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CORE #12: Internal Affairs Full Comic



The *slick, *sexy*, and *mouth-watering*  issue of Tabico's CORE #12: Internal Affairs is here! The download link is on the right, as always :) (Smile).

This issue has been many, many months in the oven, and its a brand new outing for our heroines in CORE, dealing with a threat they've *never* seen before. If you're even a passing fan of Tabico's work, you owe it to yourself to check this out!

And as always, we'd absolutely *love* to hear your feedback! <3 We will have a CORE Questionnaire in the next couple of days for detailed feedback but don't be shy to post it here as well as there!

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on page 72 it mentioned about converting a male into a host, i would love to see how a male host would breed, would the balls inflate with eggs being implanted there or would something else happen i wonder...