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winter morning glory


full view is the best...


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This photo inspires me beyond my passion for photography. As a filmmaker it motivates me to create. It carries a powerful sense of story, of movement.. of drama.

It's a fantastic work, masterfully crafted that can imprison my mind for hours attracted by that shape walking towards me.
The contrast between the black (as if it was burned) forest with the fire-coloured background gives the viewer an intense, pure, feeling of warmth but also some menage... Who is that man?A savior? A murderer? What is outside this destroyed forest? A New World or the Armageddon?

When a piece can put our imagination into work and takes us into worlds but ours it is a successful proof of a master piece. This is one.

An incredible intriguing piece of work.
Congratulations. <img src="…" width="15" height="15" alt=":)" title=":) (Smile)" />
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Perfect. Utterly perfect.

Call me biased, but I loved the dark feel, with a tint of hope to this photograph.

The way the red-orange-yellow-golden sunlight sprouts from the cracks of the distant trees is entrancing, and inspires hope. However, the forest around the sunlight is almost menacing. It appears spacious, cold, frost-chilled.

The man in the photograph could be seen as walking towards or away from the light, leaving the viewer questioning the moral of this painting. I found it to be extremely intriguing and unique, and I loved that aspect of the work- being able to look at this photo as if the man was walking towards hope, or towards despair.

The way the trees blur as the sunlight reaches them seems to beckon to me as a viewer that the hope is overcasting the darkness that the forest offers.

The only "bad part" I did not like was how simple the title was in relation to the work itself.

Genius. +deviantWatch
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:star::star::star::star::star-half: Overall
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A fantastic artwork in which the simplicity of the subject interpreted with wisdom and gentleness is a pictorial mastery. Framing and strangely natural tones evoke what existence reveals more wonderful.
The contrast between the background soft and fuzzy in which advances a fascinating figure and the foreground where a carpet of tangled branches disturbing disconcert the look that is penetrated by the entire photography.
Even if the scene could evoke a surprising tension, warmth and appeasement subtly glides between trees.
Still, I'd like to know if Photoshop was used or not (I hope not) in order to have such a smooth transition between the foreground and the background. Same question about the colors. Are they natural?
Anyway, really nice work!
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fantastic pic...reminds me of my ambient music and other ambient music artists...really lovely...
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Wow... just... wow. :heart:
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Really beautiful!
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This is such a great capture, tells it's own story... :)
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So mysterious!
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You are the best man !!!
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Good afternoon,

My name is Peter Sawyer and I write on behalf of Phototuts+ ([link])

I would like to feature this image in a roundup article I am currently writing.

A link to the image, and the name of the piece would be given in the article.

Please let me know if you are ok with this ASAP, as it is due to go live soon.

Thanks Peter
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You've been featured here: [link] :aww:
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NiCe WaLLpApEr
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Amazing. Brilliant.
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Fantastic composition.
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perfect capture!
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This beautiful photo has been featured here: [link]
Please 'like' the article so more people will see your art! :rose:
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mood in this picture is fantastic.
I featured this into my latest journal.Hope you don't mind.
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