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Rocker Emma by Utack101 Rocker Emma :iconutack101:Utack101 6 4 Secret. 3.14159 by Utack101 Secret. 3.14159 :iconutack101:Utack101 0 1 Utack+Swampy Comic 36 by Utack101 Utack+Swampy Comic 36 :iconutack101:Utack101 2 2 Half-Elf Rogue Archer by Utack101 Half-Elf Rogue Archer :iconutack101:Utack101 4 0
Utack's Swiped D+D Log - Reysha's Tale (1)
"Hey! Richard!" Utack grinned, bouncing behind his friend, and waving a book in front of his face.
"Wha? Utack, what do you want?" Richard asked, looking over his shoulder at the boy's eager grin, which was only surpassed by that of his Mudfish, Swampy.
"Richard! Listen to this story with Swampy!" Utack exclaimed, jerking the book back and pushing it into the boy's face once more.
"Augh! This isn't one of those Dungeons and Dragons logbooks you had Linnone swipe, is it?" Richard groaned, rubbing his nose as he stumbled backwards, having been bumped by the book, clutched by his over-hyped friend.
"…Maybe. C'mon, just listen! It's no fun reading it to just Swamp alone, and Ryu doesn't wanna hear it!"
"Gee, I couldn't guess why…" Richard said with a sigh, shaking his head, "Look, I'd love to, but there's a guy claiming his Infernape is better than any Blaziken. I gotta go meet, defeat, then severely beat him… And not necessarily in that order!"
"Pleeeeeease!?" Utack plea
:iconutack101:Utack101 1 1
Utack + Swampy Skit # 6 by Utack101 Utack + Swampy Skit # 6 :iconutack101:Utack101 7 3 Soothsayer Stella Trainer Sprite by Utack101 Soothsayer Stella Trainer Sprite :iconutack101:Utack101 3 1 DW Hoenn Team by Utack101 DW Hoenn Team :iconutack101:Utack101 10 5 Emma wishes you a Merry Christmas by Utack101 Emma wishes you a Merry Christmas :iconutack101:Utack101 6 1 Team Utack by Utack101 Team Utack :iconutack101:Utack101 18 1 Team Emma by Utack101 Team Emma :iconutack101:Utack101 6 5
To Emma
Your eyes glisten, ocean waves dancing against the shore, laying gentle kisses against the rough, unkempt sand. How the shore longs to feel the sea's gentle embrace, how I ache to feel your lips against mine, your love washing over me. Your raven locks shroud your gentle face, as sweet as the calm night sky frames the shimmering moon. How I lose myself in your gaze, your elegance unmatched. The entire world weeps with joy and with envy, for none can compare to your beauty.
And yet, none can imprison your true beauty, your inner soul! Your spirit is wild and free, dancing among the stars! Oh how it tugs at my heart, if I might capture your heart, to lock it away, to forever be mine. Yet I know, that if such a bird is caged, it would never sing for me, and forever gaze sorrowfully at the sky, desiring its freedom. How I wish I could join you, off in that world, soaring above the mortals, tied to the earth. But, alas, I can only hope to tickle your fancy, which you might choose to swoop a
:iconutack101:Utack101 4 0
Battle Hall Challenge- Epiloge
"So, uhm… Utack?" Emma asked. The two of them were sitting at a table in the Pokémon center, with Swampy snoozing by Utack's feet, the trio having enjoyed a large celebratory meal over Utack & Swampy's win at against the Battle Hall Matron, Argenta.
"Eh?" Utack asked, blinking and looking up, a fork dangling between his teeth.
"Well, I was just wondering… What did you mean back then?" Emma asked vaguely.
"…Back when now?" Utack asked, tilting his head to the side, the fork dropping from his mouth and clattering onto the plate, causing Swampy to stir slightly under the table.
"Back when you said 'Is that all?', when Argenta used Blast Burn… I mean, that's the ultimate fire attack, and you seemed completely unphased…" Emma murmured, pushing her index fingers together as she looked down.
"Oh, that…Hehehe, That wasn't so bad!" Utack grinned happily.
"What!?" Emma cried out in surprise, jerking her head up to look at Utack's boyish grinning face.
"Two of m
:iconutack101:Utack101 0 0
Battle Hall Challenge Chpt 5
"Unimaginable! The upstart Utack has defeated 49 Pokémon, and is now facing down none other than… Battle Hall Matron Argenta!" Roared the Announcer, thunderous cheers echoing behind him from the crowd.
"Wo-Wow…" Emma gasped, her gaze resting upon Utack. The boy was standing there, tall and confident, his Swampert by his side. The two of them had taken a much different tactic then they had in the previous three days. They moved quicker, quickly picking the attack that had the most effect, and timing their attacks to do the most damage, to end the battles in as few blows as possible. All 10 Grass types had fallen before their sped up Choice-Scarf Ice Punch, then Electric and Fire to their Earthquake. During the last two rounds, Utack and Swampy had only gone after lower ranked pokemon, picking from the different types available, but making sure to avoid the Ghost and Bug catagory for fear of Shedinja.
Their efforts had paid off, the two of them had won the last nineteen ba
:iconutack101:Utack101 0 1
Battle Hall Challenge Chpt 4
"Utack, maybe you should just give up…" Emma murmured. The two of them were standing outside the Battle Hall, Utack witnessing another embarrassing defeat, this time at the hands of a Shedinja. None of Swampy's moves had any effect on the Wonder Guard bug, and while it had been the first ghost type Utack had encountered, it didn't lessen the boo's and hisses of the crowd, as they were forced to sit through a long, boring match that ultimately had led to Utack's defeat.
"What!? Awh, C'mon Em! That one bug just threw me off! I mean, how was I supposed to know it'd pop up! I'll just not battle Bug types anymore!" Utack argued, trying to keep a grin across his face.
"And what about the ghost type?" Emma asked impatiently, folding her arms, gazing at Utack sternly.
"Them too!" Utack protested, before groaning and shaking his head. "I just can't give up, I can't!"
"It's been three days Utack, and each time, you've only gotten to around thirty Pokémon defeated, before you end up los
:iconutack101:Utack101 0 0
Battle Hall Challenge Chpt 3
"Shroomish, Charm!" The shorts boy called.
"Cha-Cha-Charm~" The Shroomish giggle, puffing its little chest and winking at Swampy. Instantly, three hearts flew out, each one exploding in a shower of pink dust as they lightly bounced against Swampy's face.
"Ack… What a stupid attack…" Swampy hacked, waving his hand side to side.
"Ha, let's show them how it's done Swamp! Ice punch!' Utack called. Swampy grinned, and rushed forward, his fist growing bright blue. In a quick swipe, the Mudfish had knocked the mushroom aside, a small cloud of yellow dust shooting out from its top as it squealed from the damage.
"Yeah, that's how it's done! Way to Go Swamp! …Swamp? Swampy!? What's wrong!?" Utack called in alarm. His Mudfish partner seemed rigid, almost frozen in place, his body trembling.
"It appears as if Utack's Swampert has been paralyzed!" The announcer's voice echoed, a look of horror coming across Utack's face.
"Bu-But how!?" He stammered, only to hear a chortling laugh fr
:iconutack101:Utack101 1 1
Check out some of my awesome arts! Feel free to comment as well! ..Please, Comment!!! XD


Tiamat by travisJhanson Tiamat :icontravisjhanson:travisJhanson 375 46 Northwind by Dezilon Northwind :icondezilon:Dezilon 159 11 Misty Cosplay by ItsKaylaErin Misty Cosplay :iconitskaylaerin:ItsKaylaErin 844 16 Adventuresouls by JasonChanArt Adventuresouls :iconjasonchanart:JasonChanArt 18,335 535 Raven by larienne Raven :iconlarienne:larienne 6,601 224 january 10th by Grimmla january 10th :icongrimmla:Grimmla 457 18 Death from the Endless by ChrissieZullo Death from the Endless :iconchrissiezullo:ChrissieZullo 407 6 Gwen - Total Drama by Kinpatsu-Cosplay Gwen - Total Drama :iconkinpatsu-cosplay:Kinpatsu-Cosplay 2,308 105 mudkip dump by starstruckmana mudkip dump :iconstarstruckmana:starstruckmana 50 4 toucannon by sorrysap toucannon :iconsorrysap:sorrysap 612 8 Dani Phantom - Danny Phantom by Kinpatsu-Cosplay Dani Phantom - Danny Phantom :iconkinpatsu-cosplay:Kinpatsu-Cosplay 5,570 275 C - Red - Art Nouveau by Hedrick-CS C - Red - Art Nouveau :iconhedrick-cs:Hedrick-CS 152 10 Ember - Danny Phantom by Kinpatsu-Cosplay Ember - Danny Phantom :iconkinpatsu-cosplay:Kinpatsu-Cosplay 7,145 563 Squirtle X Yuno: Double Attack (Jojo Style) by Mgx0 Squirtle X Yuno: Double Attack (Jojo Style) :iconmgx0:Mgx0 544 102 Swampert wiggle by carousel-horses Swampert wiggle :iconcarousel-horses:carousel-horses 16 0 Marshtomp wiggle by carousel-horses Marshtomp wiggle :iconcarousel-horses:carousel-horses 16 0
Favorites rock, espically Swampert-based Favorites!


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It's especially funny because dA is the site that actually caused me to install adblock in the first place. They gave me a virus twice, and the community gave me quite a bit of hassle when I was trying to figure out why;…
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