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Kingdom of Hate Ch.3 (interactive fiction/Frozen)

Kingdom of Hate Ch.3 - Southern Fires - the third chapter of my interactive fan fiction story.

Play it here:

And a preview of chapter 4 at the end :).

If you didn't play the first two chapters, you can start here:
(the chapters are connected)

Sorry it took so long from the last chapter, hopefully the next one won't be taking so long, because the story is still just getting going.

Let me know what you think :D.

Disclaimer: I used googled photo reference for Anna's face and some inspirational pictures for the background.

Edit: I fixed a bug that caused the game to hang on Chrome when loading, sorry about that, please tell me if you find other bugs.
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Usually there are no movies on DVD or BR with alternative scenes, despite the fact that there are technical possibilities.
It turns out that clever author has done much more than the big companies!
The participation of the reader is possible in this story, and it is great!

the whole story will be narrated only from
Anna's point of view?
uxv's avatar
Yeah, it would be way too expensive to do it in serious movies this way, but there is a "choose your own adventure" in both books and games with FMVs, so this isn't really that unique :). But thank you :).

The story is only narrated from Anna's POV, yes. I don't know if I'll ever be finishing it though, no ideas at the moment :).
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I hope that all the options are safe and it will not be able to lead to the death of Anna by making the wrong choice.

I have an idea to add another level of interaction.
If you select incompatible with the spirit of Anna, She will critique it - eg. "I would did not this way, but unknown force compels me. So I'll try ...."
uxv's avatar
So far they are all safe, I agree that it could be frustrating if there were choices which would just end in failure. Of course, there should be various outcomes, not just all good ones.

Yeah, I guess that could work but I imagine people would choose those just to see how Anna reacts, trying to make it as Out of Character as possible, instead of choosing what they think is the best choice.
Also such a thing would be "Leaning on the fourth wall" - meaning the story knows it's just a story and acknowledges this is just fiction. It's not a bad thing, but so far I didn't choose that style, I don't think it would work too well unless you're going for a light-hearted comedy.
Anjona's avatar
I don't usually read fanfics (I guess it's just not my thing), but I like this one! And I dig the interactive idea. I mean I like almost everything interactive. Great work! :D I'm waiting for the next chapter :D
uxv's avatar
Yay, thank you :D.. I don't read most fanfics either and I like interactive stuff too :). Though this story is barely interactive - turns out it's hard to tell a story and give the player choice at the same time :). I made some progress towards the next chapter, but the core of the story still eludes me ^^;.. no telling when it will be done, or if at all.
Anjona's avatar
I can imagine! Well, sometimes the illusion of choice works just right. Unless you're making big and multi-ending story I guess. And well, take all the time you need, I'm not going to pressure you or something. :D Sometimes we have to rest from some projects for a while. And by the way, did you consider creating some kind of visual novel for this fic or completly from scratch? It could be fun I think.
uxv's avatar
I think you're right about the illusion of choice - sometimes that's all you need :). But even with multi-ending stories there's only a few choices that really matter, within the whole game, and you only find out at the end. In this story I generally tried to keep at least 2 parallel story lines the player could choose, sometimes 3. Even that means the writer has to write 2-3 times more than the reader sees :).

I did consider a comic yeah, and it would definitely be possible to make it kind of interactive too. But it's too time consuming, especially considering you now have to DRAW 2-3 times more :D. And I'm a slow artist ^^;. The more time I spend on a piece the better it gets, so my quickies are usually crap.. but what I seriously thought about was background music, changing depending on the story. That might not be so difficult and it could help the mood :).
Anjona's avatar
Well, more work indeed, but the results are beautiful :D Sure, whatever you feel ready for. :) And cool idea with the music, it's always something more! :P
uxv's avatar
All right, thank you :D.
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Ok, I read that piece of chapter 4 and I HAVE TO ASK IT, is this gonna turn out to be a hanna fanfic? If so, just send me a message, please, I don't wanna read something I won't like (but btw, your fanfiction is great 'till now)
uxv's avatar
This fanfic will only contain canon ships, which basically means just Kristanna :). I don't think it's a spoiler, because the focus isn't romance. Even if it was, I would make it so that the player would get a choice who should be with Anna and there would be a disclaimer in the description - shipping is serious business :D. And thank you :).
Espanholina's avatar
Thank you so much for answering me :D , I can't count how many times I already have read a fanfic that contains shipps I don't like, and I read their descriptions, those authors just couldn't put what pairing they were writing it for, that made me so mad! Boy, shipping is definetly a serious business... Well, again, thank you I can't wait to see the rest of your fanfic, it's been really fun!
uxv's avatar
Writing romance fanfics without pointing out ships beforehand doesn't even make sense to me :shrug:. People usually only have feels for some pairings so it's easy to imagine that they're disappointed when their OTP doesn't happen. That's probably why it's standard to declare ships on in the header :).
Espanholina's avatar
I know, it makes me so anoyed
andies098's avatar
It's great. I never read fan fictions, but this one was really entertaining from the beginning. When are you planning to realease next chapter? :) Can't wait.
uxv's avatar
Really? thank you for the praise :).

It's tough to tell about the next chapter, I've started work on it, but haven't really been progressing lately. I really should develop a solid plot in chapter 4, since I don't want the story to have more than 4-5 chapters overall, but I don't have any good ideas right now ^^;.
andies098's avatar
Yes, really :). You're welcome. Just take your time, all the good things to those who wait, right? I was just curious, I can promise already I won't miss it. ;)
uxv's avatar
Asi mas pravdu, este raz dakujem za pochvalu :D.
HyomiArt's avatar
This was great !! I really loved the different ways to go ! I have only read it once . But i already think it was really good . Do they actually all to the same end ? Ah i'm really curious what's going to happen next >~< Can't wait ! 

You must have wrote a lot O_o I wouldn't be able to do that and have enough ideas . 
uxv's avatar
This time they actually have all the same ending, no matter how you got there (there are two ways to get there though, basically). Frankly I'm still struggling with storytelling vs. letting the player make meaningful choices, they still seem at odds with each other, maybe that's how it just goes ^^;.

I did write quite a lot, chapter 3 was around 30% longer than chapter 2, as far as all of text goes (of which you will probably see around a half during each playthrough). Maybe you would be able to do it too, it's mostly just writing and then some text management around it (to ensure every player choice has the correct text etc.). So if you can think of a story, you would probably be able to do it too :).

Thank you so much for your comment, I really appreciate it  Bro hug !
HyomiArt's avatar
great ! ^^ 
Well i guess it's kind of a disadvantage in making a interactive fiction ^^; But it will get easier i think after a while ^^ If you're going to write more of these of course .

woah ! it might not seem much but i believe it is !! O_o 

Actually when i think about it . If i would write a story ? Hmm like about Mayu . And the scene where they interrogate her about the money , where we spoke about . It would be a great idea to make that part interactive . But i'll wait , and we'll see. It's not a decision you can make in a snap . And i'm not that great at writing ^^;

D'awwhhh ! Let me hug you! hug EXO : ChenKai Hug  
uxv's avatar
I will write part 4 definitely, I've already started.. there is also a problem that gets worse with every chapter - I want the player's choices to have impact on the story, but if you start at chapter 4, how does the game decide what happened before? It's not just how the previous chapter ended, there are other events, like "did Anna get slapped by Sarge?". The game can remember those.. but only during one playthrough. You would basically need to "load" a "save" point from chapter 3, like in games. Oh well, I'll figure it out somehow :D.

I would love to give you the ability to use the system I made to write your interactive story, but it's not so simple as just writing it, you could get frustrated by it.. and publishing it for other people is another somewhat difficult step (you have to have "web hosting", I could help you with that too) but if you want I will write a simple tutorial of how it works so you can try it out Lovely Shoujo Emoji (Huggy Hug) [V2] .
HyomiArt's avatar
Oh :c and it will get more worse . Since only certain things happen in one play-trough right ? You'll have to make more play-troughs then ? Well i already wish you lots of luck with it  Hug  Frozen hug ( just had to do that one x'D )

Oh ! but wait with that tutorial ^^ I won't start the story yet . Not in a while even . I'm not good enough in English yet ^^; But thanks for the offer !! <3
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