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  1. How long have you been on DeviantArt: 12 years =D

  2. What does your username mean?: I am a fan girl of Revolutionary Girl Utena

  3. Describe yourself in three words.: Quiet, anti-social, and gamer

  4. Are you left or right handed?: Righty

  5. What was your first deviation?: Frankly do not remember....kinda uploaded them all from sketchbook

  6. What is your favourite type of art to create?: Fanart

  7. If you could instantly master a different art style, what would it be?: perspective

  8. What was your first favourite?: 12 Days of Christmas by keiross

  9. What type of art do you tend to favourite the most?: Utena and Lightning from FFXIII

  10. Who is your all-time favourite deviant artist?: :iconnick-ian:

  11. If you could meet anyone on DeviantArt in person, who would it be?: I'm anti-social

  12. How has a fellow deviant impacted your life?: Makes me what to draw more when I feel like I do crap work

  13. What are your preferred tools to create art?: Digital photoshop + tablet

  14. What is the most inspirational place for you to create art?: In the weeee hours in the morning and no one to bug me in my room

  15. What is your favourite DeviantArt memory?: Meeting awesome people with same like mine and creating works to it

Oh what to do what to do!...I know there be damn 100% better competitors out there but its lightning and a contest! I have no fashion sense what so ever *frowns* I'm just going to scribble in my sketch book for 8 days and see what I come up with (Winning is a plus but really I know in reality that aint going to happen)

*stress stress stress stress stress stress stress stress stress *

9 days...of stress while I work...stress while I sleep...stress while I eat...and stressing while I draw ideas

I will have to....render...=_= I WILL RENDER

*dashes off in a crackle of maniacal laughter*


Lol never really got into this who tagging thing but looks like I've been tagged so i'll humor the one who tagged me o.o but I'm gonna break the chain cause I dont really like to force tag others (cause chances are they've been tagged already)

Tagged by :icongschreiber:

Here are the rules:
1. You must post these rules.
2. Each person must post 11 Facts about themselves in their journal.
3. Then Answer the questions the tagger set for you in their post, and create eleven new questions for the people you tag to answer.
4. You have to choose 11 people to tag and post their icons on your journal.
5. Go to their page and tell them you have tagged him/her.
6. No tag backs.
7. No stuff in the tagging section about "you are tagged if you are reading this." You legitimately (AKA, really, truly, with all honesty) have to tag 11 people.

Random facts about me:

1. I don't like the taste of alcohol
2. My favorite color is clear (because of the lackness of color there fore it technically does not exist)
3. I do lots of charity events with 501st in my Starwars armors
4. I like game music
5. On contrary belief of me liking starwars, utena, and Final fantasy 13/13-2....I never watched/finish the whole series (I just spoiler my self to death and know enough to get by em topics)
6. I am an Achievement grinder in Wow
7. I like to experiment in making things
8. I hate to use power tools...cause I don't like loud sounds...
9. I work off will-power!
10. I'm mostly nocturnal so I usually sleep in the day
11. Lots people always forget my last syllable in my name cause its spelled Mariannie so pronounced MARY-ANNIE but I still get people calling me Marianne or Mariana or even Anna-Marie (I know...) but I respond to most of the mix even like nicknames too example: Mary or Annie...had a few call me M.A. (cause i'm use to it to the point of not caring) and its funny how some people argue about the correct way of saying my name har har har *shrugs*

Question by :icongschreiber:

1. What kind of art do you love most to create?
2. Do you listen to music when creating an art? If so what kind mostly?
Game Music
3. Who is your most fav game/movie/book character? (write more if you can't choose just one  )
It's a battle between Light and Utena atm
4. Do you have any action figure?
5. Are you still a student or do you have a job already?
Graduated with a BS in GAD and yes I have a job (just not in my field!)
6. What is colour of your eyes?
7. What do you see from your window?
Another set of Apartment buildings
8. If you would be able to give an oscar award to a game character, which one would you choose?
9. Would you recommend me some good FLight fic? (here or on If you are not a FLight fan - any favourite book?
Yes but I doubt I have any new ones to give since ya probably read it.
10. What kind of religion do you believe in? (Note that atheism and Science are also kinds of belief )
I believe in Karma.
11. Are you a smoker? If so - cigarrettes or a waterpipe tobacco?
No I do not like smokers...even if I have friends that smoke...if I see you bust one out near me...I'll relocate myself to an area where I can not smell it cause it will make me gag and cough...not a fun feeling

My questions to you...(If ya would like to continue the chain...again I rather not force it)

1. What brings you here to deviant art?
2. If you can steal someones power whom and what power would that be?
3. Would you rather have an Zombie Apocalypse or Alien Invasion?
4. If you can teleport where would your first stop be?
5. Alliance or Horde?
6. Rebel or Empire?
7. If you were stuck on an island with someone who would you like to be stuck with?
8. Favorite game of all time?
9. Do you know the Pokemon song by heart?
10. If you were to have any costume what will it be?
11. What was something that you fear as a child but now that you think about was utterly silly and ridiculous?

Visit my Craft store:
Visit my Blog:
I do have a little blogging site at blogspot that I use and probably blog least once a week of my random adventures lol ya can find it here:

In the mean time I hope to create more stuff =D

My craft goods for sale:
Working on building a new website for my crafting goods =P boy does my html suck but its coming out nicely thanks to pretheme tweaking... so meaning that I am gonna build more charmed goods and a whole lots of pictures of their adventures with tx00 (mini shadow stormtrooper)

so please check it out...still mostly under construction but least its progress...
=) To all my family and friends have a very wonderful Christmas and luck for the years to come! Everyone's been an inspiration to my life and I hope all you wonderful deviants continue what you do best, that is being awesome!!!
Made a little more chomp chomps on my spare time so if anyone wanted one for their desk here is the time to get em!

visit my store:

Well on to my next project <3 enjoy....which I am having technical difficulty atm...because it involves power tools and I dont use power tools often x_x...too powerful...and loud
Alright it has been awhile since I've actually updated anything despite saying that I would. Had computer fail and had to get me photoshop again =) but now its all ok and now I can go back to posting up random stuff like usual!

^_^ <3 <3
Happy holidays everyone!

Alright I will be posting up all the new stuff i created for christmas gifts once I actually give them out to my friends...that why they wont know >.> so it might be coming in January or so

But for now I would like to wish everyone a Merry christmas and happy new years!

^^ will post soon promise...i am not that art dead o.o
So yeah been working up a lot of stuff and trying to get an artist table and PMX this coming november! I will be there with my fellow Buddy in the Sky :iconsnowbubble: to sell some of our stuff. So to let ya know to the local ones going there I will have most of my etsy shop items there, it would be a great way to save a buck for shipping if you pick it up =) so hope to see ya there.

For now hope you enjoy what I have to offer =D and I love ideas on food charms, I like making some yummy ones and try to make challenges like cherry pie o.o that was a toughy.

See ya all soon!
Woot I will be going to Anime Expo and will be in the Artist Ally with my fellow Buddy in the Sky :iconsnowbubble: which if you are attending I will be located at E35! So besure to come and visit...please!

I will be selling charms that I have been working on so thats why updates has been minimal. Also I will be gathering commissions on my bead charms there as well. Though if you are not able to make it to the convention you can always send me an e-mail, note, or visit my etsy webpage located: for any items made.

Hope to see ya all there =)!!!
Well I am trying to fundraise for the American Cancer Society:… if interested

my craft website here: if they sell half of the price will go to the charity

also I will be making Cell phone charms as well to see if i can generate money to hit least 100$ if not more. Though if anyone wants to donate then they can just go to that first link and push the donate button.

=) trying to help fundraise for things like American Cancer Society once in a while so keep a look out
I am trying to open up a shop on etsy =) so its gonna be a slow update here but if ya want to find any stuff i am selling you can find them at:…

so I will touch basis here and still will post =) so please visit the shop
So yeah been 8 years to anime expo and stuff. I had a bulk load of fun with my friends and so on. Indeed I got to see many things I really dont often see on normal basis of AX but with friends its fun.

Summery of the days:
Day 0
I had work so I couldnt make it...woo

Day 1
Apparently day started out slow which i had work like 4 hours before I had to go so I didnt sleep a wink. When we went there finally and got to hotel there was drama with some jerk in the hotel check in which my friends had use the AX block hotels to get us one and for us to come on that day (day1) to get our rooms. Though the jerk said they were full which is a load of crock. Then came the furry of my friends friend and had a lengthy convo with another hotel worker (hopefully a higher up) to get a hotel room which even though it was one bed for 4 people it was better then nothing.

So yeah that day I was dressed up as a Shadow Trooper (or a black stormtrooper)there was another one dress the same as me but you can tell by what lenses we wore on the eyes...mine is greenish and his is silver. My friends wore cute lolita frills and boy did we had sooo many pictures that day. Sorry to my friends cause I was stopped ever so often for pictures that going from point A to B took well forever.

Later we got to see Mio Dix Mois (spellings) which was pretty cool, granted I wasnt into the music much, but the artist style of Mana was pretty cool with their lights and sound correlating with each other. Apparently I saw K walking by like on day 4 at our hotel but first reaction was cool eyes since they wore white contacts lol.

at the end of day 1 we got to go see the battle of the bands and stuff which well some people need lessons more on singing then their playing music. I mean they were good till they added vocals. After that which I was with my friends that wanted to see Auncia which the music was alright and the guys well look very young up close lol. The guitarist dont know his name had like this smile that reminds me of that one dude in the japanese drama of Hana Kimi playing nakasu or something.

all in all a tiring day.

Day 2
I was dressed in kakashi outfit which with my hair look more like a jrocker style due to gravity not having it with my hair. I saw other plenty good ones out there but I do got my Shiringan contact that I would say fairly accurate. I dont remember this day as much as day1 but I do know that I got to go to the AMV and see a bit of Dead Fantasy by Monty which was practically the only thing i wanted to do the whole expo lol. I didnt get to see him at the artist ally but yeah it was still fun.

Day 3
as you can see my memory is degrading at this point in remembering but I wore my stormtrooper again this time with lots of malfunction to my wardrobe so i only wore it for couple of hours then just went out again to shop. At night the friends went out to get some autograph session for anucia and one other called with an ah blah too many names to remember lol but yeah still fun.

Day 4
last day which i was all packed so i just wore plain clothing and shop till we had to check out by noon

All in all it was fun =) I shall wait again for AX round 9 for me!
Well not really back when I've always been here but so far my tablet pen is finally restored and I am able to draw once let the doodling begin!
Alrighty folks I am trying to earn a bit of living expenses X3 sooo I am going to allow any commissions on its way *thumbs up*

sooo I can do the following and also the stuff that seen in gallery

Drawing digitally
Wood burning
Chibi Sculptures
Mirror Etching
Wood Carving
or anything in combination (or if ya want me to try something I can try to make it)

I either do Fanart or Original art but it must be based of a very worded description or photo references if it is original...(best is if you can sketch out what you want even if you dont draw well)

Same thing goes with wood burning but I also need to know the size and shape of the wood and or structure of the wood (ie box or just a plank of wood)

Chibi Sculptures I just need really good reference

prices are negotiable since I have to know content and size of things (the dreaded shipping cost) before pricing so just shoot me a(n) note/e-mail and I would get back to you ^_^;;

I take pay pal since it is fast and easy! XD *sounds like an advertisement commercial*

X3 thanks for watching me all you people hehe hope you'll like the stuff if you do purchase something
Well I just wanted to update some stuff and show that i'm not totally dead in terms of drawing things....just doodling here and there + tons of projects + school + work so and and so forth

been going great...though i think i finally got my "mojo" back into studying everyday for like 6 hours since I have work for 3 hours and such.

X3 but yeah I upload some photos to change my DA ID...needs a new pic of me not sleeping!

lol hopefully i would post some more doodles for ya all XD or even what I do in school

but untill then...Cherrio!
Wow couple of days without internet and then my page views boosted by 2k nice

I thank all those who've been faving my old work and that I am still here...just been busy with the 3d aspect of art right now that I havent really post anything up.

Finals are killing me so all of ya just hang on tight!
I am sooo under pressure due to the fact that I have about less then a year before I graduate. Thus I must actually get my butt moving on making good models for my environment. I am going to try to do Asset modeling but things I still need to learn and master is Z-brush, and well my life totally sucks even more then it has. Which now I have two part time jobs and school work which I have 5 classes but the work load is enough to stress me all day in and out. Not to mention I am part of a club.

I can literally feel my health rotting away. Which I think a full day of sleep will make up for the lack of sleep during the week.

Though to give ya all a taste of my schedules this week
Class from 4pm-10pm
Homework due next week: Heros Journey concept drawings (research starwars and draw)
Class from 7am-12pm
Homework due next week: Building a Prototype Game (board game cut and paste stuff)
Work from 12:30pm-3pm
Class from 12pm-10pm
Homework due next week: Redefine Concept Document for Environment/Concept sketches/Prop list/
Programming Hw (which I do not have the program to work it on)
Work from 12:30pm-3pm
Cram Day
Work from 12:30pm-3pm
School from 4pm-10pm
School from 12:30pm-5pm
Cram day


Now all that doesnt include eating, sleeping, babysitting, chores, random unexpected being dragged to the mall/outside to do some luggage halling, Club meetings, and Socializing, since I do not control those.