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NovaShell (GNOME-Shell Theme)

By Utivis
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A GNOME Shell theme focused on simplicity
Version 0.8

Works with Gnome 3.14
You'll find legacy versions here: gnome-look.org/content/show.ph…

Normal installation:
*Extract the zip-file and put the NovaShell-directory into ~/.themes or install via gnome-tweak-tool (Theme > Shell-Theme)
*Select Nova-Shell with gnome-tweak-tool (You'll need the User-Themes-Extension)

Installation as default theme: (NovaShell will be the !default! theme for all users and gdm):
*copy NovaShell-directory into /usr/share/themes/
*rename /usr/share/gnome-shell/theme to /usr/share/gnome-shell/theme.original
$ sudo mv /usr/share/gnome-shell/theme /usr/share/gnome-shell/theme.original
*create a symbolic link to /usr/share/gnome-shell/theme
$ sudo ln -s /usr/share/themes/NovaShell/gnome-shell /usr/share/gnome-shell/theme
*log out and log in again

[ Icons used in preview-picture: Numix Circle github.com/numixproject/numix-… ]

repository: github.com/florommel/nova-shel…

*complete redesign
*GNOME 3.14 support
*GNOME 3.10 support
*various bugfixes
*minor changes
*GNOME 3.8 support
*GNOME 3.6 support
*minor changes
*themeconfig added
*reworked dash, notification-bar and all-app-view
*lots of minor changes
*first release

License: GPL
© 2012 - 2020 Utivis
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The last update is amazing!

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This is a standard GNOME-Wallpaper
you should find it in: /usr/share/backgrounds/gnome (if you are using gnome)
or here: [link]
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Hey, Utivis. Congratulations, dude! Your theme rocks! Cheers! :) Brunces
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awesome, great work!!! :)
Utivis's avatar
thank you!! :)
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Utivis, please, update your theme to fit Gnome Shell 3.6. This is a must-have theme! The best one! Should be Gnome Shell's default. Thanks, dude. :) brunces
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yeah of course.. I'm currently working on it!
I will update it soon ;)
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Utivis, your theme is amazing! Impeccable! But why did you take away the application icon (next to its title) from the top panel? Put it back, or at least give us an option to enable it or not. Besides that, your theme is simply the best one to replace the default Gnome Shell theme. Cheers. :) brunces
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wow thank you! :)
I simply don't like the application icon and I think it doesn't look good with Faience-icons (which is my favorite icon-theme)...
but fortunately I just added a little perl-script (themeconfig) which allows you to show the application icon!
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Hey, Utivis. I had figured out how to show the icon, changing the codes. But now, with the themeconfig you've made available, it will be much easier. Thanks for your time, buddy. Your theme is the best for Gnome Shell. I use it and I tell everyone to use it too. And everyone who starts using it, likes it and keeps it. Congratulations! :)
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Great work, I just published it in my Linux Customization pinboard on pinterest : [link]
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thank you!!
interesting pinboard..
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Awww, is there a version for GNOME 2?
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unfortunately there is no version for Gnome 2 because this is a Gnome-Shell-Theme and Gnome-Shell is not used in Gnome 2..
(or do you mean Gnome 3.2)
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Ohhh, yeah! Of course. Ah, well.
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Isn't it more like a modified version of Faience?
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you're right it looks a bit like Faience (I just installed the inofficial version of Faience for Gnome3.4) but actually I didn't use any parts from Faience ;)
Probably it's something between Default-Theme and Faience...
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Awesome work! :-)
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Your welcome. :-)
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