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r9kElsa is ignoring Anna

So I finally got around to reading the famous r9kElsa is Suffering fanfic.

Here's Anna's POV - she drew her sister the way Elsa spent all her time - sitting at her computer, trying to ignore Anna's existence.

I tried to draw it so that you can just barely see Elsa's loneliness and sadness. Can you see it?
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I really like this drawing, body proportions, profile, hair, slender hands...
This drawing takes on Elsa to our modern times.
I just wish the Queen does not absorb the defects of our time and taught us to behave with dignity in any situation.
I want She was still a character from a fairy tale, but with the knowledge that She is somewhere near.
Is it possiible to show?
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Thank you, it's nice to be appreciated :).

IIRC in the fic she had quite some defects to her, but otherwise it would be hard to write a realistic story I guess.. but she definitely keeps her personality, especially when contrasted with Anna.
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Such an amazing pose!! And yes, I can see, someone lost in her world trying to ignore, with a stoic and emotionless face... stunning work :)
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Thank you, I'm glad you like it :D.. it works best of course if you remember the original fic..actually did you read r9kElsa is suffering?
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Eheh, it was my first fan fic, and literally ripped my heart. From that I stopped reading the fan fics in which they are sisters XD
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Yeah, it was really heartbreaking at times, but also sweet :D. How did you like the ambiguous ending?
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Well, I was sure that it wouldn't have ended in a lovely fluffy way, so that end was the only one possible. Bittersweet in a certain way
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Yeah, a fluffy ending would have been out of place, though I was at first surprised that it somehow felt like it didn't end at all, kind of a non-ending, frankly. But bittersweet would also describe it :).
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I like this ! It looks simple but i wouldn't be able to draw it  ;D 
And just like you said . Her sadness isn't that visible since she's not showing any emotions . But you just know she's not happy , rather sad . 
I would pull my hair out if i had to draw such a pose x'D

Oh , oh ! I've seen the movie y'know :D I LOVED IT !
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Thank you so much, I really appreciate your kind words :).

It's kind of strange that the pose seems more complicated now when I look at it, than how it seemed when i was drawing it. It's usually the other way around :D. Maybe it's not so difficult, it just looks that way because of the layers it creates. It was tough fitting her on the seat and under the keyboard though, and it still can be seen that her leg isn't exactly where it should be under the keyboard (though it's not immediately obvious).

Thank you again, and I'm glad you enjoyed the movie, I really loved it too :D.
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Ahah you're welcome !^^

So you didn't use a reference ? Well i understand what you mean but yea it's mostly the opposite way . I never really had that (i think xp)

The thing i liked the most was that it wasn't like most disney movies . You know what i mean then ;D
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Actually I'm not sure what you mean, at least not specifically ^^;. What makes the movie exceptional for me is that it's about the sisters' relationship, not romance - even Kristoff is secondary to that. And that Elsa doesn't have a guy at the end and that it's OK. Of course there are other things about it that are great, but this is what makes the movie special for me.

I see it now even more when comparing it to Tangled, which I've only seen recently. It's not that Tangled is bad, I've enjoyed it too, but compared to Frozen, it's mostly a classical Disney romance.
HyomiArt's avatar
hahah that's what i meant ^^
I liked that about it too . In almost all Disney movies a princess or whatever meets a guy and become a couple . Frozen wasn't like that .

I can't say something to that since i haven't seen Tangled (yet)
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Tangled's fine too, so you should watch it if you have the chance..though personally as I said of these two I prefer Frozen :D.
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Well i'll ask for the movie soon ^^ 
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I hope you liked the story enough to keep drawing it :D:D:D
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Yeah, I really liked it, and actually it was your cosplay that kind of convinced me to give it a try, so thank you for that :D.

And if you mean whether I'll make drawings for other parts of the fanfic, I'm not sure. :iconasameshii: did a great job of illustrating the most interesting parts, and I wouldn't want to just do the same.. but I do have another idea, I'll see if it works out :).
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RP Face: Super blush Oh gosh, oh goodness Kusakabe Covers Face Icon  *dies from unknown feeling*

I actually like when different artist do various scenes of the same story. No one pictures it the same so it's always interesting!

I say go for it! :D
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Don't tell me you've never been thanked before ;P.

Yeah, I know what you mean, I actually like it too, seeing it through different eyes :).

I'll do my best :D.
Kitaronicus's avatar
Not for a cosplay haha

I look forward to your future works n_n
uxv's avatar
I also look forward to any cosplay you might do in the future, you looked great as r9kElsa :D.
Kitaronicus's avatar
Thanks so much!

I do have more Elsas planned n_n
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I can see it, because it shows nothing. Her face shows no emotion, and I through that I can tell that she's sad.
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You're right, it doesn't show anything. I tried to draw her as an introvert. You won't see anything on Elsa's face, even if she's hurting inside.

Thank you for your comment :).
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