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A part of me wishes to be active around these parts. It's been 15 years of lurking at and learning from other deviants. This space feels familiar, nostalgic and almost safe from becoming another mere cloud where you have to pay, pay, pay to submit.

We've all moved onto other platforms... most of them managed by the same company who uses annoying algorithms and misuse of data. We, as a whole chunk of creatives trying to find our place globally, complain about such things yet we keep posting on those social media apps like a plague. 

I miss writing, a lot. Back in the days blogging gave me purpose, even if no one was reading. (Talk about self care.) Here's a 12am word vomit in the vein of those irreplaceable livejournal days, with barely any proof reading as I would so often work in my now deceased blog.


"You cannot build a house for last year’s summer." — Ethiopian proverb

Tonight, I'm at the place where it all started. I was 15 years old.

Everything has changed.

This city is not what it used to be and yet fifteen years ago, I wanted to escape from this place. I knew there was a certain chaos hiding between the walls. In fact, the economical crisis of the country was already a relevant forecast. Ironically, not the hasty global warming.

I believe it is natural for things to transform over time and I've learned to adapt quickly among distressing situations, yes. But all of a sudden the planet keeps spinning and one starts to loose pace. 

I've lost material belongings that may or may not have had a special meaning. I've lost memories. Hundreds of megabytes have disappeared from my disks and sight. Now-a-days, if there's no picture nor entry it didn't happen. But perhaps our brains choose to capture information and tuck it away at the dark side of our moons, lingering and waiting to be explored.

Sometimes I pour the essence of ideas into a sketch or a photograph. So that my head becomes lighter, and thus I can keep on absorbing information. It's very important to never stop learning, to always find newness.

I haven't lost the feeling of the forest or the laugh at the coast. I still love exactly the same people I choose to love 15 years ago, and perhaps I've added more folk and cats to that list which is terribly beautiful. I'm joyous of being able to expand and if I respect you, I hope you are able to transform continuously as well.

"E é mais fácil começar do zero que consertar o que quebrou." — Ventre

There are several theories and proverbs that talk about having to revisit our origin in order to get back on track. That one should be accepting of what we are so that we can move forward. You know, research your history so that you don't make the same mistakes. And perhaps all that can serve as a guide as long as one makes a moderate investigation, just don't become a prey of past fears and routines. 

Whatever the case, may this mark an end. Starting is the only way forward. (Organization is key.)

I desire to become so fluid, a transformative movement that avoids stillness. To emerge and not forget... I need it as much as anyone else stretching it's fingers to grasp onto air, water and soil. 

Off we go to celebrate each upcoming adventure. (Don't forget to dance honestly.)
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After many hours of work (behind the camera, post processing and designing) I'm proud to announce the launch of Tropical Darkness a Red Bubble exclusive collection!

Psychedelic patterns are formed with photographs I've taken of the many juxtaposed moods found in tropical nature. The deep colours of the caribbean now decorate useful paraphernalia such as leggings, scarves and bags. I'm literally obsessed with the final result.

The Collection consists of 7 scarves (printed on light chiffon fabric), 7 pouches, 7 Tote Bags and 9 leggings in a range of different colors and patterns.
You can revisit some of the photos behind this collection, here.

These are the nine different legging designs available. Check them out on the store to see the back.

I also added a few more things like patterned duvets to wonderfully cover your darkest dreams, phone cases, postcards (thanks for the suggestion Annie!), posters, skirts among other rad items.
Feel free to browse my shop and let me know if you have any questions.

With your support I'll be able to keep art projects running and you get useful merchandise! That's deffinitly a win-win situation. ♥
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I'm holding a Giveaway at my blog.
Participate for your chance to win an original sketchy art postcard.

Good Luck! ♥
Hello deviantart, I miss you. Its' been 10 years now, you know. You've changed and I've been dying. 

Meanwhile go follow me on instagram: viruella

Or my blog. ♥

Bye now
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Hello everyone! I've moved my blog content to another platform. You can now follow me here: or using bloglovin' here. Yep, that's about it! ♥

See you there.
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I'm still under the veil of Finals in college so here's another update via Instagram. @viruella

Hello everyone, I have not made any updates around. My laptop and camera broke. SO until I get them repaired Instagram will entertain me. Follow me @viruella.

So this is what I've been up to:

I invite you all to get your hands on the limited edition prints of Hipermetropíxel. For sale at my store.

Hipermetropixel: Nerve by uvita Hipermetropixel: Toxic by uvita Hipermetropixel: Sleep by uvita Hipermetropixel: Luck by uvita Hipermetropixel: Needle by uvita Hipermetropixel: Bait by uvita

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Up and running: my official space in the interweb!

Decided to use my tumblr as a host for a while. I update very commonly so feel free to follow me. Clicks of interest: The News

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My photography has been featured in the last issue of Gothic Noir Magazine!
Go get it!

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Magazine Feature

Journal Entry: Wed Oct 26, 2011, 8:59 AM
Gallery l dA Portfolio l Watch Me

Hey everyone!

You can now get your hands onto the former issue of Darkfaery Subculture Magazine (September 2011) and enjoy the pages. My work has been featured on it, along other great artists!

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Grape at Work

Journal Entry: Mon Jul 18, 2011, 8:45 PM
Gallery l dA Portfolio l Watch Me

Visual Evidence:

Shooting Madame Venenum (photo by dranetsk)

Retouching the model before shooting (photo by dranetsk)

Madame Venenum by uvita


applying make up to the model (photo by: Samari J.)

Anne : Vibes by uvita


Make up for a shoot (photo by dranetsk)

Action? :B  (photo by dranetsk)

photo on tumblr


More make up duties, this time for a play (photo by: Xavier Vázquez Rodríguez)


shooting the Widow's Bribe series (photo by: Murciag)

photo on tumblr


Thanks to all those involved in this post ♥

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I've been obsessed with visuals since I was born, as a natural cognitive response I also ended up studying art. Collecting visions from other minds is one of my biggest hobbies, and these seven years on DeviantART has definitely helped me expand that collection.

DeviantART has changed a lot and with more artists sharing on the site, people seem to get lazier to browse around.

Today I share my first photography feature on the news section. Maybe this will help someone see things they've never seen before and browse freely once again.

:thumb215255324: Ghost Film Photography by camElectricX3 sin by kakaoconad

Wild flowers by neurolepsia :thumb216189853: Violet by FrantisekSpurny None2 by UglyOctopus

VASILISA: Wilderness by LaudanumMaryluxe sauna by Amalus :thumb214118392:

:thumb216076802: fade out by CityColors RED - viii by Ohdearmilk

Portal by MyPhotos-Chris 018 - C by BobIsYourUncle Suicidal Tendencies. by nymphs-and-the-wolf Day 21 by absence-is-steel  

Thanks to all these visual creators, for sharing their work fearlessly with the world instead of hiding it selfishly.

An epic entry of updates

Journal Entry: Tue Jun 28, 2011, 11:36 AM
Well it has been a while since I don't make a proper journal entry here in DA,  so I'm going to make it short and substantiated. Firstly here is a list of places you should bookmark if you enjoy my art:

+ My Etsy. I have Original and professional photo prints among other art products.

+ I post selected works of art in my tumblr. Those that I do not upload here on DA.

+ I make photo stories in my livejournal. LJ is still my main journal and blog, so always keep an eye on it!

+ I have a book for sale featuring my photography: See and Buy the book

+ For news and more art Add me on facebook: Naelle Devannah on Facebook.

+ Also for sale are a bunch of my original paintings: Over 60 paintings, here! Starting price: $10


I also started this project along with neurolepsia. Cyberthrift is a new store that sells vintage, second-hand and unique things. Check it out!

Personal: Well I'm working a lot on different projects, taking photographs at events, as a make-up artist for a play, among others. I really wished I had time to create more personal work, but at the same time I need the money to finish my degree in art, so I'll keep working.

What's to come: Expect more photo shoots with different models and I hope I can make a new series of self-portraits I've been planing.

Toodaloo ♥

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Photography book: Softcover for only $25!

Journal Entry: Fri Feb 4, 2011, 2:36 PM
Trajes Blancos, the book of white dresses is now for sale!

Trajes Blancos 2 by uvita Trajes Blancos by uvita Trajes Blancos 8 by uvita Trajes Blancos 9 by uvita
This art photography book deals with the role that women play while growing on a society that implores girls to dress in white at least once in their lives. Trajes Blancos is a ludic critique on women’s representations trough-out their life. The meaning behind these white dresses affects beliefs and patterns that delay self discovery while manipulating their growing habits.

Preview and buy the book here!


You can get unique prints of my latest work:

Original and professional photo prints in my Etsy store!

I also have these plushies up for sale!
Plush Demon Bunnies by uvita


I'm selling stuff at livejournal
Check it out!


More gothy, kawaii, punk stuff coming soon!


Stamp: LLAMA LLOVE by MarikBentusi
Calling all Llamas! Come give me one and I'll give one back to you!
Go get more at: Official Give a Llama Get A Llama Chat!


Add me on facebook:

Naelle Devannah on Facebook

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Rise trough the helix...

Journal Entry: Fri Jan 2, 2009, 9:47 PM
Well it’s been seven lovely years here on DeviantArt and I hope to enjoy a few more, so happy uploading to me and you.
I will do my best creating and experimenting from large format cameras to the necessary socialization schemes I loath but are apparently required in life. :blahblah:

I’m inviting you to look at past journals and lurk within old features I picked carefully just for your viewing pleasure. I’m eager to make a feature in the news section, so I hope to organize my time wisely in order to make one.

Love and Insanity!

Don’t forget to sneak my other presences on the net:

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Fall into winter...

Journal Entry: Thu Nov 6, 2008, 8:54 PM
Nine Traditional Art and Photography works with less than 20 :+fav:'s at the time I featured them. Enjoy!

Hands on me by death-dodger In wonderland by Lithium31 Marbleforest by valkenburg
Cabinet of Dr. Caligari by justintcoons rich woman by Ekaterina9 Fallen Angel by AzraelSomne
:thumb96856466: :thumb95232139:

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Journal Entry: Sat Jun 7, 2008, 2:53 PM

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8 Features

Journal Entry: Sat Jun 7, 2008, 1:03 PM

Traditional Art and Photography Features with less than 60 faves at the time I featured them.

delicious knots by deadanna fall 4 by riotstar
Mellow by Blackwendy strange games by shamanski DER SPIEGEL by NoxSatvrnii
:thumb57227960: light is killing me by lynnlae PROTO TYPE by filexmaster

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Journal Entry: Fri Jan 4, 2008, 4:47 PM

bought me a subscription :faint:

Gracias, Thank you, Obrigada!

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