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This is under construction, but hello & welcome to my page!

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My Bio
LGBTQ Friendly Account stamp
Stamps: Pedophiles aren't people.

- I own the tribe "Beastwings"

- Aegosexual/Asexual. Ace solidarity.

- In a fully committed relationship with a partner and boyfriend who supports and accepts my lifestyle.

- I am against any/all negative representation of the LGBTQ+ community. It impacts me. I will not tolerate:

- Gatekeeping of any kind

- Improper use of terms/words (WORDS HAVE ORIGINS, LEARN THEM)

- Harmful behavior and/or attempted normalization of things like abuse, z**philia, and p*dophilia, and r*pe.

- I will not tolerate hostility/aggression towards allies. Stop being ignorant.

- Erasure

I will fight you if you engage in any of these things.

Favourite Visual Artist
HanyoutaiKyoushu, AuldBlue, IgniteTheBlaize, xTheDragonRebornx
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Kaspar, this is what we want from you; We want you to never contact us again. Never mention us. Never bring us up in a conversation ever again. You are not to converse with us or try to converse with us through a third party. If you are asked about us, you do not know us and never have. You are to leave every single user in the document alone, you are to ignore us should we exist in the same space as you, you are not to so much as *hint* at knowing us or having any past history with us. You are to get real, professional help for your undiagnosed severe narcissistic personality disorder and take a long break from the internet to reflect upon the things you've done and the people you have hurt and continue to hurt. You are also to come clean regarding every single lie you've ever told about everyone in this document. You are to admit to every single fault genuinely and without playing the victim card. You are to tell the truth, and nothing else. Because your interpretation of the
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