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By UszatyArbuz

I just had to draw something Halloween related... spend whole day today on this, just finished :P Looks kinda like a picture from a children book... I guess? Or maybe not?
Also, I forgot how to paint sky :dummy:
And, that feeling when thumbnail looks better than full size.  

Please check out the poems that were written by other deviants for this piece!:
Final night by Kitty-Kat--89 HORIZON'S PURPLE SKIES by DAGAIZM

Castle room background by UszatyArbuz Charms lesson goes wrong by UszatyArbuz Chilly morning by UszatyArbuz

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I love the lighting.

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Hey awesome work, can I use it?
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Thanks, and no :)
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This took effort and skills to make this peace of art I bet in the future you will get 1 million stars I can believe it
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Aw thank you kindly, it's my first Halloween themed art and it's soo old :D
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Oh God, those poor Pumpkins! I'm both sad and laughhing at the same time.

Left Pumpkin: "Please not me! Please not me! Please not me! Please not me!"
Right Pumpkin: "What the?"
Crow: *peck*
Right Pumpkin: "Ow my eye!"
Crow: *peck*
Right Pumpkin: "Knock it off!"
Crow: *peck*
Right Pumpkin: "SON OF A MOTHER...!"
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Hhaahaa thanks a lot! :D
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Nice use of complementary colors and OH The expressions!! <3 
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Thanks a lot! Ah I never relisted until now that they are complementary.. they just looked so spooky and vivid on th black background I had to use these :laughing:
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Love it and scared pumpkins look even more frightening than the spooky threatening pumpkins that we are used to.  Great colors.
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Oh, thank you so much! :)
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I see this is posted in the "art Seeking collab" folder of CollaborativeMinds. I think I might give this a whirl! :)
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This is very interesting =) And beautifully drawn, too =)
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Thank you so much :hug:
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You're welcome Big Grin 
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lol this is really cool!!  Please do more halloween!!!
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