes to my interest in this story, this definitely made her fun again. Also the fact now that if York gets compromised, so does Tammy is intriguing to think about.

Also tied for hottest scene would be Tammy and Sabine's shower scene. There was something so engrossing with how Tammy just nonchalantly brings up she is betraying her in this scene, and I know it's kinda of a cliche in this genre, but I still love it.

And finally, Mel's last scene with the Uzobono cameo just to cement what we were expecting Mel to do. Mel continuing down the path of the hive is always hot and nice to see. Though sometimes I do wish the hive's intentions with her weren't so vague and mysterious to the reader (maybe even you haven't figured out Mel's endgame and this is just to buy time which I understand that you want everything to line up just right, it just feels like a big tease to the readers which for now I'm still completely game for. Like I said before what makes this series addicting is the not knowing the betrayals and conversions but as a reader expecting a payoff at some point.)


2) This one actually made me go back and have to find the exact scene to answer.

On the numbers side of the code, definetly 1,2, and 3 are the hottest in my opinion, probably would put 2 first. The whole aspect that there is a sliver of the former self there potentially fighting control but ultimately blending personalities as you put it. While I still find it hot, 4 appeals the least because I see it as something that would be apart of the other three choices, not a stand alone method of control, more like a guide into suppressing or rewriting personalities.

As for the A-D part, A and B would be at the top followed by D and C. From a young age, body snatcher stories really grabbed my attention. Looking the same yet being completely different character and no one suspecting is a turn on in your stories (I'm looking forward to seeing "Yuki" again). And B is just internal rewriting. I love seeing characters droned but a major physical change isn't necessary to make it hot. As for C, it maybe the wording of it but when I read that I thought of like a slow external fusing between the parasite and victim and that just doesn't appeal to me. If the changes are physical I like it like how you do drones, a fluid morphing of the body. I guess looking to Tabico's other works for an example, Adaption was not something I got into (the image of an insect burrowing into the back of your neck is not a turn on for me) but Pierced I enjoyed a lot (will it get finished?), if that helps clarify at all.


3) I feel I'll say this every chapter: MORE MEL BEING A HIVE SLAVE PLEASE. But of course don't force it. Like I said before I get that wasn't the point of this chapter so I wasn't to upset with how little attention her drone persona was given.

I'm curious if the Aria and Core plotlines will ever meet up again. Mel now meeting up with the twins gives a lot of possibilities especially with Yuki's new found purpose.

I would like to see York's personality and potential more. From this chapter it felt she is like Mel but not as lucky (I don't know how else we should described Mel's ability to escape the hive so many times, though it did run out) but also the fact she looked up dirt on Tammy on how to control her puts her in that schemers catergory of Lilit but York doesn't seem to have a vendetta against anyone or anything malicious at all (cause I'm chalking it up as a parasite behavior yet she still figured Tammy out while I'm assuming Mel doesn't know that about Tammy and doesn't know how to figure it out cause I believe she would've already subdued Tammy by now if she could’ve).

The Lilit clones were a tad disappointing. They seem to be suffering from the: “when villains turn good their capabilities get nerfed” trope. I'm saying that because of how easily Lilix got infected and didn't put any fight which I would've expected even if she thought she was doomed I really did think she'd have done more. And Chaz getting completely blindsided when out with Nicole was surprising, that's amateur situational awareness for someone who's supposed to be elite (and same for Nicole) though Chaz at least fought back when surrounded later on.

Continuing on characters not playing up to their potential, Melcthion. I can buy her not expecting her entire agency to turn on her one afternoon but I would expect her to have a plan of some kind if something like that happened. Maybe she had an escape but someone was waiting for her at where it let out and she got infected there.  That being said, her reaction of "oh fuck" was hilarious and then doing the rest of that scene off screen I actually enjoyed, it might be a little cliche but I liked it.


4) My questions might seem dumb but they're about what I think are plotholes, unless I forgot something that would've already explained it.

Doesn't Melcthion know Marquart is with the Hive? I assumed her talk with them was merely a playing with formality with how she was threatening her business when I seriously doubt the hive cares because they could easily just use Marquart covertly and not waste effort with a song and dance of running a company.

But going off of that question: why is Mel surprised there's drones at Marquart or why didn't Melcthion inform her about the hive being with Marquart? What does Melcthion gain from not informing her operatives of a potential hazard even if she is suspicious of her own agents?

Why didn't Mel betray the Core at the end? In theory, the entire Core was compromised and Mel could've easily locked them in that room and shut the place down so no way for them to escape and called in the Hive? I get this wasn't supposed to be the last chapter of Core but this seems like that's logically how the chapter could've ended. In a way this chapter might've worked better had it taken place prior to Mel joining the Hive.

Lastly isn't a plothole but just something I'm curious about: when if ever is Mel going to introduce Rebekka to the gang and justify not being a lesbian before?


5) I'm not be the best person to analyze the art though I do see how drastically Uzobono has improved over the series. As for quips that stood out to me, pg 42, thanking Mel for that sim...hope that comes back into play in the near future.  Mel and Rebekka's dialogue worked really well how Rebekka so casually controls Mel who just phases in and out subtly and naturally. Like I said before Melcthion's reaction to Core turning on her was fabulous. And also I'd like some light on that final line of the chapter, and maybe see how the fruits of what Mel did back in ch. 10 guaranteeing Core holds no secrets from the Hive.


6) This chapter did feel like kind of a filler, as in how near everything is confined to this chapter; the conflict is resolved and everything almost is the same as when the chapter started. I don't think that's a bad thing cause it lets you play with other forms of mc and I know I did request not to leave so many cliff hangers. It's a mixed feeling. As a single issue it was pretty good. I struggle to see how you can now actually work the worms back into the plot, that solution for them was very much a deus ex machina moment, but I don't know where you would plan to take them. One thing I should say is in these chapters that feel like filler at the end, don't defeat nearly every character. When everyone but Mel was infected and then knowing this wasn't the end of the series, most if not all the tension was lost in the final confrontation.


7) As always I love seeing drone Mel in the spotlight and seeing her operating and not just hinting at what she's doing. Definitely want to see Rebekka's role develop. I want to see York, and the Lilit clones develop and show more competence and not get taken down as easily by the Hive.

And like I said earlier, making Mel’s role for the Hive a little more clear, which I guess would mean overall revealing more of the Hive’s plans. You don’t have to reveal much but many mc stories do the whole antagonist going “all is going to plan” trope but the plan is never revealed which makes it rather pointless and I'd like that avoided.

So Sami is now working in a hive front and Mel (and therefore the Hive) is aware of Fiona and the bunnies. I'm expecting to see in the next few chapters where that goes. Also Sabine getting her wish of Mel controlling her. The sim Mel shared is another point I hope you use and expand on. I really hope it's not a red herring.

And I am interested seeing where Tammy and York's relationship goes.

Maybe also get to see what Marquart is doing in more detail besides the worms.


8) I’ve had a consistent opinion about how long I like your comics: whatever length you want to do unless it’s over like 160 pgs in which case split that chapter up into parts. Short little 10-30 pg chapters aren’t bad but I feel they would break up your stories too much, unless you have like a short story that’s only 1 or 2 scenes.

But I do hate the wait and wonder if maybe you could release more teaser images like maybe one image for every 20 pages? I know that might be asking too much but the teasers are so good sometimes during the wait.

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I've been thinking a lot about this universe (is there a name for it? Just Karo City? the droneverse? hiveverse?) and didn't know where else to share these ideas. While I don't expect to see these in up coming chapters I'd lose it if one was included. Also I'm sharing cause these also seem like good fanfic ideas but afraid I'd butcher the executions of these ideas, though I will try to and post them if I think they're not embarrassing.

First off, as unicron mentioned, I would love to see what the hive is doing at the school. It would be a great source of new characters, maybe there's like an anti-synth club started that on the down low is trying to fight the hive and of course they'll get infiltrated and converted. But definitely I'd love to be shown not told what Yuen and Erin are doing to affect the students there as well as the other heads of the school. Like it's nice when that one, already conditioned kid walks in on them with the drone but wouldn't it be more fun to see the actual indoctrination of the students? Like those orientation classes, what's happening at them?

Next up is I'd love to see Mel and Rebekka's relationship have romantic exploration. As in like in downtime between serving the hive and their normal jobs, they go out and date, be an actual couple and fall in love. The logic behind this is perhaps there's some way you can play with Mel's loyalties/betrayal conditioning and get situations where maybe she would disobey/betray Rebekka or the Hive for the sake of the other. Like the hive overlooked this, somehow Mel's feelings for Rebekka elevates her to the same level as (or maybe even higher than) the hive in her psyche (seeing as how she'd still be fine betraying non-hive individuals). One of the few contexts I could see somehow working with this idea is maybe the Hive deems it time for these two to separate to continue their purposes and Mel can't accept it even though it's a command.

Up again is Mel's activities bringing her into contact with other sleeper drones. Especially since she has met Phoebe and Lucinda (had to go back to ch. 3 to look up her name) it would be amusing to see them re interact in sleeper persona and then again as slaves. Though bumping into Conessa would be another welcome interaction as well.
Also in the same ballpark I'd love to see Mel converting innocent passerby's, similar to what Phoebe did in ch. 7. One scenario I think would be wickedly hot would be Mel stumbles across someone or a group getting chased by drones and Mel gets to play hero and "rescue" them and then we get revel along with Mel when she betrays these girls and gets them droned. Maybe she acts a little like Erin and decides to get nasty with the newly converted drones. What I think is great about this idea for a scene is it could happen at any time and wouldn't disrupt the plot moving forward like the other ideas I've shared potentially could.

Yet another idea is working part of Tabico's "Synth" into this universe. As in it would be more than just Niobe working for the Hive on television so first the hive starts putting subliminal programming into their shows and then slowly propaganda of the "everything is fine, don't worry about the hive, the hive means you no harm" variety, and finally implanting triggers in their audience so then we get scenes of drones going from home to home, activating those triggers.

Finally, my last few ideas transition more to Uzobono's half of the series, as in including superheroes. I don't know why Tabico hasn't really included them but superheroes in this universe would be viewed as queens on a chessboard and would be sought by both the hive and other organizations. Psychics probably would be most highly sought because they could use their powers to detect sleeper drones quickly and the hive would obviously be interested in them too. I am assuming there's several dozen superheroes that exist in this city and it's not just Zephyr and the others we've met so far.
Anyway the idea of superheroes in this universe, fueled by Jon Doe's "Birdcage" series (I can't express how much I love those drone-like designs for the superheroes), I would think potentially a private company or something similar would abduct superheroes or trick them and cybernetically enhance them to resist means of hypnosis, similar to core officers, but also enslave the heroes, justifying it as the hive is the greatest threat and we need to be sure no one turns on us.
The last idea I had was combining several of these ideas into a story involving a school club working with a few heroes to study how the hive drones people. This group would capture a grey drone at a time and experiment or maybe dissect it to figure out how they hypnotize people and convert people. One thing could be like they believe going in any drone can convert anyone else into a drone and its not just controller drones (is that right?). But slowly they develop tech to counter the hive's visual and audio means of subduing and decide to go more public with fighting the hive and maybe on track to come up with their own vaccination. Of course, the hive does notice their drones missing and decide to take this nuisance down. Which could go in a multitude of ways. The authorities this group tries to report their findings to turn out to be with the hive and convert the ones there and then go back to the unsuspecting remainders. Or maybe one of the students meets Yuen/Erin and becomes a sleeper who then either opens the doors to their base to the hive or is given shots to inject her friends and herself with. Or maybe one of the heroes in the group is a psychic and the hive has a means to counter that by reverse overwhelming her mind and then using her to subdue other heroes and then everyone else. Maybe they divert the plumbing so that they fill the drinking water in the base with nanites and as people drink water, they turn into drones. The main thing is to show the hive being so casually prepared for such a thorn in their side and convert everyone with brutal efficiency.

Wow that was a lot, and I just wanted to share this.
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I'm a bit lazy, but your questions about your performance are irrelevant. Just one answer is correct: marvelous
Your imagination is better and bigger than mine, so surprise me. You proofed your skills and I like the outcome on each and every page. I don't want to influence you in any way with requests or remarks.
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I am compelled to obey.....
First off, thank you both for another excellent issue of CORE.

1. So many favourites to choose from:

- Bad Tammy – we’ve not really seen Tammy as a predatory figure, I liked this.

- Tammy wanting to be controlled – A twist of unexpected hotness.

- The Marquart scene – really neat idea, adding new layers to the Hive powers of subterfuge. Also, really liked the spread legs under the desk and high heels.

- Mel actively working for the Hive – a well-considered scene. Demonstrating how she can aid the hive, whilst teasing how devious she may be in the future.


2. A tough one. My interest predominantly is in the 3/4 – c/d range. With characters I really enjoy, I like the exploration of their ‘decent’ into total control and the internal conflicts that ensue. Favourite would be 4 C, probably.


3. - Would have been nice to have a single shot of Mel ‘kissing’ Rebekka, this would have nicely echoed the later scene with Rebekka and Y-CE.6.29.

- Mel being more hands on with the conversions.


4. - Are we seeing the CORE team becoming more open to the joys of illicit mind control (York and Tammy in particular), or is this just character growth?

- What is Hive planning, and how much control (direct or indirect) does it have over CORE?

- What is to be the fate of Sami, going to work at the Hive café, whilst possessing bio mind control abilities?

- I feel Melcthion can now theoretically trust Mel, but does she?


5. - Tammy’s eyes when she is put under by York.

- Haven’s wanted poster

- Sabine’s impression of the Licky-Worms

- Mel’s glance back at the downed drone.

- The acceptable sororitization options

- The Hsu - Chaz putdown.


6. It felt at its heart to be a great standalone episode, but one that expertly also propelled the overall story forward. It brought bio mind control to the fore of the overall plot. I personally wouldn’t what this to become too ubiquitous (at least not to quickly), but it certainly has great potential.

7. - Liking the relationship between York and Tammy, hoping to see where this leads.
- Would be interesting to see other characters interacting with Rebekka (and Mel when Rebekka is around).
- A story focusing more on Hsu would be really nice. Her character just gets better and better.

8. I’ve been thinking about this since Tabico brought it up. I guess I’ve come to expect the current setup and really enjoy it. Yes, with the first read super hot details and scenes may be slightly overlooked, but the joy of re-reading it (several times) makes up for this. I also think the long format worked well with the current issue, as the story could be effectively told in a single sitting. I feel it’s important for you guys to write in the way that works for you (and changes as needed). Personally, 100+ is an indulgent treat that I always love waiting for.

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Dollmistress|Hobbyist General Artist

1) Overall I think I appreciated the technical ambition and execution of the two briefing scenes. I think a minor trick was missed there - the opening of each scene could have been more closely aligned to resemble the other, for comedic comparative effect. There wasn't anything in the issue that stood out to me in terms of fetish factor, except perhaps the ending scenes underlining Rossi's current role in the story.


2) Hmm. firstly I would have included a 'class 5', which is when the host becomes an unwilling prisoner/passenger in their own body. Also for symmetry I'd slot "being subsumed" (i.e. what happens the 'The Thing') in as B, so B-D become C-E. Being subsumed is kind of a blend between A and C.


But ignoring me being pedantic, I think my league table would be:


1-B and 1-C




Then all the others about equal. I think type A tends to make the 1-4 factor redundant, since it almost always overrides those numbered categories.


Of all choices, I'd say type 3 (and my type 5) make for the most interesting writing opportunities. You get to portray inner voices, conflicted/changes beliefs and desires, etc.


3) That neatly leads on to this question - I think there could have been a little more attention paid to at least one character's inner monologue, to depict what's going on beneath the surface of an enslaved victim. Also it might have been cool to explain why the creatures had been developed, perhaps to create a bittersweet or twist ending where they were actually benign and trying to rescue humanity or their own captive relatives/queen, etc.


4) I've already mentioned this via PM - I think the way the denouement scene played out has limited Tabico's options for resolving Mel's sleeper agent character arc. She had the chance to do literally anything Hive could have wanted with Core's entire personnel roster, so care now needs to be taken when Hive's intentions are fully revealed. Also I'm wondering whether being possessed by the creatures has any longer term side-effects, even if just mild ones such as being slightly traumatised/embarrassed. The enduring impact on Tammy was a nice touch of this sort.


5) I really liked the ambitious ensemble scenes, the novel expressions (e.g. bottom right of page 19), the good use of organic/liquid effects and of course the fun misuse of 'sororitization' :D


6) I hesitate to use the term 'filler', because the issue didn't at all feel like it was delaying something everyone is waiting to happen. This was a great, self-contained 'day in the life' or 'monster of the week' story that I enjoyed a lot and was happy to see fully resolved in a single issue. It balanced the closed arc with side plots that developed character, Core's setting/world and kept longer term threads ticking over in the background.


7) First of all, be careful not to simply drop any particular plot thread because you think it's not working. That's a big error more recent TV shows make and it just smacks of lazy writing. Not that I'd expect you peeps to do that, but just mentioning since it's a pet peeve. Subversion can be fun, but there's a limit to the whole Joss Whedon cynical shock value thing.


I think Core could use a shake-up, but more because it would benefit you via opening up more creative opportunities. For example, maybe the base gets destroyed and the team is forced to operate out of somewhere else. Or an issue focuses on some of the group going on a trip that ends badly with them being forced to live in different surroundings for a while, moving things away from the usual urban setting. Or split the protagonists up into 2-3 splintered groups, designed to deepen relationships that haven't been explored much yet. Create a bit of strife, have a 'lower decks' episode that focuses solely on the secondary characters so we get to see how they view the main gals, rather than vice versa. Have the director leave for a bit so someone else has to run the place. Have a shorter 'bottle episode' that focuses solely on 2-3 characters trapped in a confined space. Or do the James Cameron thing and have part of an issue take place under emergency lighting so you can play around with everything for a run of pages being lit solely in shades or red, green or blue (be careful with red, JPEGs and DA are terrible with red artifacting!)


I know those are all well-worn tropes, but the 'Iron Man 3', 'Agents of Shield' or 'Wayne Manor has been burned down again' thing whereby you change the rules and break a character down to their essentials can be really useful sometimes.


I think that overall my suggestions are about advising you guys to not get burned out due to sticking to the same setting for each issue. Plus I really want so see you use more dynamic natural lighting, e.g. sunrises/sunsets.


Or hey, what about a focus piece where Mel or Tammy needs to escort a possible new recruit, and is forced to realise that person is their former self before descending into the whole wacky rabbit hole of Core.


8) I think 100 pages or thereabouts would be a good balance.

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Dollmistress|Hobbyist General Artist
I'm confused, where are the types of mind control outlined? I searched through Core #12 and can't find a list anywhere O.o
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Dollmistress|Hobbyist General Artist
Nevermind, I found it!

For anyone else who might have missed the info, it's outlined on page 74 :)
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1.  The points where infected characters licked their lips, full licks, lubing their mouths for the parasite to emerge, prior to attempting to infect others.  It highlights the weirdness in an infected individual.  People don't do that, like that.  Especially with an otherwise blank face.  That's really cool.

2. 3C/D, I think it's the most "typical" in MC stories and so I'm accustomed to it.  I think about William Lee's nylon parasites.  It's more or less 3C, but implies it transitions to either 1 or 2.  It's insidious.

3. So there's these infected individuals on the street.  How is the infection seeming to be so limited?  How can either Core or the Hive be so sure there isn't further parasitic infection coursing through the city, considering the parasites had appeared to already be reaching maturity in a lab full of parasites and infected?  We saw how fast it spread through Core.

4.  What wonderful things does the Hive have in store for our parasitic friends?

5. I mentioned the weirdness of the characters licking their lips in that manner.

6. I enjoyed the deviation: it keeps things fresh, if some items stick around it can add back to the list of cast as others are removed as drones.  If digressions like this happen again, I'd be happy.  And I'm just curious about what the hive intends to do with the worms.

7. I've become curious about Rebekka, and her potential role going forward.  If she's discovered by, say, Khan and Al-Farah, can they thereby control Melanie?  I'm not suggesting a plot, just thinking because it's interesting.

8. I think you were hovering around the 100 mark for most of the run to this point, and that seems a good number.  The last two core installments have ballooned to another 3/4 of that added.  If that's what it takes to tell the story you want, no one's going to complain.
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1. There are too many to count. This episode was a steady stream of everything that has made CORE great and made better by the inclusion of Tabico's famous parasitic mind control. The serial recruitment of each member of CORE was amazing to see, and within the scope of that recruitment Tammy being infected by Annarose was the hottest of the lot. Annarose luring Tammy in, being nonchalant and further disguising her true intentions with awakening Tammy's programming by Exis was one of the best scenes in the series, among many.

2. Type 1-1 or 1-2 would be my favorite and I would hope to see it implemented in some way. The total replacement of a person by a mind control method would be incredibly satisfying to read but only if it is a character we have come to care about. In the series with Haven and Drone 87001R, you made the reader feel the impact of the loss of a character with the takeover of that character by another actor. If that could be seen in CORE it would be an episode that would have no competition.

3. Melanie coming back to CORE to find everyone infected with worms was a plot hole I think that feels like it was missing a scene explaining why Sami and Melanie went back to CORE and why they were suspicious. The glowing bulbs I thought were a proper solution to the worms considering that they originate from where Sami and the other bunnygirls came from.

4. I believe that Melcthion knows Melanie is under the Hive's control, but my question is what is her long game? Exis was the only one that tried to control or attack a Hive and she was an expert and failed. If Melcthion knows about Melanie being a double agent, then why keep her in CORE? Another question that came to mind and was subtly hidden in this episode is that of the fallout from Exis looming over CORE. Chaz was uncomfortable with making out with Tammy and later on horrified with Lilix, and her personality is a far cry from what we saw with the original Lilit who had no qualms about seducing Nicole the first chance she had. The clones seem to be wildcards now that they are free, but they are still creations of Doctor Exis and Nicole was defeated by another of the systems Exis left behind. Where is the original Lilit?

5. The cameos by the cast of characters not present in the current episode always adds a touch of realism that the world outside of the story is still going on. The call between Guerin and Melcthion was done very, very well. I didn't notice it on the first read and thought it was weird she was naked, and was amazed that you put so much attention to detail in that scene. The drone giving orders to Guerin was an underrated gem.

6. This was similar to a one-shot episode that stands tall on its own, and that is heads above many comics. It could have easily been a filler episode where we did not get any progression with Melanie and the Hive and that was executed perfectly. The worm plot was immensely gratifying, and that Hive is experimenting with using bioweapons is sexy and terrifying. I would hope that we see the worms back again, if on a smaller scale, and used by Hive to gain control through other means that converting humans into drones.

7. Anything that is written. The story and setting keeps getting better and richer each episode, where many authors would become stale and repetitive. So far, each issue has increased the risk for the protagonists and the threats have become deeper and more personal. 

I would like to see Melanie come into the fold of Erin, Niobe, Phoebe and the rest of the Hive characters. Most of all, Melanie has a perfect body and it would suit Hive to improve it, perhaps making Melanie faster and stronger to compete with the CORE officers if the Hive needs to fight.

8. Do whatever you are comfortable with. It seems like this is a lot of work and both of you put in countless hours of work on it, and my vote is 75-100 pages. CORE #5 was shy of 100 pages and that was another masterpiece, and I think that would be a perfect length if you decide to turn out faster, shorter episodes.
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SoftSubmission's avatar

    1.  My favorite scenes. There are several that really stuck out to me for various reasons. First was the opener with York and Lillix. The art work here was great starting with the first panel with the good morning call out to the city. I love that way you have with that panel, showing a city street and very different looking habitues walking. It hearkens back to some other chapters where you seem to make the city itself a character, with all the detail and posters alluding to things and ultra modern, sinful things going on. It takes real imagination and skill to pull that off and you do it so well. So that first panel drew me in with the art. Then the very funny exchanges between Lillix and York were great. While this is a sexy and also horrific story about a very dystopian, scary place, all good writers know you have to infuse humor in a dark story to lighten it up. Too much darkness can be depressing. Look at the Classic movie Jaws, the screen writer knew just when to relieve the tension with some classic funny scenes, not forced ones, but ones that went with what was happening with the story of the movie. You and Tabico do nice job pulling off that neat trick in Core more than once.

Another is the scene between Rossi and Sami. It really endears Rossi to the reader how she always treats people, even someone who seems slow and is not physically beautiful like Sami, with respect and full attention and empathy. You can just see what a good person Rossi is both in what she says and and the expressions you give her. So kudos to both of you for making her this way. It as also interesting because Sami told her she will be working in place where Melanie met her new "lover" Rebekka. That is a big plot point and I wonder if it is way more than a coincidence. It also makes me wonder if there is a lot more to Sami and her ability than the slow, bumpkin character that she appears.

Another one was the licky worms taking over York and Tammy and the rest. It was just flat out super hot. especially the look on York's and Tammy's' faces when controlled. You are a past master at those looks and I'm sure have gotten a ton of readers hands in their pants looking at those faces. I know I have.

Another was Melanie, even though half controlled by the Hive still saving her friends from the worms. Was this a hive command? I don't know but I think it was just the real Melanie being herself. She cares so much for those she loves.

Then you had the other Melanie betraying those same people and not taking the Hatelaces where Melcthion asked her too. But more on that later.

Of all the characters you put under mind control I think Melanie comes off the hottest when under influence. From what I read many others feel the same. That is I think a combination of things, for one, her normal personality is just so thoughtful, so gentle, so caring. How many times has she cried over something bad? She is such a sweetheart. Yet when the Hive influence comes through her face changes into either a blank mask or a smirking, sometimes evil smile. The dichotomy here between the two is just so spectacular and so freaking hot. It also helps that Melanie is just plain smoking in the looks department.

Then you had Melcthion's chat with Guerin, even after she tried to betray and capture Melcthion. This relationship shows both will deal even with mortal enemies if they think it will serve their purpose. This also once again casts doubt to me about Melcthion's goodness. She seems willing to do anything to get where she wants to go, disposing of pawns or cutting deals with the devil. So what does that make her?

Finally the last chat at the end with among the Hive and their computer thinking girl Y-CE.6.29. It shows like Melcthion they are playing the long game. But a dangerous one for the Hive too. It also makes me wonder, can Melcthion, as smart as she is, stay ahead of this super connected intelligence that anaylizes an all probabilities? Kind of like trying to out think Deep Blue, right? What did they really think of Cores response to the Licky worm threat? Couldn't have been too impressed. They almost got beat if it wasn't for Melanie and Sami.

2. The Mind Control Types. This one is easy for me. Four and Three. The reason is because the base person, the real person is still there. But they have been influenced to have changed their desires in life. They may even think it is their own thoughts guiding them. But they like and obey their new thoughts and desire even to the point of totally changing their lives and betraying their loved ones. That just appeals to me and is hot as hell. Next is two because there still is a template of the original person. The last is number one, because it is really more total physical possession more than mind control. The original person is replaced, doesn't even exist.

3. What would I have liked to see that I didn't? Very easy, lol. And I'm sure if lots of the readers were honest with you they would tell you the exact same thing. Rossi interacting and being controlled by Rebekka. In my view there is nothing even as remotely hot or sexy as Rossi being under the influence of her new "girlfriend." I was hoping they would spend some quality time clubbing (where of course Melanie would be further programed, or working out in a gym together, (where of course Melanie would be further programed, lol ) and then maybe some time in one of their apartments. The teaser that showed Rossi in that dark, skin tight suit made my mouth water. I was um..really hoping......... You know.

Also in the updated bio you had Melanie doing yoga with an instructor who was really with the Hive and she was deepening Rossi. I thought we might see that in 12 too. I wan't to stress this was not a huge disappointment, pleasure postponed is pleasure intensified and I know plenty of that will be coming. The story was so interesting that I was captivated anyway. And York was super hot under the licky worms influence.

But the problem is you Uzobono, lol. You make Rossi so pretty, so gorgeous, then when she is under, often not even knowing she doing things under the influence, you have this way of giving her this dazed, lazy look on her face or this evil, sexy smirk it just begs for more!!! It is just is so damn hot. And I wanted it and I know 99 percent of the readers did too!

4. What questions has Core 12 left me with? Plenty as any good, intelligent story should. What is the role Sami will play? Is she already in cahoots with Melcthion? Is that why she took the job at the place where Melanie met Rebekka? Or does she have her own sixth sense that tells her Melanie is in big trouble and is that why she got in there? Or is the Hive behind it? Lots of questions there but you can see Sami is not a bit player.

Now let's move onto Melanie and the area where there is a problem with her large story line of being a controlled double agent. First off Tabico wrote Melcthion as a genius type character in the clock and dagger trade. Hell, just look at her bio. This woman has seen it all and survived it like few others could. She has this stuff down and she has to be paranoid on top of her intelligence. So there is no way on earth she trusts Rossi at all after she was taken by the Hive. For Tabico to make Rossi an effective double agent she would have had to have Rossi taken on the sly, not like she was where Melcthion and others knew it. The betrayal of Melanie to the Hive was a very dramatic moment in the story but it puts a huge crimp in any story line of Melanie being a surprise double agent to Melcthion. Now Tabico is a very savy smart writer so I strongly suspect she planned it that way and there are clues that Melcthion knows what's up, like her asking Melanie to take the Hatelacers to the jail. A test for her? Or did she want the Hive to have them? Did she do something to the Hatelacers in private as a strike against the Hive once they are converted? Good questions.

But here is the real rub when you go further down that path. The Hive is just as smart as Melcthion. So you see, because they know that Rossi was rescued from them and that Melcthion knows she was held by the Hive, they know Melcthion would not trust Melanie. So the Hive has to know that Melanie is in actuality useless as a double agent since Melcthion would not trust her for anything important and would use her to feed disinformation to the Hive. See the huge problem this presents for that entire plot line? Melcthion and the Hive both have to know Melanie is useless in any capacity as a agent for either of them.

Of course it is very possible that Tabico knew this and has a solution and interesting idea behind all of it.

5. The small visual touches and quips. Like I said, I just love how you populate some of the city shots with with electronic billboard or posters outside clubs or businesses. It gives it all such verisimilitude. It reminds me some of Blade Runner or Seven too how you also can really make some of the milieus so dark and dangerous looking.

The quips between York and Lillix were great. As were the ones between Lillix and the Hatelacer she found. Lillix was just dumbfounded by the Hatelacers actions and her responses were classic; when she started talking about spanking I laughed out loud. Great stuff.

The conversation between Rossi and Sami was terrific. Because of the amazing emotion you always seem to put in Rossi's face and how genuine and real their talk was. You can see at first Rossi was a bit uneasy being alone with the new comer Sami. But as time went on the gentle, caring Rossi won over and you could see a real connection between them grow. Terrific.

6. I had no problem with this story being a self contained unit. Sometimes you want full resolution. Some of the greatest series shows in the X Files or The Sopranos were self contained units. This story was fantastic. Fun, funny, exciting, pushed the plot forward and a bit of a departure from the straight linear story. Is there a scene I would like to revisit? Um, Melanie with Rebekka... and what they were doing there before you introduced their scene. lol. Hell yeah.

7. What would I like to see in future stories? Let's see....how about Rossi under control? Rossi with Rebekka. Rossi all dazed out thinking she is acting on her own but not really. Sorry Uzobono, I had to do it.

Well I always found the restaurant where Rossi met Rebekka very interesting including the cute drones that work there. I'm really looking forward to seeing more of it with Sami now ensconced there and see where that leads.

Of course I think we all want to see what's up with the Rossi-Melcthion-Hive nexus and exactly what kind of chess game is being carried out in that plot line.

Y-CE.6.29 was really going over Core. She said that there would have to be shifts is Core did not behave as desired. What shifts? That was kind of ominous. I also think Tammy, Hsu and Sami may be the ones to save Melanie if she can be saved. I have always been very partial to dark stories, like those the great Trilby Else wrote. Not many happy endings there. Given that and ss much as I drool over controlled Melanie you have made me like her so much, and Tammy and Hsu that I actually hope that somehow the defeat the Hive and Guerin and Melcthion too if she is indeed really evil hiding in sheep's clothing. Of couse Tabico also has written many dark, hopeless stories so if it goes the other way I will just enjoy the ride and get off to my dark kink more, lol.

I really like that character York. Very interesting and you can see she can be a huge asset to Core. And now it looks like she has teamed up with Tammy in a very intimate way. Will Tammy's desire to have York bring out her programmed kink again have a bad effect on her over time? Will their relationship cause problems for the others? I also see them becoming a frighteningly effect duo for Core. Both are so capable in their own spheres.

There are two questions always in the back of my mind: Where did the Hive come from and who is controlling it all the way at the top? Is it a mechanical queen or ruler or human? And if you destroy that ruler does it destroy them as a whole?

The second is Melcthion. Is she a force of good (or at least as good as it gets in this dark world)? Or is she using Core and its member as a guise to take down the Hive and any others and become the supreme mind controller and sheep herder of humanity?

These two questions are always there behind the curtain in every chapter.

One thing about this story unlike many others, you and Tabico do such a great job at keeping the twists coming that I really don't know where this is heading and to be honest, I don't want want even a hint until I read what you both put out. That's the fun of it.

8. What size issues. Uzobono, that would depend on how fast they can be released. The biggest problem with me is the seeming forever wait for the next issue. It seem like it's forever because you and Tabico made this story so damn interesting on top of so damn sexy that I really need to see where the plot is going as soon as I finish it.

So I would say this, I vote for the one that would let us readers get more every few weeks if that was possible, kind of like the stories on Metrobay Comix.

But I also understand this is not quick work and you and Tabico have lives to live. Also would quicker issues have less thought behind them because of time constraints to get them out? I would never want this great series to be compromised that way. So It is easy for me or others to say, yeah, more, faster! But we aren't taking the time to do it.

I'm sure you two will come up with the best formula to try satisfy fans requests and the constraints on your personal time. I just don't feel it is my place to tell you what you should do.

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