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Chaos Gems Request by utube2 Chaos Gems Request :iconutube2:utube2 7 3
Heroes of Mobius Character profile #1
     *A figure can be seen, A lion figure who jumped from a freight hook. Mid way, he stops transitioning into a Scanning mode, in which opens up a profile for this hero*
     Full name: Styles the Lion 
     Nicknames (If any): Eagle One (FBI SWAT code name),Chris Kyle (By Jester), Sniper (By unsuspecting enemies)
     Hometown: Square Station, Mobius
     Species: Lion
     Fur color: Red
     Muzzle: White 
     Mane color: Brown
      Occupations: -FBI SWAT Sniper (Modern) 
                        -Undercover Officer (Boom Universe)
     Personality: Styles is essentially a Patient, and kind Lion, who much prefers to sacrifice his life for the safety of others, in which he will literally take a bullet to the heart if he has to in order
:iconutube2:utube2 2 1
Angel The Coyote by utube2 Angel The Coyote :iconutube2:utube2 3 0
Villain ideas
     Hey guys for this journal I just thought on creating some villains due to how there are more good guys versus bad guys, if you guys know what I mean. Anyways here are some of my ideas based off popular games or other works. 
Children of Eden’s Gate: The Children Of Eden’s Gate are the lackeys of the leader and the family of the Eden known as the Deity family. They follow up any orders from any member of the family, Of course each family member has a certain sector of the County, and each member is assigned to that area to grab food, supplies, and worse of all people. Heck they will even throw themselves into a helicopter propeller to keep their “Father” where he is; these guys are armed to the teeth and psychologically manipulated into believing they are doing the right thing because of the “End of the world” gimmick that is going on. 
Deity Family: The Deity Family is a family of four in which the family consists of fou
:iconutube2:utube2 1 0
Let me take a moment (Artrade) by utube2 Let me take a moment (Artrade) :iconutube2:utube2 4 2 Dark Energy Sword (Request) by utube2 Dark Energy Sword (Request) :iconutube2:utube2 5 2 Dark tails (birthday gift with lyrics) by utube2 Dark tails (birthday gift with lyrics) :iconutube2:utube2 5 5 Darkspine Tails by utube2 Darkspine Tails :iconutube2:utube2 3 2
Sonic Ocs designs (Modern and Boom)
     Hello everyone, welcome to another journal which most of you may not care about, but in this journal, I thought of a way to satisfy myself with my OC designs. The question that came into mind is how am I going to incorporate a steampunk approach to my ocs but keep a modern look to them as well? Then after watching some Rainbow Six Siege gameplay and Playong Bioshock Infinite I thought, “What if the modern characters were dressed up as Rainbow Six operators and the boom characters are steampunk related?” And so I have officially found a stopping point and decided to stick to that idea versus having to find a alternative in which it makes people happy. With that in mind, I have an idea regarding on designs for both the Modern characters and the boom characters, which for styles I have decided to transfer the Modern police outfit over to the Modern world, asfor the boom version, I thought to go for a steampunk sniper look, but that is being under developmen
:iconutube2:utube2 0 0
Lewis Mark X by utube2 Lewis Mark X :iconutube2:utube2 3 0 Armored Survivalist by utube2 Armored Survivalist :iconutube2:utube2 3 6 Marou the Jackal Staff by utube2 Marou the Jackal Staff :iconutube2:utube2 2 0 Ballistic shield (front view) by utube2 Ballistic shield (front view) :iconutube2:utube2 2 0 Jack in a Box (empty) by utube2 Jack in a Box (empty) :iconutube2:utube2 1 0 Forge Hammers (1/2 requests) by utube2 Forge Hammers (1/2 requests) :iconutube2:utube2 4 2
Sinai Guardians: Anti-Terrorism, MP, Crime Fight
     Hello everyone, so this is going to be a short journal, but I wonder if the group should be an Anti-Terrorism group, A police force, or a military police force?
Here are some of he pros and cons of each choices:
Anti-Terrorism: If the Guardians were to be an anti-terrorism group, they would have a bit more free time then in a Military Police, and they would have special gadgets specific to that individual, That and most of the newer characters are being based off of Rainbow Six Siege. The con of this is that i won’t have an idea for the Future literature in the matter of fact unless the readers appreciate me tuning down the amount of violence and be more sonic boom like. Another con of this is that most of the people never heard of this game nor do they play the game at all, so they would have zero clue on how each of the Characters gadgets and specials work at all. Another pro to this category is i can try my hand at introducing the audience to more advanced
:iconutube2:utube2 1 0


My Little Pony - Mina the Dragon Collage by No1MporXant My Little Pony - Mina the Dragon Collage :iconno1mporxant:No1MporXant 34 23 Jester R6S Art Trade by GelidaRainclaw Jester R6S Art Trade :icongelidarainclaw:GelidaRainclaw 8 4 Merhog Adopt (Closed) by TBriddle Merhog Adopt (Closed) :icontbriddle:TBriddle 20 6 Sally Sitting by yorubikari Sally Sitting :iconyorubikari:yorubikari 15 6 Not Over You Yet by yorubikari Not Over You Yet :iconyorubikari:yorubikari 105 6 +.Cute+ Edgy= great couple (DEVIN X PENNY).+ by xx-SleepySteph-xx +.Cute+ Edgy= great couple (DEVIN X PENNY).+ :iconxx-sleepysteph-xx:xx-SleepySteph-xx 14 2 Jenny kitty .:AT:. by MelTheArtist Jenny kitty .:AT:. :iconmeltheartist:MelTheArtist 20 9 Fixer the Fox (Sonic Boom Legends) by FixersChannel Fixer the Fox (Sonic Boom Legends) :iconfixerschannel:FixersChannel 21 7 Wet Boop by AstralSonic
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Wet Boop :iconastralsonic:AstralSonic 137 38
Shift the Hedgehog - Character Bio by grimlock1997 Shift the Hedgehog - Character Bio :icongrimlock1997:grimlock1997 15 19 Dark Tails Unleashed~ Chapter 1 Page 1 by TheCareBearGirl Dark Tails Unleashed~ Chapter 1 Page 1 :iconthecarebeargirl:TheCareBearGirl 16 35 Dark Tails Unleashed~ Chapter 1 Page 3 by TheCareBearGirl Dark Tails Unleashed~ Chapter 1 Page 3 :iconthecarebeargirl:TheCareBearGirl 16 23 Dark Tails Unleashed~ Chapter 1 Page 4 by TheCareBearGirl Dark Tails Unleashed~ Chapter 1 Page 4 :iconthecarebeargirl:TheCareBearGirl 17 27 Dark Tails Unleashed~ Chapter 1 Page 5 by TheCareBearGirl Dark Tails Unleashed~ Chapter 1 Page 5 :iconthecarebeargirl:TheCareBearGirl 20 26 Dark Tails Unleashed~ Chapter 1 Page 6 by TheCareBearGirl Dark Tails Unleashed~ Chapter 1 Page 6 :iconthecarebeargirl:TheCareBearGirl 10 28 Dark Tails Unleashed~ Chapter 1 Page 7 by TheCareBearGirl Dark Tails Unleashed~ Chapter 1 Page 7 :iconthecarebeargirl:TheCareBearGirl 15 16



Hey guys, so I just wanted to let you guys know that Most of my ocs are going to have a Redesign, And what I mean is a Redesign starting from the Roots up. And I may get rid of Styles the Lion for I don’t see any potential with him anymore, if that is the case then I will have to use Jester as my New Main oc (Until I find one to replace her then). 

     So as for the short stories, I just don’t think it is my cup of tea. Most of my watchers that watch me such as Sir Grimlock, Are really talented in that house of approach, which is why I am now forgetting about story writing, and focusing more on character development. However; the only time I post journals is for Biographies of each of my ocs.

     Further more; I have now begun to believe that in order to achieve your goals in life, you must not worry about what others think of it, which is why I have decided that from this day forward, I will design my Characters based on my own style, for I need to start being more of an independent artist then a “Oh I need help all the time” Artist.

     Finally to top it off; I am also doing 3D  Concept modeling, In which I should probably resuming ey? Anyways; As you guys know that in my time in Blender, I was more of a Concept artist, I plan on changing that pretty soon, in which I seriously need to start working on more advanced modeling.

     an issue for me is my home’s internet has been permanently disconnected and I have to use a Jetpack in order to acces the internet or type this on my phone. Which is why I am not on my computer as often (In which you guys can see that).

     But that is really it on what I want to cover in this status post, but let me summarize it for you guys:

i am planning on redesigning my ocs all the way to the roots, I am no longer gonna worry about what others may think of my work, and that I will work on Blender harder then ever.
Alright time to get this off of my mind: In the past and still heading forward, I always strived to get the attention from back in the days when I did splatoon stuff... I believe it was my first year of being on DeviantArt; but I wanted to switch then and instead went into sonic art, and hopefully be able to be as popular then, but reality finally hits me: It is not possible at this point.

     So I have done RPs and all, thinking it was all about me, in reality it was meant to help your character be more complex than what they are on paper. With that in mind; here I am, on the spotlight directly confessing my Attention-getting ways,will this change? Only time will tell at this point, but I do plan on changing that.

     It is understandable if you guys unwatch me or anything at this point; it just tells “Change your ways now” and I will change for the better of me and others who fell victim to the path I took. That is all I have for tonight, Styles the Lion signing out...
Attention to all Sonic Fans:

I am part of a server that is owned by :iconerik-the-okapi: You are welcome to join his server and to support him and others on the server, heck you can even post your own art in their. 

That is all I have: oh yes and it also supports Minecraft as well.

Chaos Gems Request
The second part of :iconfixerschannel: Request is now complete, here we have are what the heroes of Forgone Island are looking for: The Chaos Gems.

     the Chaos gems (design inspired by the original chaos emeralds) are powerful, and ancient gemstones used by the ancients of Forgone island, they were later on scattered around for the fear of anyone who collects all seven of these in the wrong hands can become unstoppable. The island's librarian, Dawn the Rabbit (owned by formerly known as :iconloopylu182:) has the book about the seven gems and the history behind them at her library. each of these gems have unique abilities that can potentially be dangerous: example; the purple gem switches the minds of anyone two who touches it from the episode "Meteor Not Here I Come". However it can also be beneficial, for in the episode "Shadow In the Dark" it was used as a transformation phase in the episode, similiar to how sonic has a Super form, one of the villagers gains a superform as well (Omitted because of potential spoilers). But the heroes are not the only ones who are trying to get these first...

     Some of the main antagonists are also on the hunt for these gems as well; they are including: Cinda the Cat, Molly the cat, Ensham the Snow fox, and an anonymous being in which they intend to sell the gems to. All three of the villains have gained a reputation already as one of the cats took the chaos gem book from Dawn almost twice now, in which they could potentially locate all of them before the heroes can get to the emeralds. The cats then captured the village's baker hoping to be able to bargain with the heroes to give them the gems, but that exchange never happened. finally, they went with a torture method, however; Fixer the Fox was mentally strong for he never told them anything after a day. 

For references please check out these episodes:…………


Chaos Gems, Cinda, Molly, Ensham, Forgone Island, stories, and Chaos Gem Concepts, and Fixer the Fox belongs to :iconfixerschannel:

Dawn belongs to Formerly known as :iconloopylu182:

Chaos Gem models was made in Blender 3D 

Fun fact:

-I attempted to model them on my own, they look better flat in my opinion over smooth

-Every episode listed on this description is primarily for the second part of my explanation

-As mentioned, the Inspiration came from the Chaos Emeralds (owned by SEGA)
Created by Elliedrawz08

Tagged by :iconwillowthehedgehog17:

- If you get tagged, you must answer these questions below. 

- Make a journal, copy the rules and the questions and answer it!

- Tag Elliedrawz08, the original person that make the game.

- Tag 10 person to answer!

- Have fun!

1. What's your real name?


2. How old are you?


3. Your nicknames?

Eagle one, Sniper, Mentor (by Claire the Echidna)

4. What food do you like?


5. What kind of music do you like?

Specific songs from Specific genres (Example: Dead & Gone by T.I., Skillet-Hero, etc.)

6. What's your favorite idol/band?


7. What program do you use for drawing?

Traditional artist

8. Show your first art and your last art!

I really don't think i should... 

Previous Drawing: Angel The Coyote

9. What's your main OC and their name?

Styles the Lion, A red lion with a sharp eyesight

10. You are single or taken?

Single as a pringle and not willing to mingle.

11. Why you choose this username for DA?

I thought it would have been funny...

12. What's your nationality? And your country?

I'd rather not say.

13. What's your favorite song right now?

[One of them anyways]

So in the name sake of this, Any one can do this journal only because i would rather not force their hand at this, so this journal is open;however, one exception to the list is:

Some Background info
As the Journal Suggests: Please feel free to tag yourself in as well anytime



Made with pride by the DeviantArt community BROWSE ALL ART


utube2's Profile Picture
Styles the Lion
Artist | Hobbyist | Varied
United States
Accessing files.......

Authorizing file please wait......

Thank you for your patience......

4:30 p.m. location: Acorn Empire/Mobian Sky City

Approaching a house is a group of mobians, all equipped with the right supplies to complete one objective, To rescue the hostages. However; the mobians don’t run in blindly in which they deploy miniature camera drones to help them see what they are dealing with, after some droning, they spotted a medic, a shielded person, a Explosive trap hunter, and a marksman on the defense side, followed up by a looks like a gas person; with the information they are given, The heroes then tactically thought of what to do before one of the heroes sees the cameraman “What are you doing here?!” Styles asks quietly towards the cameraman “this is not an action film!!” Jester then replies quietly with “yeah well you see, we are a action-based story, based on a action based video game all about anti-terrorism so that statement is invalid in my opinion, besides are not familiar with the fourth wall?” As she is staring directly at the camera Styles then with a “duh type” attitude he smacks his forehead forgetting that it is an introduction “ah my bad, I don’t mind sitting around and giving them
Some information on what they should expect, but My name is Styles, I am a Mobian Lion, Former member of the Black Ops unit from Mobius, currently enrolled in the military police force, Black ops still in the modern universe and now am part of a group of heroes in which was formed known formally as the Mobius Guardians (New name), its amazing how a small handful of resistance can lead to something big, both groups have one thing in common, provide protection to the people.” He then continues on at the next part, “Rightnnow, we are in a training routine, to help keep our eyes sharp in case of any trouble happens in no less than 3 seconds or maybe even more, the type of trouble I am mostly talking about is events such as murders, kidnappings, hostages, and Bomb speciality missions, and other events that cause Tver in the people’s heart... to better explain it to you we are basically the FBI SWAT team of the Sonic world.

The explanation then stops as he moves on the special gadgets/ abilities each of them possess and what they do with that specific gadget; “and I know what you are wondering.... Fo you have any powers, if so then what is it; the truth is, we don’t have any supernatural powers such as ice breathe, heat vision, and other supernatural powers we do however have special gadgets that compensate for the lack of powers, and special moves specifically for us. One of them would’ve for example unknown agent’s gun kata, or Jester’s Cluster Blitz, or Srenity’s ability to get a care package drop, however we are, we still have the same purpose in our minds; to protect the people at all costs and do good for others. Aiming down sights with his Stun rifle; loaded with rubber bullets of course, of course we have the villains such as the Maniax, a villainous group based off of a circus lead by Jason Ledger, However, we have some of the most trained specialists in the Mobian world, ranging from the FBI SWAT, to the Italian GIS, all the way to the Spetsnaz.

Still on his target, he concludes with a “if you want to know more about us, make sure to check out our bios once things get settled between us and our creator, until then, Agent styles signing off, taking the shot, leading the chain of attack.">Flag Counter


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No problem
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GelidaRainclaw Featured By Owner Jun 5, 2018  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Happy belated birthday, and i was wondering if you would like to do an art trade?
utube2 Featured By Owner Jun 5, 2018  Hobbyist General Artist
Thank you, and it depends on the date of when you want me to get it done, but sure, is there a specific media you want it on?
GelidaRainclaw Featured By Owner Jun 5, 2018  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Doesn't matter what media, could you do one of my sonic characters? 

Um, maybe by the beginning of July for a deadline? I have school and stuff rn so I cant work really fast myself
 Currently, I'm working on an Amy Rose drawing so I can start the trade after that... or I could just pause that one lol 

who do you want me to draw? I do sonic mostly
utube2 Featured By Owner Edited Jun 6, 2018  Hobbyist General Artist
Ok, so i was trying to come up with a new design for jester, Lately i got into RS6 Siege

I decided to base it off of this picture:

Bandit | Rainbow Six: Siege [3840x2160] by TrueNovice  

If not then is it possible for you to do styles?
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Happy birthday bud :)
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