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March 14, 2015
[Stock & Resources] Pixel art tutorial - shading / textures + examples by UszatyArbuz is everything you need all in one place!
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Pixel art tutorial - shading / textures + examples


Thank you all for the favorite in advance!:rose:

Premium Content contains all textures ready to print in 300dpi 27x13cm sheet - it's considered more as a support, no need to Purchase to use it :nod:

Here are examples of how to do pixel art shading and textures in different way than using the ugly dithering method! :la:

I finally redid this "tutorial"! I added examples to the actual sheet, and I added a few more examples of texturing (sand, tree trunk / wood, bricks, fabric). I've spend like 1000000 hours on searching for proper examples, then cropping it, signing... I'm dead now :stare:
Of course these are just rough examples of only few of textures, not an exact way of how to do things. Also, I used only two colors, but don't hesitate to use more of them. And please do not copy the style of artists provided in examples!

And one more advice form me: watch some digital paintings as examples as well! They are not as different from pixel art as it seem to be! :)

Hope you like it! :la:

Artworks used as a reference: (Deviation thumbs here)

Fish scales
 owlPixel: Betta Fishmermaid babeOwlKeeper of the pearls
Long fur
Fox-wolf lineart:CO: Don't touch the hair (400x400 pixelart)Ciel - PixelRuin SpiritAnartia
Short fur
Blue RoseEspressoCafe Animated Pixel DollSymphonicBreathe Deep, Fall Down{ArtTrade} - azzai Journal Doll
sunshine.:CO: Frozen heart{ArtTrade} - azzai Journal DollBlue RoseBlack Phoenix
Snake scales
Snake Game teaser  ●MermaidFiends of the Lower planesToothless pixel 'sticker'Dragon Boss
tree top 1
A Dragon and His PrincessBridge to EdenCottontail PixelsEternal -screenshots-Game Mockup
Tree top 2
Pixel Waterfall BG.  ●CountrysideHarmonia ScreenshotRunning Through AmedetPirate Theme Sidescroller
RapunzelLegend Of The Hidden Templedemonsroadkill market, unfinishedPixel Vignette: Who are you?
Grass cartoon style
Art Trade: Polka-Pot  ●Pixel - Welcome Home MockupSpirit Master BackgroundTake a rest
Adventures with Al and Mary~ WHOOPS Oz is angrySnake Game teaserMysterious OneLegend of Iya Starting Locationescape
serenityDistant LandsMysterious OnePirate Theme SidescrollerCaelum Citadel
UnderwaterStone pillarsHeavenRolling Stone AnimationBeach
Breakfast Kitis045M1911A1Pixel Jungle ArtilleryStranded
Comission - desert background045Dream houseCaravanroadkill market, unfinished
Stone bricks
Pub 1Snowfall WonderGothic Dieselpunk - Concept MockupMosquito's Insomnia Title ScrePlatformer mockup[wip]
Alone in the Dark: A Point and Click AdventureEtoile pixelIso dresser and TVKrile ffv for Final Fantasy Collab BrasilNath
Tree trunk
Mossy MarshPixel Vignette: Nap timeescapeFall MockupMysterious One
Water Ball IconRetro TealJust a break - GiftIso-Tile Testing (WIP)
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thought95's avatar

Hey, I just wanted to share that I always had the preconception that pixle art was really hard, but after seeing this I thought I could give it a try and turns out I really enjoy it. I'm not really used to digital art yet, but When I tried pixle art, I found it really fun!

UszatyArbuz's avatar

I can't believe how many people are coming back to this "tutorial" that is 1000 years old ahahaa xD Glad you found it useful and good luck! It's a lot of fun 😊💖💖

thought95's avatar

Really cool, makes me want to give this a try!

macklemaze's avatar
Can I know the terms of use of the texture if I buy the 'Textures for Printing' ?
UszatyArbuz's avatar
Eh, you know, it's considered more as a support / "donation", I just had to include something relevant in the Premium Content pack. Basically same as for the main file, you can use it as a reference. Definitely "no" for directly copying textures :P
XxRadioactiveHeartxX's avatar
Spiceroll You might want to use this if you never have before! (You most likely have seen this, though).
Spiceroll's avatar
I haven't, actually! I was looking for pixel tutorials yesterday too haha, you sure know how to read my mind! 
Thanks for showing me this! I'll definitely be peeking at it :>
XxRadioactiveHeartxX's avatar
W O W. Awesome! I'm looking forward to all that this can teach you. (: Super glad I could help you out. <3
Spiceroll's avatar
wow I just repeated what I said earlier its time to rest
Spiceroll's avatar
<33 I'll definitely be peeking at it!
Internal-Poison's avatar
could "long fur" be considered hair in some cases?
UszatyArbuz's avatar
Yeah why not :) It's not very strict tutorial. Just a loose guidelines :)
Internal-Poison's avatar
ahhh okay that makes sense
Gigadweeb's avatar
Thank you a fuckton for this resource.
UszatyArbuz's avatar
Glad you like it ^^
Thystyn's avatar
Pretty awesome work, gathering all this together.  Thank you so much :)
TheCrazyCatCow's avatar
So useful! thank you so so so much 8D
KazzyTheKitty's avatar
Super helpful! Faved!
UszatyArbuz's avatar
Glad you enjoyed :)
goosetooth's avatar
Your amazing at pixel water wow!! Also this guide is very helpful to (for water only sorry , ,) if anyone is interested ^u^…
UszatyArbuz's avatar
Thank you!
It's a nice tutorial indeed :)
sognodrago's avatar
this is so cool!! Would be super useful since I struggle with some general nature texture. 
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