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Lyra Harpflank Running

Yes, I know her name is Lyra Heartstrings, not Harpflank. Vectored this from the Applebuck Season episode.

I'm going to suggest right now that you read the fan fic Background Pony if you haven't already: [link] It is excellent. [link]
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Mlp Base - Lyra Hearthstrings Running by PrincessRainbowDream
I made a base, İf that's Ok.
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May I use this for a base?
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Sure, no problem!
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Thanks so much! I'll be sure to link back.
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used it here for about 2 seconds^^
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I want to give proper credit. I used this image in my review of the MLP season 5 animatic. Here's a link to it. *WARNING, the video contains spoilers from season 5*.…
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I have used your vector here:…
and credited you in it
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used here: [link] thanks for the great vector!
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Love the comic! :-)
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Give her the hoodie. :D
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Already finished said story. It was a brilliant masterpiece. This here is pretty darn good too. =P
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Background Pony FTW!
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Love that story ^^ In the middle of chapter XIX
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