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Textures: Trading card backs


Not long ago, my grandmother and I looked through some of her stored away boxes and in them we found her old celebrity trading cards from (I think) the 1950s. She gave them to me so I could scan them – which I did! – but I realized that their backs were worth scanning too.

I use these kinds of textures from time to time (I love them) and feel you can't have to many. Furthermore: it's nice to do things like this yourself as they can be pretty expensive on stock photo websites. So here's my late Christmas gift for you all: a ~35mb zip file with 50 old card backs. I left the writing on those written on; I like the look of it.

Feel free to use these textures as you please, and if you find them useful, I'd appreciate it if you linked back to here so that more people that might want them can find them. Thanks <3 

Download for .zip file!
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I really appreciate this.

This is awesome!!

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:heart: Thank you so much!

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These are amazing ! Thank you so much ! :hug:

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Wow, these are so great! Thank you very much!

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these are fantastic!

Thank you so much! :)

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Thank you so much

Hi! Whenever I download the zip file and try to open it doesn't open. I'm not sure if this is an issue with the file or with me!

thank you! so nice.

Lovely. Thank you.

Where did you get that font ?

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Making a fan film for the release of FarCry5 and did a card series based on the promo cards for the in game characters. Only about 8 of the characters appear in the film but we just dressed some crew members to make up the rest :D
Untitled by steamkittens  
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Used here:  Sam in New York: Theodore London by charcoalfeather

Thank you!
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FINALLY!; Someone that has the right description for their product!... the number of awful child-like manga efforts I had to scroll through before this showed up!. Spot on!; Thanks!.
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Uhhhh i can see my OC´s on this Cards! Thank you! :teamo: 
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Thank you! These will come in handy for my photography/art work. Really interesting 1950's huh! ^^
These are so wonderful, thank you for sharing such a useful, high-quality resource. I used one of them here: eversoscrumptiously.wordpress.… Look for the vintage-looking studio frame in the Elements preview - it gets its truly vintage realism from your texture.

You are credited and linked to in the credits page that accompanies every download.
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