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New Commission journal can be found here!

By making an order, you declare that you read and accepted my rules.
I am NOT gonna accept any commissions via chat option! PLEASE SEND ME NOTES ONLY!!
Please note all Friday afternoon & weekend notes will be handled on Monday.

Pixel Icons

- 50px x 50px or 100px x 50px (can be resized for free)
- one of a kind
- simple animation included
- complex animation (day and night cycles, running cycles, a few smaller ones combined, other for discussion) +$5

Wasabi-clock Estimate time delivery is a week

1 Ezgif-1-11a9f52dfc6c Ezgif-1-200069f8456f Ezgif-1-09c7ab73d44b Ezgif-1-8095f8c0066b

Click to see more examples

Price: 1500 points = $15,00

Group name (if commissioning group avatar):
Include group's name? Y/N:
Animated? Y/N (also describe the animation):

Pixel Pagedolls

Waiting List open, please note or comment :)

Other commissions

Feel free to note me on dA for these if you don't have a TH account!


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Floating babies:

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Profile Packs for dA Eclipse:

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If you'd like to ask me details about commissions, please CLICK HERE to send me a note, or reply to this comment.


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The coding ping list:

Since the coding that I was doing for commissions is not available to work on Eclipse and it's rolling out in two days then, well.. I have to close my coding commissions completely :no: I'm still debating opening coding commissions on if you're interested, and I might offer resource packs for your personal profiles for dA in the future (similar to the ones I did ages ago:… ) - basically a set of backgrounds and headers / other resources to decorate your profile - but first I need to get comfortable with Eclipse before I open new commissions.

Please let me know if you want me to keep you on ping list for possible future commission like I described above - it might be cheaper too, before I'll get in hangs of things :) but again I can't tell when I will be opening these.
If you won't reply I assume you're not interested anymore.

FluffyFatFudog's avatar
I'm still interested! Hopefully things change won't ruin your buinsess too much.
UszatyArbuz's avatar
yeahhh it's a turnaround for me for sure, we'll see how it goes ^^;
leopia's avatar
I'm still interested! super upset that html/css coding is being ditched on dA, i'm sorry it's impacting your commissions </3
UszatyArbuz's avatar
Oof same, I don't even what to talk about it .-.
Luna--Creations's avatar
I'm still interested! I've also started moving to TH so I would be interested in character profile layouts and etc ♡♡♡
UszatyArbuz's avatar
I already did a few but I don't feel comfortable enough to offer them as commissions yet! Probably in the future UwU
NobleClay's avatar

also please keep me on the ping list

SpookstressAdopts's avatar
Keep me on the list please! Anything to make eclipse look better
Mikonasa's avatar
yes please! keep me on the ping list 
TicciTiki's avatar
Heck yes keep me on it for the future ping list when you get comfy with the new DA Eclipse— or if the groups still stay the same!
Because you’re like, the best artist for custom skins I’ve seen here on DA and I most desperately need one from you.
UszatyArbuz's avatar

Sure UwU Aw hat's so sweet of u!

NobleClay's avatar
I'm pretty sure that the groups are staying the same. So you could still probably do your usual coding for groups? If you want to anyway.

But yeah, I totally understand. I really wish deviantart would reconsider eclipse.... but at this point I doubt there's anything that will change their mind
Story--Story's avatar

I would like to be kept on the list!

Maybe once either or ArtSpacious opens, you could offer coding commissions there!

UszatyArbuz's avatar

Sure UwU

there's so many options I'm really not sure what to try out first xD

Story--Story's avatar

I am most likely going to join the first one that is going live lol

Maybe both owo

VAProductions21's avatar

Yes please. Keep it!

UszatyArbuz's avatar
AstralDallarth's avatar
Thank you! Please keep me on ping list :)
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