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Custom box: Starry Night I - interactive (CSS)


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LIVE PREVIEW : Starry Night - cartoon style


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Last update: 29 X 2017
Before purchase, please get to know with the On Premium Content and Refunds Q&A.

Another sketch done forever ago finally turned out into a proper widget resource :la: I've been wanting to do some interactive widgets like this since uuhh I don't remember? OTL
A while ago I posted a pool asking if you'd like a cartoon style or semi-realistic one more cause I couldn't decide by myself till last moment, but then again seeing the votes being almost 50:50 I decided to do both :XD: So here is first one - cute cartoony night sky! The other one is linked on the bottom.

This box features five lightly glowing stars, once you hover the star a small text holder appears, revealing hidden content. Those two stars on the very left are a biiiiit buggy but it shouldn't be that unpleasant to use, they twitch for me very rarely :P You can put there anything you want, and I added as always a bunch of customized stuff like headers, unordered and ordered lists for your Progress and Waiting Lists purposes, links, and more :aww:

The code obviously includes this matching background :)

Premium content pack contains:

Bullet; Green Text files codes:
- CSS base codes (the layout)
- Journal base code (the content)
- Widget base code (the background)

Bullet; Green Step by step tutorial on how to install it - click HERE to see the preview!
Bullet; Green READ-ME.txt file with additional info about how to customize the content

1. No distribution is allowed! Only for personal use.
2. You can change the code anyhow you want, but no further selling is allowed.
3. You cannot use this premium content as journal skin for your journal, or as a base to create a journal skin.
4. Please give a PROPER CREDIT as described in my Terms of Service
5. If you have any questions or problems with installing or editing it, note me for help :) (Smile)

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Do not hesitate to note me if something doesn't work right! I'll try to fix the code ASAP!
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