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October 31, 2010
Thoughts on Wings by *AuroraCarina-chan is almost an anatomy class about fantastic winged creatures. Every detail is very well explained and put in a way that is easy to understand.
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Thoughts on Wings

So, I did a little wing thing (Or, I did this a long time ago but never bothered to upload it). I'm no wing-major, but I thought it was funny to do and that perhaps someone would appreciate it considering how effing difficult it is to draw wings...

So, here's to all of you who care! : D

Mattias, the main model of this little tutorial-thing, is mine. His wings aren't that rainbow-ish (They look like the orange-brownish plumage one of the miniature wingpairs). It's for the sake of clarity!

Enjoy! Or something.

Edit: D....DD? ;___; *tears of Joy* Thank yoooou!

And since everyone ask me, all the time: No, I have not read Maximum ride.
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0ViiV0's avatar

Thank you! This is exactly what i needed. I have so much trouble trying to draw wings, and this is so helpful!

JAMtherabbitgirl's avatar

You think its possible for reference for Butterfly or Pixie wings? I'm having some struggle on how they work lol :'3

Looks absolutely amazing! <3

EyweenaPterus's avatar
Did you know i really can fly?
Zedge-Draws's avatar
thank you! i normally struggle with wings so this really helps!
Evodolka's avatar
super well drawn and super helpful :D
Devu7's avatar

Hoo-ee! That's some guuuud shiiizzzz

Darkfury1087's avatar
This has helped me so much with wings in general! Thank you! ^^
cyborgagent017's avatar
Thank you so much for this, you have no idea! I have been trying to find some good diagrams and whatnot on how this could be possible and this was perfection!
Mininixpuppet's avatar
Thanks for this 

It’ll help me when learning anatomy and trying to braw my birds 
helliots's avatar
chaolids's avatar
I love how you explain the anatomy and the folding! It really helped me with drawung wings more realisticly!
Keep up the awsome work! ;)
lunamoon303's avatar
LB-Lee's avatar
Found this a long time ago, and it made a big enough impression that I came and tracked it down ages later to fix structural issues with a cover I'm doing.  Thanks much!
praxcrown5's avatar
Very nice!  The cute sketches between tutorial bits was a great touch. :D

foxxheart-chan's avatar
(sorry for menioning maximum ride) while reading MR, they mention that they can fold their wings and put some clothes on and WHOOP look like normal people. my nine year old self who already had an image on how big wings should be when folded just yelled bullshit and threw the book on my bed
Mistyswirl's avatar
Lol saaaame! I mean, c'mon James Patterson! And don't get me started on all the loose plot-ends in the second series.....
foxxheart-chan's avatar
oh gods, yeah.... *shivers*
rory-amy-pond's avatar
thank you so much this was really helpful ive been looking for info on wings. i always thought wings on people was a cool concept
LittleClouds45's avatar
This is really helpful. Thanks!
DragonsNeedToEat's avatar
This was really interesting xD Thanks!
Lulullia's avatar
Thank you ! This very help me and I will train and draw wings again and again to really have the tip ! 
StupidCupidMusic's avatar
this was very helpful thank you
ZephyrForArt's avatar
WOW!!! Just WOW
This is really helpful for a project I'm working on!
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