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Ziarah hadn't done anything for a while after the attack for the statue happened, on hearing about the request from Chelle for test subjects she decides to do so she found out what the Head professor said about the side affects were true.
"So um what did you say this would was supposed to do again?" Ziarah asked the professor.
"Its was supposed to give whomever drinks it, powers of a water type, but as says before, we aren't sure. So of you don't mind testing this for us. But you might have to wait a bit befo-" she was cut off by the Meowstic. "I could do aqua jet!?" she says then taking the vile and drinking it down.


"Oi, h-h-hi Velvet." Ziarah comes walking up to the place where the group of Pokemon called there home.
Velvet comes walking up to ZIarah. "Heya Zia, hey why are you shivering?
"Oh, I-I- just took a job from the Errand b-b-broad." She then let out a slight grown as her belly made growling sounds.
"Whoa, you ok there Zia?" she looks at Ziarah with concern.
"Hey, where is T-t-tia?" Ziarah asked.

"I think she said, her and her teammate were going to the Errand board today too." she said titling her head.
"Oh.... boy, I-I bet they took tha-" the Meowstic then sneezed at a tree as ice came out her mouth.
"Ice!?" Velvet said confused.
"O-Oh is that them?" Velvert turns to the direction of the voice, Ziarah holding her arms together shivering also turned around.
Xestiria and a panchum came into view "Oh please, Your hair always covers your eyes and you could see then!" she rolled her eyes, her hair was a lot longer and curled everywhere. While the panchum was basically a walking hair ball with ears and a cloak.
"Yyyyup..." Ziarah said as she sneeze out ice again, she was also slightly more of a lighter blue than normal.
"Dude, what the heck happened to you guys?" she asked all 3 of the Pokemon.
"I mean I know you 2 have long fur but this?" she looks at Xetiria and the Panchum.
"You tested the potions didn't you guys." Ziarah said shiving.

Xestiria nodded as the Panchum complained "It was HER dumb idea..." he said.
"I-I-I guess you g-g-guys have to wait on the m-m-medics too huh." Ziarah said as she sneeze out ice again at a tree.
Xestiria sighed "Yup, though it isn't that bad for me...seems like the opposite for you though" she said, directing that statement to Ziarah
"Y-Yeah, I got the side effect of type c-c-change, and I think m-m-my fur is also a different c-c-color too." she said holding her arms together shaking.

"That must suck" Xestiria said "It's kinda obvious what side effect we got from mr. whiny over here" she points to Paendeo
"Oh, that stinks, but hey its not that bad as ice breath." Ziarah says as she shivers some more.
"Wait if I become a member of a guild, I'll have to be a lab rat!?" she said in some shock.
"O-O-Oh it isn't that bad, they most likely only do this unless there sure no one dies for the side effects." Ziarah says with confidences, and then coughs up some ice shards.

Velvet looks at her oddly. "How do you know if they are really safe, I mean there making you guys test them, why not themselves?" Ziarah crosses her arms still shriving from the cold she felt.
"W-Well, whats the f-f-fun in life if you don't take some r-r-risks for rewards." she said making a smirk still shaking, she knew what Velvet was saying was right but it had been for money mostly so a little discussed didn't bug her much.
"B-B-Besides, the stuff you do in the big missions is a lot tougher than some old belly ack and long fur."
"Eh... Well the money must be good, how much they pay you guys to do this." Velvet ask.

Ziarah looked at Xestiria with a awkward look. "um..."
Xestiria sighed "We got one star coin from it."
Velvet just stands there looking completely dumbfounded.
"W-well you got to make some money somehow right?" she said with a sheepish laugh.
"oooookkkkkkkk" Velvet just turns around a walks away.
"Oh c-c-come on Velvet, you mean you wouldn't do it for m-m-money." Ziarah says.
"NOPE~! You'd have to pay me to be dumb before I try that first!" Velvet says back to her friend.
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