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Merodi Ongaku Sweet Koron 2023 +DL by RitaLeader14
Near +Model DL by RitaLeader14
Yokune Ruko || fanart by Xophair
In the Meadow by RitaLeader14
UTAU-The Vampire cover by Onika VCV2022 by Namumi
See [UTAU COVER] by MysticLu
Digital Girl [UTAU COVER] by MysticLu
[Momo MomoneXMatsudappoiyo] iNSaNiTY [UTAU COVER] by MysticLu
box art
Merodi Ongaku OXALIS Demo Reel/Release by RitaLeader14
Merodi Ongaku Oxalis by RitaLeader14
Rizumu Teion POWER NEW by RitaLeader14
Rizumu Teion Whisper NEW by RitaLeader14
UTAU Memes
FNF Rizumu Teion by RitaLeader14
UTAU-Padoru cover by Onika by Namumi
Kisekae | MMD Meme + model dl by Xophair
Obligatory Rizumu Joke by RitaLeader14
UTAU Fanart
Vocalsynth and  Kirby 3  - Naptime by StarGamer01
Rizumu Doodles by RitaLeader14
Utane Uta Retro style by Namumi
Time to Crash the Party by NejiShadow
UTAU help
Basic CV Voicebank tutorial for BeginnersThe purpose of this tutorial is for anyone who wanna have your own UTAU voicebank but don't know how to create it correctly and easy to use with other CV system USTRead my step by step tutorial below. I hope it can help , First of all you need to have UTAU software in your PC.Download hereWindows - http://utau2008.xrea.jp/Mac- https://utaforum.net/resources/instal...Note : Before downloading UTAU software you need to change system locale to Japan first or if you already downloaded, it's fine to change system locale after download the software.Just go Control panel>>>Region>>>Administrative>>>Change system locale then choose Japan Your PC will restart automatically just wait a moment. ,If you don't change it, Properly UTAU software will appear as "@&**#!!++%$;" instead After installing the software you need to have Japanese keyboard as well due to using Japanese alias make typing lyrics in the software faster ,also most UST files(script for singing for UTAU software) are in "Japanese alias"Go to Language preferences>>>Add a preferred language>>>Japanese Note : If you've already installed Japanese keyboard please skip to "Create your own voicebank part",,,After finished install language pack change language to Japan you will see that there's A alphabet beside your language click it to switch to hiragana mode then test your keyboard by typing in Romaji it'll convert to Hiragana automatically.Hiragana characters will appear like this あ(a) い(i) う(u) え(e) お(o) after finish typing press enter again to make the Hiragana selection window disappear.Now create first your own Voicebank!!I recommended to all beginners that CV is the easiest type to practice just try to learn about Japanese pronunciation from YT or Native JPN UTAUloids. It's record as word by word(Super simple) also less voice files. You can record CV finish in 2 hours(or faster up to person ),--Please do not focus on white paper files .I'll tell about it after finish making voicebank--software for recording your voice sampler can be any DAW(digital audio workstation) you had or whatever program that able to record voice and save as .wav file but for this tutorial we gonna use audacity for simplicity download here https://www.audacityteam.org/download/ It's a freeware!! If you have all the programs above now you can start creating your CV voicebank. Before recording don't forget to check your microphone and create new folder for your UTAU voicebank files.The name of your UTAU voicebank folder you can give any name that you want.Go to Audacity and look at microphone symbol then change to your device that you wanna use (As show in picture),If your mic ready to use press "Record button" **Record in Mono track only**,The quick way to record is try recording more than 1 word per times for example record voice follow your Hiragana chart like in the picture below,For the sample record the words "a i u e o.." or you can record 1 word per time if that's what you prefer. since CV system only uses 1 word per file.Select only 1 word(voice) in case you recorded more than 1 word per time.Note : Leave some blank space before the voice start and after the voice end so you won't had a problem config your sampler in UTAU later on,Then go to file>>>export>>>export selected Audio ,Find your UTAU voicebank folder and name your voice file with Hiragana or Romaji characters.All voice files for your own UTAU voicebanks must save in .wav(16bit PCM)only,and each voice files name must corresponds with each words correctly!!,Do the same with other words until complete all of voice files follow your Hiragana chart., After your recording complete,Open UTAU software The next tutorial is "Making your CV voicebank able to sing fluently"Open UTAU software >>>Click on Default UTAU name ,Project Configuration window will appear like this.Look at the Voicebank menu and click "..." to find your voicebank folder.,Select your voicebank folder , open it and click on any voice files then click "open",See voicebank name tabs again it changed to your UTAU voicebank's name as in the picture and click "OK" to continue using the software.,The another important of making the voicebank is "Making your voicebank available to sing" or called "oto.ini" file adjustment. This step is really affect how words connect while your UTAU singing.Click at Tools>>>Voice Bank settings,Window will appear like this. Each voice files has no setting,if you don't set this part words will connect really bad. ,Start with the right side of Voice Configuration window.Now take a look at these options before setting your voicebank.Alias - Please look at the pictures below because it's quite hard to explain I'm sorry... ,,,Name is the name of your vocal files in the folder and Alias is the another name was set for the same notes When using the alias in UTAU, you can ignore the file format (.wav in this example),Offset- This part is the starting point of the vocal which is on the left side(blue).Consonant-The pink area keep the vocal to be unstretch the unhighlight part will get stretch by the default engine.Cutoff-The blue area on the right side where the vocal got cut-off.Preutterance-Short red line where the note start(usually will appear right after consonant).Overlap- Is a green line to control the smoothness of transition of the notes.Click on Launch Editor button for setting the values The window of Launch Editor will appear as in the picture below,After setting all vocal values. Don't forget press set button before press OK because if you totally forget your all setting will lost!!! Finally find some UST files in CV format and test your voicebank **If you oto your CV decently, your VoiceBank should sounds like this**,


Good luck, and have fun with your CV voicebank...
UTAU couples
UTAUloids-The lucky year of Takuto by Namumi
Rewrite the Stars by RitaLeader14
[UTAU] Magnet by Flamingo-sama
concept art
Trina Wylington 2021 Design by Starlight-Enterprise
Sienna reference sheet by DelaLivi
Rei Nintone 2021 Reference Sheet by StarGamer01
Merodi Ongaku Default NEW by RitaLeader14
UTAU Release
Mira Tsutsuma - THORN+ Design by Stre-chan
UTAU VB RELEASE   AL!CE.16 CORE by kitcat190
UEL UTAU Release by kitcat190
Masune Tsuta OFFICIAL ART + VB by kitcat190


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Welcome!! :)

:iconfireworks2plz:Welcome to UTAUSymphony :iconfireworks2plz:
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Oof, I was just trying to record a joke voicebank for fun with my headphone mic and it just hates me XD
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ooh! And utau community! I'm an utau user but i dont post any of my utau things of deviantart. would join if i did though. Everyone of you guys are amazing.

BTW, if anyone wants me to check out their UTAU YouTube Channel and videos, reply and send me the link and i'll head on over and listen to your covers! Don't be shy :D (Big Grin) .

If you want to subscribe to my channel or watch my UTAU covers, here is the link: 

Have a great day everyone! All UTAUs should receive love and attention. Keep Striving!
Meadonroe Featured By Owner Oct 15, 2016  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Does anyone know where to find a CV ust for Hiari, Hiari?
All I find are VCVs and I can't seem to properly convert them ..
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DawnlightProject Featured By Owner Jul 27, 2016
Hi everyone! We are new to utau and looking for a voicer for our new utaus! please note us if interested ^^
OreoCat14 Featured By Owner Jul 24, 2016  Hobbyist General Artist

I'm new to the UTAU community and I really want to use the program! But I can only use a Chromebook right now. Is UTAU compatible with Chromebooks? What other things do I need in order to finally install UTAU onto my Chromebook? Please help me! I really appreciate it!
ObpyDoesMMD Featured By Owner Nov 3, 2015  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Can someone help me? I'm having some issues with my UTAU (I'm a newcomer blEGH)
Sorry if this isn't the right place to post this fhhgh
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knt99 Featured By Owner Apr 28, 2015  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Hello. I'm taking OTOing commissions for CV and VCV banks. If you're interested, please take a look here. fav.me/d8rczrk
MeepMcCormick Featured By Owner Apr 18, 2015   Filmographer
Hey is there any good otoersx out there, I can pay DA :points: I want my UTAU to sing in, I think its called higami, Could someone help me out? Like I said I can pay in DA :points: :3
(2 Replies)
roosjuh14290 Featured By Owner Jan 30, 2015  Hobbyist
i wonder if i can ask my question here cause i am trying my hardest at my very first utau at the moment but i didnt make any progress since creating the voicebank ... when i load in a UST my utau just doesnt have any sound T_T
even got the hirakana/romanji converter thing but nothing ..... Boo!  
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Shadowstar1021 Featured By Owner Dec 24, 2014  Hobbyist General Artist
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