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Princess Celestia

I did a sketch of Celestia earlier this week, then decided to finish her up!

This was mostly done in Illustrator, though I added in a few little details in Photoshop.
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oh my gosh, so cute!
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BEautiful work
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Yay! You're back!

I don't know if its me, but it looks like your style has gotten better. I don't know, but for some reason it looks less show-style and more of your own, which I think looks AWESOME! I like how you drew Celestia's head and eye as well as her wings. I also think how you drew her legs was very unique.

Keep up the great work! You did an amazing job!
Utahraptorz-Poniez's avatar
Yes! I am out of college at the moment so I finally have time for personal artwork! :3 That and the finale for season 4 got me back into drawing ponies. XD

Thank you so much! My own style improved a LOT over the school year and I've gotten better at mixing my own styles with other things, like MLP. Celestia was really fun to do, I had a great time with her! :D
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Very nice! Love the way you did her mane and tail :)
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Omg her mane and tail took FOREVER to do! XD Haha it probably wouldn't have taken so long in Photoshop, but doing multiple color strands on Illustrator takes much longer. Then I had to figure out how to get that gradient on those multiple colors through Illustrator. XD
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Well the work you put in really shows! :D
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so pretty ;y;
Utahraptorz-Poniez's avatar
Thank you! And thanks for the watch as well! :boogie:
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