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In These Shoes



If diamonds are a girl's best friend, then shoes are the second best! :D

I am 5'3"...ok so maybe only 5'2 and 1/2 but dammit I can round up if I wanna. I have always been the "short one" and as such have had nick names like Shrimpy, Shorty, and Samwise (damn hobbits :shakefist:)

So naturally, I am a shoe fanatic. I love my heels because they make me tall! :D And they are just so pretty, and as such are one of my main weaknesses! I once lived off ramen and pb&j sandwichs for like a month in college so I could spend my grocery money on a pair of shoes. :paranoid:

Since I am off work for a while, all these ideas are coming to me, and this one just had to be done after browsing around all the shoe photos here on dA!

From left to right: (yes I name my shoes...when you have so many it makes it easier to keep them organized and find which ones I wanna wear...DON'T YOU JUDGE ME! :noes: )
1. my pinkies (they're a croc pattern. I also have them in bright orange and lime green :paranoid:)
2. my picinic basket shoes (saw these the next season for 1/2 price! Dammit! :X)
3. my polkas (awesome work shoes :D)
4. the fire engines (the one's I'm wearing :D my current faves)
5. my peacock shoes (the blue flats...I also have the matching purse :paranoid:)
6. my kelly's (cause they're kelly green :aww: although i have these in red and navy too and I call those my kelly's too :o)
7. my pearl's (they are metallic purple which is hard to see in the photo and remind me of the color of Tahitian pearls)
8. my country clubs (cause a lady wearing a tennis outfit told me she loved them :p)

Wow...that was a lot of artist comments :o....oh well I :heart: my shoes!

Photoshop used to adjust the contrast a bit, and to hide some of the bruises on my knees from my accident.
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