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Just My Luck

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decided to try n get more of that horsie feel with my...horses. not rlly liking how this turned out but oh well, it was a nice experiment - i used a lot of references

Trouble Shoes is a big ol fella, larger than any pony he's ever met - and well, that's because he's technically not a pony. him, along with rock hoof, are actually horses- specifically, draft horses.
Purebred horses, in Equestria, are very hard to come by. All ponies (including earth ponies) possess some form of magic, but horses themselves possess none whatsoever. They are typically (though not always) taller, while being less stocky, different bone structure and proportions.
Knoweledge of horses isnt particularly well known across Equestria, hence why Trouble Shoes typically found it difficult to fit in. He was orphaned as a young age, and much of the appleossants found him odd, too big and too dopey. He sort of became the town fool - a title that he resents for much of his life, but comes to accept with the help of a few little fillies.
Horses don't get cutie marks (they're inherently magical, so unless they get a tattoo on their but theyre not rlly gonna get it), the cmc go to help him to try and find it more than anything - but it soon becomes apparent that really, he doesnt need one. He'd found his calling anyway.

I think that trouble shoes, and rock hoof, are two of the last remaining horses in present day Equestria. Most of them have interbred with ponies, so finding a "pure" one is near impossible. They're mostly a thing of the past.
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What about Amira and Haakim?
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did actually think about those two a bit. id still say theyre ponies, just a slightly different breed
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I love him and he looks like my character: beefcake from my gallery