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Reddit twisquint emote vector, from Applebuck Season, about 12:00. [link]
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I blame Pinkie Pie. Only thing I can think of.
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FYI, I just used this vector in a comic. I hope you like it.…
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Something catches the suspicion of Twilight Sparkle about the new pony family in Ponyville - little details that normal ponies couldn't see, but she could tell. And Celestia be willing, she will get to the bottom of it...
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hope you like it because you helped it happen [link]
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I used this while I was making this:


Not everything I used originally made it into the final draft of the comic, but I did use it at some point so I wanted to give credit where credit is due!
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Well done on the comic! :-) Thanks for letting me know.
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Thank you, and you're welcome! I could not have done it without your vector so thank you for letting me use it.
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exelent work!
( i'm "hunt" fot the emotions and physiognomies, because i wrote/draw a comic. Idea-paper sketch-illustrator. For now I'm even than paper. I'v got 15 pages. If you want to see, please send me a note.)
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Thanks! I'll let you know.
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How come there are almost no trolls on deviantART!?
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It is pretty easy to remove comments and block users. I don't imagine that trolls would last too long here.
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It's pretty easy to create new accounts too.
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[](/b17) ...i like it
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Nice, I love how many expressions twilight sparkle has in the show. Actually every character has lots, but twilight seems to have a look for every possible situation.
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Nice and clean vector. Good job. :)
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[](/fluttershh)It's actually twisquint... awesome though, I love that look.
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Oops. I should edit the title for correctness then.
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