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Akihana by Lunamageice
Pixel UTAUs by yesi-chan
Cover Art
asdfg :D by Emiko-suu
[UTAU] Aimi -Heartbreak Headlines- by Hartmix
Cover Art 2
King by CyberneticEden
Crime and Punishment by CyberneticEden
[UTAU] Scissorhands [Hanae Masara CVVC] +PV/VB by GraySlate
Digital Girl [UTAU COVER] by MysticLu
pc:Lovami by the-electric-mage
6 UTAU Head Doodles by Cody-Tailor
Cody by Jeisuke
Artwork 2
About Gonchi by GonchiDayo
Vocalsynth x Kirby # 5 Cosplay by StarGamer01
Chibi Ruko Yokune by LukaNightFever
Vocalsynth x Kirby # 4 Android by StarGamer01
Reference Sheets
Hanae Masara Official Reference by GraySlate
Trina Wylington 2021 Design by Starlight-Enterprise
Rizumu Teion Whisper NEW by RitaLeader14
Reference Sheet-Onika Design2021 by Namumi
Box Art
Rizumu Teion POWER NEW by RitaLeader14
Nepetaloid[DOWNLOAD AVAILABLE] by EctoSludge
DIONE OG05 by LadyOgien
MMD Models
Merodi Love Colored Ward - no dl by ShannaHeart
Power Pursuit by RitaLeader14
Otonashi Ramu Model Release by RainwaterPearls
Casual Defoko DL by TheBizarreKazeko
Song Videos
Anniversary Party 2022 by Namumi
UTAU tutorial
UTAU CVC Ukrainian reclistDownload:includes cyrillic transcription There's no sound examples yet, the reclist is quite new, ' [ ʲ ] - palatalized consonant ~ [ j ] й ("y" in "yard" "yes")y [ ɪ ] и ("i" in "blits")h [ ɦ ] г ( [ d͡z ] дз ("ds" in birds)x [ x ] х ("ch" in "loch")J [ ʒ ] ж ("s" in "pleasure")j [ d͡ʒ ] дж ("j" in "jump")c [ t͡s ] ц ("ts" in "bits")4 [ t͡ʃ ] ч ("ch" in "check")w [ ʃ ] ш ("s" in "sure")W [ ʃ ]+[ t͡ʃ ] Щ (you may drop this sound, instead use w and 4 together), a e o u y i ~a~a~ ~e~e~ ~o~o~ ~u~u~ ~y~y~ ~i~i~ babab bebeb bobob bubub bybybbibibbybib bibyb vavav vevev vovov vuvuv vyvyvvivivvyviv vivyv hahah heheh hohoh huhuh hyhyh hihihhyhihhihyh gagag gegeg gogog gugug gygygdadad deded dodod dudud dydyd d'ad'ad' d'ed'ed' d'ud'ud' d'id'id' dyd'id d'idyd'3a3a3 3e3e3 3o3o3 3u3u3 3y3y3y3a3a3 3e3e3 3u3u3 3i3i33i3i33i3i3 zazaz zezez zozoz zuzuz zyzyz z'az'az' z'ez'ez' z'uz'uz' z'iz'iz' zyz'iz z'izyz' kakak kekek kokok kukuk kykykkikikkykikkikyk lalal lelel lolol lulul lylyl l'al'al' l'el'el' l'ul'ul' l'il'il' lyl'il l'ilyl' mamam memem momom mumum mymymm'im'im' mym'im m'imym' nanan nenen nonon nunun nynyn n'an'an' n'en'en' n'un'un' n'in'in' nyn'in n'inyn' papap pepep popop pupup pypyp p'ip'ip' pyp'ip p'ipyp' rarar rerer roror rurur ryryr r'ar'ar' r'er'er' r'ur'ur' r'ir'ir' ryr'ir r'iryr' sasas seses sosos susus sysys s'as'as' s'es'es' s'us'us' s'is'is' sys'is s'isys' tatat tetet totot tutut tytyt t'at'at' t'et'et' t'ut'ut' t'it'it' tyt'it t'ityt' fafaf fefef fofof fufuf fyfyf f'if'if' fyf'if f'ifyf' xaxax xexex xoxox xuxux xyxyxxixixxyxixxixyx wawaw wewew wowow wuwuw wywywwiwiwwywiwwiwyw JaJaJ JeJeJ JoJoJ JuJuJ JyJyJJiJiJJyJiJJiJyJjajaj jejej jojoj jujuj jyjyjjijijjyjijjijyj cacac cecec cococ cucuc cycyccacac cecec cucuc ciciccyciccicyc 4a4a4 4e4e4 4o4o4 4u4u4 4y4y44i4i44y4i44i4y4WaWaWWeWeWWoWoWWuWuWWyWyWW'iW'iW'WyW'iWW'iWyW', Tags: CVC UKR, украинский, український, реклист, утау
Unvoiced UTAU finder
UTAU Ivonne by GonchiDayo
MMD problem
Autoluminous compatible model tutorial by ShannaHeart
UTAU duet, medley,chorus
UTAUloids-The lucky year of Takuto by Namumi


Important Notice


  • Utau (stylized and most often referred to as UTAU) is a Japanese singing synthesizer application created by Ameya/Ayame. This program is similar to the Vocaloid software, with the difference that it is freeware instead of being released under third party licensing.

    More details:

  • This group is for UTAUloids only. Any Vocaloid OCs, Fanmades, Vocaselves etc aren't allowed.

  • Submit in the right folders

  • Avoid spamming with submissions

  • Try to choose the best from your artworks to submit stuff in here, so no scrappy doodles and stuff alright?

  • Please do not submit in the Featured folder

Detailed version of rules here

  • If you have come here for help, please refer to this forum first before consulting to the group. :)

  • If you have come here to ask why your artwork was declined, note the group with the link to the picture and the folder you submitted to.


:iconsparklesplz:Questions? Suggestions? Leave a comment or note!:iconsparklesplz:






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New here before, I don't have friends so I need someone to talk with.
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i need help utau for some reason closes when i click play on the notes
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Looking for a utau voicer! by Reiikone please consider helping me record a voicebank for my new utau!
Anji-Melody Featured By Owner Dec 2, 2020  Hobbyist Digital Artist
My Koko is getting a new multipitch VCV voicebank. and she needs new friends to collab with ;u; 
multipitch VCV would be the best to collab with.
 Who would like to be her friend?

UTAU - Koko [Enlighten] by Anji-Melody  
SuperMooshroom Featured By Owner May 24, 2020  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Do all submissions require a download link?
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