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:bademoticon: There is only one, black version of this code. NO OTHER COLORS.
:bademoticon: You can have unlimited amount of songs.
:bademoticon: Tested only with YouTube videos.
:bademoticon: Please take a moment to read my Terms of Service before purchase !

In search for answers How to use it?

1. To get the code use the Purchase button. It costs 100:points: to get this code.
2. On your profile page, click "Edit profile", chose "Featured deviation" and chose Any deviation from your gallery. Click "Save". (Tip: to have a small box, submit and chose a deviation that is 1x1px transparent image) (Also works in devID, Wishlist, Newest Deviations, Donate ,etc)
3. For this widget, click "Edit" pencil, and paste the code that is in the downloadable Pack file to the Description part.
4. Add your songs - the code is described and there is a read-me file on how to set it up!
5. Click "Done" and viola! La la la la

:coding: The code

To get the code, use Purchase button that is on the right ------->

:help: Questions? Need help?

Before asking any questions, make sure to read attached READ-ME file!!!

Please note that any basic knowledge of HTML is highly recommended (or at least patience and attentive reading!).
If you find any problems, please note me! :) (Smile)

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