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Kingdom of Hate Ch.1 (interactive fiction/Frozen)

This is an interactive fan fiction - a story which you can influence by making decisions for the character, in this case Frozen's princess Anna.

Here's the link to the first chapter of the story (one playthrough takes about 5-10 minutes, depending on whether you want to see all the options):

There are joking references to other ships (Kristelsa, Elsanna and Jelsa), but so far the only serious ship in this story is Kristanna, since I plan to make this story mostly true to the canon.

Also, I'm going for a realistic, somewhat dark style, but there will be no excessive violence or mature themes.

Did you like it? Did it work on your computer/tablet? Do you like the writing style and the (somewhat) interactive format?

Update: I added a chapter title image
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I really liked the whole idea of this. You write very well and clearly. I was definitely interested and I think you did pretty well at capturing the characters personalities. The little 'cameo' reference to Jack Frost in Anna's dream was adorable.
It's interesting that you catch new tidbits if you go back and choose different responses too. Very fun and clever~!
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Wow, thank you, it's really nice of you that you took the time to check it out :D. The style that you choose other answers and get a slightly different story, that's exactly what I was going for :).

It could be expanded, that the player really influences what happens in the stories, it's just too bad that I don't seem to have enough ideas (or motivation?) to continue the story beyond chapter 3. But still, thank you :).
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O_O Amazing idea, I love it!
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Thank you, I'm really glad you liked it. Thanks for the fave and watch too :D.. there're also chapters 2 and 3 available here, but I've kind of hit a speed bump on chapter 4, no good ideas I guess ^^;, still thank you for your appreciation :D.
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You're welcome :) 
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OMG this is amazing!
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Thank you :D!
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Oh, I absolutely adore it! :la:
I really liked the story, it was fun to read - and the idea is amazing! How did you do that? O.o
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I'm SO glad you liked it :D.

The "game" itself is a program, written in the programming language Javascript, so it runs entirely in your browser. The type of the program is a "script interpreter", which means the program works by reading a text file (a "script") and doing what is written in it. The script has commands like "now display this text", "now give the player options A, B, C", "if the player chooses A, display this text", "if the player chose A at the start of the story, display this text and give these options".

I thought of giving people the option to write their own scripts/interactive stories, but I'm not sure if anyone would actually want that, because it's not as simple as writing a linear story, you have to have specific skills to write it, most people would probably just get frustrated ^^;.

Thank you for your comment :).
denoodled's avatar
Oh, that would be a great idea! :happybounce: Well, at least for me. :D I bet it's quite difficult, I'd love to try, though. So, if you ever do something like that, I'll definitely be up for this. :)
I've just finished checking every option in chapter one and I'm going to read the second one. :)
I really like the way you described characters, their behavior fits them so well! :D
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I'm glad you checked out the options, once you write your own scripts you'll see it's actually a lot of work to write the extra parts, the parts that most people probably won't even see :).

There are also some parts that stay the same, in both chapters, since as a writer you have to make sure the player knows certain things at some point of the story..

Thank you also for the praise about the characters, I really like to hear that you think so :).
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OK, I think I will prepare a resource package along with a tutorial to help people write their own scripts. This will still need some skill on the part of the script writer, but maybe people will be able to do it.

I'm not sure when I'll get to it, since I'm still making changes in the program itself as I continue the story, so it might be better to wait when it's more mature.

A different way would be for me to program a whole development environment, a webpage (like DA) where you would log in and create your stories for people to see.. but that would be a lot of work, especially if I wanted to make it accessible and easy to use for most people..
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I like it :) even if i haven't seen the movie yet ! What i like the most about it is that it's interactive . And not just a story . We can choose what happens next and that's so much more fun then a normal story .

And the second the second thing i like about it , is that it's a 'darker' version. Life isn't always at it's brightest , so that makes the story more interesting .

I didn't pay attention to the writhing cuz' if i understand it it's good and i'm not the best either at writing English ^^;

Again ! I like it very much !! :D   
uxv's avatar
Thank you so much :D!

I'm very glad you liked it, even if you haven't seen the movie (though, as with any fan-art, it would be better if you'd have seen it). I will try to make the next chapter even more interactive, so that the player has the feeling of really creating the story :).

I'm a bit wary about how dark I can make it, since it's originally a family movie and it wouldn't fit to write mature themes (also many DA users are not actually adults), so I will try to keep it somewhat realistic, but still mostly child friendly.

Thanks again :).
HyomiArt's avatar
:D no problem ! 

i surely did ! Yea i believe it would be better if i would have seen the movie ( My dad isn't into Disney movies so yea... we never watch 'em ^^; ) Well i can't wait for the next chapter , this one was already really good ! So if the next one will be even better and more interactive  . I will surely read it :D .  

Hmm..yea , but you could make a kind of second option chapter for adult XD dunno' 
But very little violence isn't that bad either . Every child has at least seen or bin into a violence encounter . So just a slap on the cheeks isn't that bad isn't it ( even most children have gotten one at least once in their life . And it's not like little children are going to reed this tough . More like tweens / teens and adults  :) 
But of course do with your story what you want to do with it . :)

uxv's avatar
Yeah, I can already say there will be mention of violence and some other stuff, but both are just mentioned/implied, so I think people within DA ages will be able to handle it.

Your idea with a child-friendly/adult option sounds interesting though, I just implemented some features which would enable me to do such a thing. Though I'm not sure if I'm willing to go through the trouble, because I think almost all people will just select the adult option (because they're curious) and if they find something they find offensive, they will still complain :D.

Thank you for your advice, I really appreciate it :).
HyomiArt's avatar
Well yea , if it isn't too much it's good . And if they don't like it , well then they don't like it . Their will always be people who will like your story no matter what kind of violence and 'other stuff' appears in your story . 

Hehe kinda sounds like me . I would read the adult option ( out of curiousness and i have readied mature story's before Blush , so it's no taboo for me anymore the same for violence ) . I'ts still your choice :) you shouldn't go trough all the trouble just for that . And people will always complain about something , so that doesn't really matter =P (Razz) 

:) (Smile) no problem . you help me so i should help back ! ( even if it doesn't really help ^^;
uxv's avatar
You're right, some people will always complain, no matter what :). I'm just trying to keep a healthy balance, to not "corrupt the youth" (at least not too much :D). I know it's my choice, and I will make it and stand by it.

I value your opinion and it does help :).
HyomiArt's avatar
hehe 'at least not to much ' :3 :D 

I'm happy i could help you ( even if it's a little :)
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The story seems interesting so far, and I'd like to see where it is taken. The language can be worked on, though, as it comes across as slightly awkward at times. In my opinion, however, I feel that there is too little to it to be judged yet. A sapling cannot be judged as a tree, after all.
Do let us know when you update it, though, as I am intrigued by the format and the story.
Good work.
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Heh, I guess you're right about the language.. I usually have no problem expressing myself, but with this story every time I re-read it, there was something to fix up. It may also be due to the medium, since all the text parts have to make sense together, no matter how you assemble them. But maybe I'm also just not that good at writing (yet) ^^;. But point taken, I'll work on it.

I also agree on it being very short, that's also partly because I pretty much have to write 2.5-3 times more than every playthrough gives you. This one was also mostly just to try out the format, the following chapters will likely be longer, and also slightly different, in how the "game" behaves, since I'm doing enhancements to the story engine as I write the story.

Thank you very much for the encouraging feedback :D.
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