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Custom box: Super condensed,responsive devID (CSS)


LIVE PREVIEW (no background): CLICK HERE


Widget type: Featured deviation
Deviant type: Core member
Last update: 31 X 2016

Before purchase, please get to know with the On Premium Content and Refunds Q&A.

This code divides your widget for three columns. In the column on the left there is a box that will become a scrollbox after adding enough of the content. It was created especially for stamps or friends icons, but you can add text content as well.
The column in the center is for text content. You can put your content right 'on the background', or you can put it in specially created box with yellow glow as a border. On addition, you can use a H1 header for a bit bigger, pink text, for example as "stats" or basic info as used in the preview.
Last column, the one on the right, was created for all the links, art status icons, social media icons, commission info and such. You can add multiple of custom buttons which have hover effect, and adjust them to your needs. Moreover, you can paste here thumbnails and literature thumbnails which were customized for this code to match the color scheme.

This code is really great for people who love really condensed, short profiles, and cute at the same time. If you like to play with codes, you can always make two scrollbox sections, or move the buttons to another column - everything is possible and the preview and basic code is only a proposition of customization!

Premium content pack contains:

Bullet; Green Text files codes:
- CSS base codes (the layout)
- Journal base code (the content)
- Widget base code (the background)

Bullet; Green Step by step tutorial on how to install it - click HERE to see the preview!
Bullet; Green READ-ME.txt file with additional info about how to customize the content

No background or other graphic resources are attached. I used these resources for the preview: Dotted background packPastel Block : Art Status

1. No distribution is allowed! Only for personal use.
2. You can change the code anyhow you want, but no further selling is allowed.
3. You cannot use this premium content as journal skin for your journal, or as a base to create a journal skin.
4. Please give a PROPER CREDIT as described in my Terms of Service
5. If you have any questions or problems with installing or editing it, note me for help :)

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Do not hesitate to note me if something doesn't work right! I'll try to fix the code ASAP!
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