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We were not meant to fly

I think that if you want a person to fly with bird wings, those wings has got to be pretty big, bigger than this. Angels are fascinating, sure, and pretty, but it can't be easy to be one. Imagine putting a shirt on - and walking! Walking hunched?

I don't think there are any good ways to fold wings on a human back and make it comfortable and natural as well as practical and pretty... At least not in real life. *duhrrrr*

I still like drawing wings. Matt has pretty wings. Flamingos are funny. Silly of me to say "Atavian". But wth...

And since everyone ask me, all the time: No, I have not read Maximum ride.
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Biologically, we're not made to fly. But proportionally, we are pretty well designed for using robotic bird-like wings.

According to the bird scaling equation wingspan = mass to 0.4 power, a 100kg winged human should have 6.3m wingspan. If you budget 2/3 for naked weight and 1/3 for equipment, and your BMI is 20 (healthiest), then height is 183cm, and winged weight makes you feel like BMI 30 (the line between overweight and obese, so not terribly uncomfortable). Wingspan is then about 3.4x height, which should most likely be possible to fit folded in vertical position, with hand wing length equal to height so they stick just a little above your head without dragging the feather tips on the ground. Distance from spine to wing wrist is then 0.7x height, which should fit just fine.

The proportions will have to be altered a bit from bird wings (shorter humerus, longer ulna) to get the wrist above your head instead of level with your shoulders, but probably will still work ok.

Due to the way BMI scales, the taller you are, the shorter your proportional wing length, so the easier it is to fit. Above 183cm/6ft tall should almost certainly work. Shorter will be more challenging.

Also convenient is that bird shoulders rotate much farther backward than humans (elbows touch behind their back), but they don't go forward nearly as far. So with wings on your back, as long as the rotation axis is offset away from your back some (which it naturally will be with robotic wings), they should reach around your shoulders ok. Biological avian humans would need something of a hump on their back.

As for clothing, obviously you'll just put your shirt on before the wings. But for fictional characters, I think open-backed shirts would work fine. With stretchy materials, you could just step your feet through the hole in the back and pull it up, and then pull the collar over your head and stick your arms through the sleeves. Stiffer materials would need either the collar or back to be tied or clasped or whatever.

I think if humans did have wings, they would already be naturally taller, because they would adapt. Correct me if I'm wrong, I am no scientist. :D

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in my mind they would be shorter for less drag...

and height = extra weight


this is outstanding work thank you
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  The issue of the angel's wings can take multiple turns. It is possible that angels have never had wings, but can appear to have them if they expect "that's what we want to see." If they did have wings its important to keep in mind that angel's are spirit beings and as such do not have physical bodies that obey the laws of gravity. And it is entirely possible that they can float/levitate and don't really need the wings at all...Although it is important to mention here that from the physical descriptions of angels in the bible, they would have been some frightening, freakish looking beings with multiple face, wings and eyes. Makes sense, I suppose, since God made US in his image, doesn't say the same for angels....
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love the flamingo wings you put on the human :)
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This is why my angels can retract their wings when they take human form, like a cat's claws.
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maybe angels dont fully fold their wings like birds do ?
Look at albatrosses having trouble folding them when they land.
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I wish I had these wings!
Angels probably have retractable wings for convenience. Or maybe they are smaller but really strong and powerful.
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This is so cool!! I especially like the flamingo wings, aha. Wink/Razz Seriously though, this is a beautiful study.
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OMG, PINK WINGS! I absolutely love your studies, even though we're not meant to fly wings are cool. I always imagined that winged humans or angels would have the ability to retract their wings and sprout at will, like cat claws.
I know how ya feel, man ._. Ritos from TloZ Wind Waker are my only comfort for they magically transform their arms into wings. That would totally do the thing.
Nice drawings, though))
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Would bat wings work better?
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dude, I get you. I go through all this effort of drawing a completely original character from an anime I'm working on, put it on the internet, and people are just like "oh cool is she a Maximum Ride OC."

asdfh;adsjf;ldashgjadshdfl;ksjsdja i'm going to f*cking murder someone the next time that happens.

But talking about humans with wings, I think bat-like wings would be the most realistic, cause we could scrunch up our wing-fingers to walk. That's a weird sentence right there.
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yeah, bat wings are biologically more possible

birds are not mammals and bats are

so IF some scientist decided to make winged kids it would most definitely be bat wings

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I'm over here like, What? What's the Maximum Ride? Sounds like a dropper ride at the carnival.
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I don't know either but apparently it's a book series about a kid with wings??? IDK man.
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OH HOW I WISH HUMANS HAD WINGS!!!!!!! you'd absolutely love the maximum ride series! about a group of winged teens running (and flying) from evi scientists!
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i love Matt's wing colors Llama Emoji-02 (Blush) [V1] 
What this Matt guy from?  Is it a book or movie?
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