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Princess Luna

Whelp I finished Celestia, so I might as well do Luna as well!

No Photoshop at all this time. This is full on Illustrator.

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Princess Luna is the Best Pony EVER!!
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Might i suggest if you haven't already make a nightmare moon like this?
sorry nightmare is my favorite character!
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I lova lova lova it!
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BEautiful work
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I like this posture comparing it to Celestia's. They both sort of reflect their personalities I think. Celestia's is regal with the same kind of grace I see throughout the show. Luna's feels just a regal but different to Celestia's. Hers looks more like her idea of it from before her banishment when traditions were different.

Very well done, and I like how even the legs help give to the sense of flight or soaring in all your alicorn pictures! Is Cadence next?
Utahraptorz-Poniez's avatar
Thank you!! Yeah I wanted to have some of Luna's personality reflected in this one. She tries to act much more traditionally than Celestia, but she still has that elegance in her, so I tried my best to show that. c:

Yeah I'm going to be doing Cadence next! Might take me a little longer though cause I'm visiting family at the moment, but I feel like she needs a turn! I'm even considering doing more royalty like Queen Chrysalis, Nightmare Moon, and King Sombra, but I'm not really certain yet.
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Not bad at all! This design is spectacular :D 
Utahraptorz-Poniez's avatar
Thank you very much! ^.^
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Love the art style on her and the Celestia pic! Very cool!
Utahraptorz-Poniez's avatar
Thank you very much! :D
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STILL best princess.
Utahraptorz-Poniez's avatar
Haha, yeah Luna has always been one of my favorites as well. To me she always had the best personality. c:
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Absolutly AWESOME!!!! I love how you drew her she looks amazing!
Utahraptorz-Poniez's avatar
Thank you very much!
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Beautiful. Great Drawing!
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