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Rozume Magical Girl by TinyKeggo
Trina Wylington 2021 Design by Starlight-Enterprise
Reference Sheet-Onika Design2021 by Namumi
.:UTAU:. Chazz Oficial by HanaMisaki177
Cover Art
[UTAU Cover] Black Gold [Trina Act 9] by Starlight-Enterprise
[UTAU] Ogre by Flamingo-sama
[UTAU] La paura del buio by Flamingo-sama
[UTAU] Cendrillon 10th Anniversary -Animation- by Wolfan-foxD
[UTAU Model Release] Otakune Weeabo + Download by HentaiMD
Huge Commissions Pre-order Sale!Hi! So I'm super super busy for the rest of October, but I thought it could be good to open up some commissions at a really discounted price for the start of November! The faster you sign up to get one, the better the price will be! Please note: These are considered pre-orders and likely won't be completed until early/mid-November. I would like to be paid in full when I let you know that I'm on your commission, if you want to pay before then, that's excellent! :DI accept PayPal and points;PayPal G&S fees are included in the price! Price in GBP! Use an online conversion tool to figure out how much it is in your currency before placing an order!Points to be paid via. commission widget!Please wait for me to confirm your slot before sending any payment! You can comment below or send me a note to reserve a slot! If you don't pay when I get to your commission, I'll re-open the slot to someone else!I refuse to give out refunds unless for any reason I will be unable to complete your commission.Commission Type 1: Smol ChibiFlat colour, option of black or coloured lines, line colour or white border, one colour or transparent background. Complex characters will be simplified!Slots available: 0/10Slot 1: 20 / 0.50 TAKEN by @NitroHS Slot 2: 40 / 0.65 ON HOLD for @BrambleBreeze Slot 3: 60 / 0.85 ON HOLD for @TheGhoulAvenue Slot 4: 80 / 1.00 TAKEN by @SoulGate-Studios Slot 5: 100 / 1.15 TAKEN by @SoulGate-StudiosSlot 6: 120 / 1.35 ON HOLD for @Menshad-Korum Slot 7: 140 / 1.45 ON HOLD for @SoulGate-StudiosSlot 8: 160 / 1.60 ON HOLD for @SoulGate-StudiosSlot 9: 180 / 1.80 ON HOLD for @SoulGate-StudiosSlot 10: 200 / 2.00 ON HOLD for @SoulGate-StudiosNormal Price: 400 / 3.50__________________________Commission Type 2: Tall ChibiFlat colour, option of black or coloured lines, line colour or white border, one colour or transparent background.Slots available: 5/7Slot 1: 50 / 0.75 - TAKEN by @Power-Pie Slot 2: 100 / 1.15 - TAKEN by @Power-PieSlot 3: 150 / 1.55Slot 4: 200 / 2.00Slot 5: 250 / 2.35Slot 6: 300 / 2.75Slot 7: 350 / 3.20Normal Price: 700 / 5.50__________________________Commission Type 3: Full ChibiFully shaded and rendered, detailed coloured lines and effects. Simple background.Slots available: 4/5Slot 1: 100 1.15 ON HOLD for @BrambleBreezeSlot 2: 200 2.00Slot 3: 300 2.75Slot 4: 400 3.50Slot 5: 500 4.50Normal Price: 1000 8.50___________________________Commission Type 4: Full BodyFully shaded and rendered. Detailed with background and effects.Slots available: 3/5Slot 1: 200 2.00 TAKEN by @NitroHSSlot 2: 400 3.50 TAKEN by @FerryMarlon Slot 3: 600 5.10Slot 4: 800 7.00Slot 5: 1000 8.50Normal Price: 2000 16.50___________________________I can draw:HumanoidsOriginal CharactersFan Art / Canon CharactersMale / FemaleTraps / Shotas / What have youI will attempt:(I can't promise it'll be good but I will give it a go!)Anthro/FurryAnimalsComplex DesignsRobot / MechaExtremely large (Obese/Muscular)Most things, honestly.I will not draw:NSFW (18+) contentExcessive gore (Mild is okay.)NudityHate stuffAll of the commissions will most likely be uploaded to my Instagram and my deviantART gallery! If you wouldn't like that and would prefer for your commission to be a secret, please let me know when placing your order!
Utane Uta Retro style by Namumi
[COMMISSION] Otakune Weeaboo by Sofiia-C
Commission for Coldcollector by Sofiia-C
Kasane Teto Enamel Pin by TinyKeggo
Kagamine Len Enamel Pin by TinyKeggo
Miku Chibi by Kream-Cheese
Kagamine Rin by Kream-Cheese
HBD MIKU! by Matsu-tsu

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Welcome to the Official Gallery for


:bulletyellow: How do I contribute art?

There should be a 'Contribute' button in the blue bar above. If not, what you need to do is click on gallery then click, Submit to this Gallery and pick Contribute and existing Deviantion

:bulletyellow: What are your Rules for submitting?

Think before you submit.

Featured - For the mascot Uotan and the other Uoloids. If you make some fanart of them, pop it in this folder and we will use your art on the site. Credits of course.
Design - For all your lovely UTAUloids. Refs, Acts, appends etc.
Cover Art - For ... well.. cover art of songs and original song art too.
MMD - For UTAU MikuMikuDance. Do not post parts.
Literature - Anything to do with writing.
Fanart - Obvious.
Misc - For memes and anything else that wont fit into the other categories.

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