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Skinotronic Style for Growl

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Published: June 30, 2009
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Hey kiddles! Do you like Growl? Is your Mac connected to a 1080p display? If you answered, "FUCK YES!!!!!" to both those questions then friend, Skinotronic is the Growl style for you! Never again will you have to leave the comfort of your bed or the couch to read a Growl notification because Skinotronic is HUEG LIEK XBOX!

Skinotronic Employs All Five Priority Levels:
  • Very Low - Pretend this static image is pulsing green and you'll get the idea.
  • Moderate - As as you can see in this screenshot multiple lines of text are no problem.
  • Normal - Your standard issue white on black. No pulsing.
  • High - Smaller size and font but still legible from a distance. No pulsing.
  • Emergency - Pulses faster than Very Low and Moderate. You should use this one to warn you when you're in danger of running out of disk space from all the porn, anime and music you're downloading.

The Big Picture
What!? You're still not convinced? Here, take this beautiful 1920x1080 PNG screenshot and make it your desktop wallpaper. Now see how far away you can stand from the display before the message becomes difficult to read. How far were you able to stand? I'm guessing very. If you liked that test drive just imagine how INCREDIBLE it's going to be when the notifications are live and pertinent to your interests!!

A list of P.A.Q.s (Preemptively Answered Questions) is maintained at MY STADY and that's also where I've posted this Growl display style for download.

Author: Alain-Christian | Homepage: MY STADY
Platform: OS X (Alain-Christian ran it on OS X @ 06-16-2009)
License: Freeware | File Size: 1.5 MB | Version: 1.0 | Published: 6-16-2009

Download: Skinotronic 1.0 Display Style for Growl 1.1.4

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Black-VulpineHobbyist Photographer
Did you know you can upload the file directly to DA?
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Wish I could use it!
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I really need to update this.
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IanWoodsHobbyist Interface Designer
Nice one I made a few versions for my dif screen resolutions
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In case anyone's confused, Alain-Christian is ME!

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