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Panda Piyu MMD model

Finally finished! Now you can play with Piyu-chan in MikuMikuDance!

Download link on the right side, near the "Add to favorite". ------>

Credits list, rules and answers to a questions are in the readme.txt file.

Copy from the readme.txt:
This model was made by UtauPanda from DeviantART.

Please, follow this rules:
1.Don't edit and redistribute without permission.
2.Free to use, but credit me if you do so.
3.Enjoy a model!

Fast FAQ, if you have problems with a model:

1. Some model parts are white!
That means, that you are using an old version of MMD. Download the newest MMD (ver 7.39) and this problem will be solved.
2. Model has errors when she moves in a motion data!
Download the newest MMD (ver 7.39). If you still have this problem, go to the "physical operation(P)" tab, and than click on "no calculation(N)" option.
If this didn't help, contact with me on the YouTube ([link]) or on the DeviantART ([link]).

Credits list:
Hair - 3DCG - MMDFakewings18
Base - PL2 - MMDFakewings18, MoreSporesPlz, MMDMiki, PolygonTeam, edited by me
T-shirt - 3DCG - MMDFakewings18, edited by me
Hat - Shioku-990, edited by me
Boots - PL2 Hatsune Miku - ???
Shorts - Animasa Kagamine Rin - ???
Eyes - PL2 Hatsune Miku - ???

Panda Piyu is an UTAUloid (a fanmade vocaloid, was made from the UtauPanda's edited voice). You can listen her here - [link]

Utau Wikia page - [link]
Model video test - [link]

Leave a comment, please. I want to know, who downloaded this model.
© 2011 - 2021 UtauPanda
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XSerkiX's avatar
I can not find the download link T,T
UtauPanda's avatar
Download link on the right side, near the "Add to favorite". ------>
Orangi-chan's avatar
I put sum physics on this model because they were broken.
Sourie-chan's avatar
OMG YOU MADE THIS! you are pro, and she is very cute X3
UtauPanda's avatar
Thanks!^^ I also made the human one - [link]
Kiwra's avatar
She is my favourite UTAU at the moment!
She's so cute!
I gotta let her dance Fukkireta >w<
UtauPanda's avatar
Really? THANK YOU! I'm soo happy to know this ^______^
Kiwra's avatar
Your welcome ^^
When the Voicebank of my UTAU is finished, your and mine can may sing Magnet together :D
UtauPanda's avatar
Good idea!^__^ Can't wait to see your UTAU!
Kiwra's avatar
Here's her old style (Crappy Arms ftw xD):

But I will change her, she's a little too... adult for me.
UtauPanda's avatar
Piyu is only 12 :3
Kiwra's avatar
Sorako-san should be 16, but I want to make her 14...I'm going to make now her new Style MMD Model x3
lunaradiant's avatar
awww she's so cute!!!
UtauPanda's avatar
thank you soo much ^^
MelodyMyst's avatar
Wow :ohnoes:

Your skills are just so amazing :omg: I'm so jealous :iconanimefaceplz:
UtauPanda's avatar
I don't think that my skills are that perfect, because this model itself have a lot of bugs, but still thanks <3
MelodyMyst's avatar
Well i couldn't tell, so it must be awesome :la:

Your very welcome :hug:
Orangi-chan's avatar
She looks cute! :3
UtauPanda's avatar
Thank you ^__^
Tibby-san's avatar
O_O Oh wow! so cute!
UtauPanda's avatar
Thanks ^__^ Glad to hear!~
Karinui's avatar
OMG so cool !
UtauPanda's avatar
Thank you very much ^__^
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