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Robbierubino - [C]

full body full colour commission for :iconrobbierubino:

Commissions are closed for the time being!

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Interesting concept. I like that Fluttershy isn't just a Pegasus, she looks pretty cool. Did kind of feel that Twilights horn is very out of proportion. I know the princesses horns are big but they are still proportionate... Just some constructive criticism. Well, meant to be, sorry of it comes across otherwise. And love the hook and fake wing for AJ and Dash respectively, given how they rush in with no plans, I could see them doing it.

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Beautiful! I did notice however that twilight's hand is on backwards

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ah..... youre right. damn it lol

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They look amazing!

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WOW thats a large commission - i hope you got $$$ out the wazoo

looks incredible btw!!!!! i love watching your progress with anthros/humanoids : - )