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New Nintendo 3DS at UF Scale by UtorDifferentia New Nintendo 3DS at UF Scale by UtorDifferentia
Just a heads-up: This post contains spoilers for one of the later bosses in Pokemon Ultra Sun and Moon. If you want to play it blind, maybe skip the last couple sentences of the next paragraph.

This is one of the items I mentioned earlier. Admittedly, you could get a New Nintendo 3DS in Animal Crossing:New Leaf (albeit only in the Welcome Amiibo patch,) but the only way to get this affair in an Animal Crossing game would be to get a standard New 3DS and customize it with a made-to-order Able Sisters design. This particular 3DS is heavily based on a 3DS released in 2016 to commemorate the 20th anniversary of the Pokemon series and currently has its Charizard cover plates. I have no plans to make another one with Blastoise cover plates, although I am considering looking at other 3DS designs to see if I want to make those. Nothing's set in stone yet, though. I like to pretend that this 3DS has Pokemon Red and Blue preinstalled, mostly because every 3DS of this type came with Red and Blue loaded onto the system. I wish I had been able to make it open and close, but I have no idea how to make a functional hinge out of Sculpey III, especially not at this scale. This 3DS is 23 mm wide and made entirely out of Sculpey III. Kakyoin is there for scale. I chose him to show off the size on the 3DS because I have a feeling he'd enjoy a 3DS (just as long as he didn't go flying out of his body when Ultra Necrozma swept his team. :P)

Disclaimer: The design of the New Nintendo 3DS belongs to Nintendo, Charizard belongs to whoever owns Pokemon (I think it's either Satoshi Tajiri, The Pokemon Company, Nintendo, or a combination thereof), and Kakyoin belongs to Hirohiko Araki, Lucky Land Communications, and/or whoever else owns JoJo's Bizarre Adventure. If you like this 3DS, support Nintendo and the Pokemon Company. I can recommend a ton of great games if you want to support Nintendo with your wallet: Animal Crossing: New Leaf, Pokemon Ultra Moon, Pokemon Alpha Sapphire (although I'm not sure they're still making that one,) Pokemon Blue, Mega Man Battle Network 2 (although that one's technically a Wii U title), and a couple others.
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